It amazes me to think how completely different my life has changed in 5 years 😱 ✨BEFORE ✨
NO energy❌
No confidence 👎🏼
Couldn't get up in the mornings😩
Couldn't wait to get to bed😴
Falling asleep at every opportunity 💤
Awful eating habits🍪
Fine dull hair😥
Brittle nails😰
Skin Breakouts 😭
Useless mother 👩‍👧‍👦
😫😫😫 ✨AFTER✨
Bursting with energy💥
More confident 🙋🏼
Ping up every morning🌞
Gain a better knowledge of proper nutrition 🍏
Living and enjoying life💃🏼
Fast growing thick hair💁🏼
Strong Long nails 💅🏼
Glowing skin 🌟
Being the best I can for my children 👩‍👧‍👦 All I changed is my lifestyle and introduced an increds nutritional product in to my daily life and now I'd never be with out them ✨❤️💥 I know that I've made a change for the better, for me and my children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
#LoveYourLifestyle #LoveYourBody #Fitness #Health #MagicBeans #positivity #changedlife #family #confidence #transformation

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Brian & Tisha White | BlueFuse Realty Group | Lantana TX

Lead with your heart.
Fuel your actions with passion.
And although we will all face challenges, experience setbacks, and make mistakes, it is our character that defines our legacy.

Happy Monday from me and a forever-happy Minni ❤️
Mondays used to be my 'start-over' day (pretty much every Monday) from a weekend of eating like crap, not hydrating myself, and not getting enough sleep. Mondays just seemed like a good time to reset and REALLY get on track and get EVERYTHING nailed down.
What my Monday-reset lifestyle taught me was that it doesn't work. I didn't make any sustainable changes on Monday, I just tested my willpower. Which I did have, until Friday.
It taught me I had to shift my mindset from...
✖️"I have to be 100% perfect and not eat anything bad for me at all and do 15 exercises in the gym and an hour of cardio every day"
✔️"I want to fuel my body and move it because it makes me feel good, and I'm going to take actions that make me feel good, because I am a priority in my life"
A healthy lifestyle isn't going to develop overnight. Building small habits one at a time is what will make you successful.
➖drink a gallon of water every day for 2 weeks
➖complete 3 training sessions a week
➖go to bed in time to get 8hrs sleep
➖get up 5min earlier and set your intentions, gratitude, and affirmations for the day
➖what else?
I'd love to get a thread of small habits going in the comments 👇🏼
#smallchanges #entrepreneurwoman #lifestylechange #fitnessmindset #mindsetmonday #happymonday #bluepitbull #wintheday #loveyourlifestyle

Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life. -Wess Stafford ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
Life is not always easy just as much as it is not always difficult. In life, we need to learn how to realign ourselves with LOVE when fears get in the way.
☀️ ☀️ ☀️
Being able to recognize when we are functioning out of fear is something that must be practiced. I learned this while reading the book, The Universe Has Your Back & it completely changed my world.
☀️ ☀️ ☀️
This past weekend, I decided to take a mini vacation because my brain & body needed to be more at peace. The first day was not what I had hoped... not nearly as relaxing as it could have been. But on Sunday something beautiful happened...
⛵️ ⛵️ ⛵️
Walking around Traverse City, MI my friends & I decided to walk around the piers to look at all the beautiful boats. We were all daydreaming of the dream boat we wanted to buy some day. We took a turn down the 2nd pier & came across this elder gentleman. Next thing we know, he invited us to go sailing with him & it was the most peaceful, most relaxing day I’ve had in a very long time. ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
The peacefulness, the joy, the love I felt was beautifully overwhelming.

Well it’s another Smokey day out there. If you don’t have to be out there don’t do it guys. But don’t forget. Smoke doesn’t rise without fire. What are you lighting a fire to make happen in your life? What’s your next level? Light that fire! Just not in the forest or brush k 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🔥 #fireseason2018 #fires #smoke #badair #thankyoufirefighters #yuck #easterlywind #canadafires #washingtonfires #ladybossliving #lightyourfire #workitgirl #mompreneurlife #serendipitousbydesign #loveyourlifestyle #liveyourbestlifenow #motivated #motivationalwords

To many expectations can sour the pie 🥧 .
#truthbetold , whenever I have an expectation of a person, place or thing I usually become disappointed because My expectations are usually too high.
I have learned to be realistic with what I think but also go with the flow, I like to call it “mossy ozzy”. So instead of thinking someone is going to be a certain way I allow them to show me who they really are. .
Instead of having high expectations that a vacation or a place is going to blow the socks off my feet, I simply take it all in one moment at a time and enjoy it for what it is. .
#livingmybestlife❤️ #noexpectations

I didn’t know you could use essential oils on kids for things like boo-boos and owies. But now I do so guess what happens when Bo falls and bumps his head or scratches his knee? YEP! Our comes the lavender to soothe and help keep it clean!
Here’s some other great ways oils can be used with kids and guess what? They ALL come in the premium starter kit that also gets you a diffuser, samples, a wholesale membership with 24% off everything with no need to ever sale if you don’t want to, and an awesome community with tips to encourage you! What are y’all waiting for? Let’s go!

Case of the Monday Blues?
I sure do with all these beautiful pieces! 💙
Well that and it’s my last Monday of summer with my daughter before back to school 😭
Thinking I’ll wear one of these pieces next Monday- which one do you like? 📷 cred: @danijean .
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So... last week my phone broke. That was on Tuesday. It sucked. The first day without my phone was hard. All too many times I thought about picking up the phone and scanning my email or Facebook or Instagram.
Or I was going to take a picture of something to show here. Or I tried to Whatsapp my friend. Or I wanted to call my friend and didn't have her number anywhere but on my cell phone but not on my landline.
Day 2 was easier.
Day 3 we went camping. My husband fixed my phone and brought it with him to the campground. But there was no signal. I was without a phone until Sunday.
That's almost a week. And I wondered what it would be like if we no longer had social media. I am not even talking internet. But how would the world be different without social media? To constant instant gratification? The Likes? The posts? The NEWS? The recipes? The kittens? How much time would you actually spend on your phone without social media??? And how productive would you be in your day if you didn't get sucked into watching videos and clicking Like on something? When is the last time YOU unplugged? And could you?
#unplugyourself #disconnect #getoffyourphone #liveintherealworld #livepositively #liveintentionally #reallifestyle #realworld #loveyourlifestyle #liveyourbestlife #livelifetothefullest #midlife #midlifemom #healthtips #healthcoach #healthcoaching #sherowellness

Another state, another adventure with my partner in crime😍 gave up the gym this past week to drink tequila in a hot tub over looking the most beautiful mountains, hiking to a bunch of waterfalls, and rafting down white water rapids. North Carolina was definitely one for the books🏔💚

Mondays, am I right? 🙄

What are you doing today?

Can you just be you today? Don’t compare yourself to anyone except the person you were yesterday and be a little bit better today! Could you imagine if that is all you focused on? Just being a little better version of you (a better mom, a better wife, a better friend, a better YOU) each day? Why would you want to be like someone else anyway? Our uniqueness make us who we are, plant positivity, grow confidence and harvest a healthy, happy YOU!

I’m going to get better at posting my work haha. Shameless selfies and more client photos coming soon. Enjoyed doing hair and makeup for one of my favorite clients. Sister of the bride Sanya. And definitely one of the most extravagant weddings in Houston. #houstonmua

Some may call it work 😐
Some may call it a job 😐
Some don’t have a clue what we do 😐
Some call it a scam 😐
Some call it a cult 😐
Some call it a pyramid scheme 😐
They call it......because they don’t understand it. 😐

What we call it? 👭👫👬 It’s freedom.....owning your own life 🙋
It’s fun 😂
It’s making new friends 👯
It’s helping people 💑
It’s inspiring people 🙍
It’s sharing a story, a life 📕
It’s caring for others 💕
It’s a sense of achievement💪
Recognition when you achieve 🙌
It’s travel 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇳🇿
It’s having things you’ve never had 💍💰👠
Doing things you’ve never done 🎿🏄
Finding things you’ve never found 🎣
It’s feeling things you never thought you could feel 😱
It’s pride 😎
It’s responsibility 👪
It’s being a part of something 👯
It’s living how YOU want to live 💃💃
It’s a chance 🎲
It’s an experience 🎢

And it’s YOURS if you want it to be 💪🏻 It’s the #ELITEWARRIOR experience 💕💕💕 #businessbabes #loveyourlifestyle #teamrhino #oneteamonedream #EliteWarriors #passion #believe #freedom #goals #vision #friendships

Complain Free Monday ✨ When most people wake up on Monday morning they are dreading the work week ahead and all that needs to be accomplished. Instead of getting stuck in that mindset choose today to embrace the new week with joy and excitement!
How can you make today as beautiful as this sunset over Lake Michigan?

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