#texturetuesday ▪️ This is my hair after rinsing out a deep conditioner, no product in it yet. Even though my hair isn’t curled all over, I’m still posting it! ✨
Social media has a way of making you feel your hair isn’t good enough sometimes; but I can’t allow that to keep me from posting my hair. I big chopped for a reason and I have to embrace what grows from my head and love it. I’m not sure if anyone else struggles with this but I do, and I’m working on it everyday to get better despite what society thinks. ✨

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💠Wash day products used °
🌸 I remember when I use to hate wash day lol I still do at times. I guess you can say I have a love /hate relationship with wash day . ✨Comment below & lmk✨ °
° 💠 Do y'all hate or love wash day ? & tell me why °

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