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A slight enhancement of the lips for hydration and rejuvenation 💦 #lips #lipsbyalexpike #loveyourskinagain #putyourfaceingoodhands #alexpikern

Soooo...I just received the best birthday present ever!! 🎁🎁🎁 My beautiful long distance client (who I've sadly never met it person) just sent me her progress update...and needless to say, I'm blown away! She simply followed the rules in our Acne Bible and consistently used our Acne Skin Set...and voila! ✨✨✨ Radiant, clear, beautiful skin! Truly remarkable!
If you'd like to learn more about our Clear Skin Program (even if you don't live nearby!), email me at emme@emmediane.com
Isn't it your turn?
#happyskin #clearskin #loveyourskinagain

Make this the February you love your skin again! I can help you find the right products to match your skin concerns. #loveyourskinagain #skincareforall

This on a months supply of berry capsules, I love mine #loveyourskin #loveyourskinagain

On my way to the gym , this is as natural as I'm gonna get , no makeup just skin care 🤐 #yesihaveeyebrows #andachubbyface #natural #loveyourskinagain

A salicylic acid peel is unbeatable as a treatment for acne, blackheads, large pores and pimples.A course of frequent light peels is even better, and if done properly and safely, can clear up those issues for good! #esthetician #salicylicacid #morenovalley #riversidecounty #temecula #skincare #chemicalpeel #loveyourskin #glow #glowingskin#loveyourskinagain #sandiego #lalife

*B Ur Best U!!! Issa BlackGurl
#blackisbeauty #loveyourbody #loveyourskinagain #colorblind
🚮🚫- Negativity-Shallowness-Ignorance

I lost weight, continued my workouts & still had cellulite, but added cupping and blasting & it has really helped smooth my cellulite. It takes time & commitment, but it's a lot less expensive then other cellulite treatments out there!#bodytransformation #notdoneyet #itsnotover #keepgoing #cupping #cuppingmassage #cuppingtherapy #bikiniseason #nomorefat #nomorepain #loveyourskinagain #fascia #fasciablaster #cellulite #cellulitereduction #cellulitetreatment #dallasskincare #dallasstyle #dallas

Hit the volume📡for some amazing skin tips! Spring is the perfect time to bloom fresh skin. 🌸🌷🌼If you don't love your skin, do something different! You should come and see me so I can help freshen you up. 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽Remember, as a doctor, my skin care is a medical grade professional line. That's right!! Medical grade, 🔬💉⚔️prescription strength retinol, vitamins and the most potent antioxidants go into my KDSkincare care. Don't spend money at Nordstrom's and Sephora - where ingredients are only 2% active👎🏼You deserve 30% - the best and strongest available. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Try it and treat yourself to great skin! 🌷🌷🌷 To see me as a client in my Los Angeles/Pasadena private practice, call me at (626) 316-7033 or email Drnose@gmail.com. Please leave a message if your call is not answered immediately due to high call volume.
Follow our Snapchat👻👻
👻dr_kay 👻to get more great beauty tips and fun face facts daily!
💧My amazing new KDskincare line is now available for purchase online and by phone. 💦My products have cutting edge technology, coupled with the very best nutrition for your skin. 💦This is physician strength anti-aging and beauty solutions every skin type! Watch and learn more on my daily Instagram and Snapchat posts! 👸🏼👸🏾👸🏻👸👸🏽 #skinsecrets #bestbeautyproducts #muscles #dermatologytips #acne #antiaging


Looking to sell 6 of theses as my month end goal!! Who wants to help a girl out?! What do you get in return, pure magic! Pomefera Oil is a cure all for any kind of skin irritation. It is a must have in the medicine cabinet! It will replace all topical ointments you have!...Shop the link in bio

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Had some fun shaping these beauties yesterday! I love my job! ❣️

👁 OK, this picture may be too up close and personal for some folks, but you can clearly see what Lash Boost can do for lashes! 👀

Meet my Preferred Customer Emma. When I got these pics I wasn't even a little surprised, 😎 because I've seen my own Lash Boost results! 💞

Check out the amazing deal we've got right now on Lash Boost + Regimen bundles. 20% off retail or 30%off PC price!!! 😍 Why not give yourself great skin and lovely lashes this summer? 💥💥 And until the end of June every NEW PC order will be entered into a drawing to win a full sized Active Hydration Serum from me!! So what are you waiting for?!? 💥💥 #LashBoost #BundleAndSAVE #LoveYourLashes #loveyourskinagain #BetheLight #SharetheLight #TeamLight💕💕

Let's talk about the BUSINESS aspect of Rodan + Fields:
* UNDER ARMOUR founder Kevin Plank called Rodan + Fields "THE company" and wanted to buy it for $75 million.
* FORTUNE MAGAZINE says we are the "best kept secret in the business and a 3-5 year retirement plan."
* HARVARD Business School calls us "THE company" to be a part of and "a once in a lifetime opportunity."
RODAN + FIELDS is the #1 skincare brand in the US and will soon be opening into AUSTRALIA! Don't miss out on getting in on the ground floor. Momentum is gaining and I'd love to have you be a part of it!
There is an exclusive, corporate virtual event tonight and I can invite 5 people!! If you have any interest at all this will be a great look into how the company runs! PLUS corporate is giving away 50 free regimens to the first 50 people to buy a $695 or $995 business kit. That is an insane amount of product for a great deal! Message me for more info!
#RFJessica #lifechangingskincare #rodanandfieldsconsultant

Bundle and SAVE 20% Lashes for Days and Amazing skin to go with it!!!! This is a great deal!!!! Message me to discuss which regimen is best for your skin type!!! Jhdavidson.myrandf.com #rflashboost #bundleandsave💰 #60daymoneybackguarantee #loveyourskinagain

🎤 Drop. This is what life changing skin care does.
Amy shares her journey below: "I have NEVER had great skin. I've struggled with acne since I was a teenager, tried a million different products, antibiotics, and Accutane. By my mid 20's, it seemed to calm down a bit, but then this pregnancy came along and wreaked havoc on my skin. It was like I was a teenager all over again - red, cystic acne, and lots of flesh colored bumps all over my forehead. Not fun.

Enter Rodan + Fields. Within one week things were clearing up, and now, a month later, my skin is blemish free, smoother than ever, and my old acne scars are fading." These products ship right to your door! No more co-pays and trips to the dermatologist! No risk, with a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee! #rodanandfieldsconsultant #randfconsultant #loveyourskin #loveyourskinagain #changingskinchanginglives

💜Unblemish + Soothe💚
I love seeing these before and afters! The look on Jamie's face after says it all! More confidence, no more painful breakouts, and foundation free!
If you want this for you or a child that may be suffering, message me and we'll make it happen:-)
#RFSara #rodanandfields #beautifulskin #loveyourskin #loveyourskinagain #unblemishregimen #unblemish #sootheregimen #soothe #acne #acneproblems #acnesolutions #breakouts #cysticacne

😳JoAnn has been consistently (consistency is the key here) using our REDEFINE Amp It Up Special along with our REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream for 9 months now. ❤️She added LASH BOOST when it came out in October and has recently added in our NEW Active Hydration Serum, because it's amazing!!!!❤️ If JoAnn's results don't scream AGING BACKWARDS well then... I don't know what does! She looks AMAZING! 🤗Ready for your before and after❓Message me today! #randf #LifeChangingSkincare #loveyourskinagain #longlashes #redefineregimen #multifunctioneyecream #ampitup

💥Happening NOW!!💥 20% discount when you bundle any #RandF regimen with #LashBoost ! 👀

Add a FREE Essentials item or a Mineral Peptide Powder through the end of this month. PLUS, all June orders receive a FREE 3-Day Sample of the new Active Hydration Serum! 😱 💖 This is a HUGE #savings and an #amazingdeal ! Now's the Time! 💖

#60daymoneybackguarantee #loveyourskinagain #business #opportunity #whywait

Did you get your invite? 🤔

Here's somethings you should know:
🍻I will buy your first drink!
🛍You will be entered in a giveaway, just for coming!
🙋🏻You will be entered in the drawing for each guest you bring!
💵There will be flash sale items, too!

If you can't make it to the event at Woody's, but want to take advantage of the sales... message me! #randf #LifeChangingSkincare #loveyourskinagain #longlashes #freegiveaways

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