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Hallihallo 🙋🏼 heute tausche ich mein Sonntags-Gammel-Outfit mal gegen dieses Outfit 🙈😛
Ich treffe mich nämlich mit meiner @birthi91 ❤️ wir gehen ganz bloggermäßig erst in die @nordcoastcoffee 😎 und anschließend wollen wir mal wieder ein paar Bilder machen. Reiten war ich heute auch schon. Und das alles an meinem heiligen Sonntag, den ich sonst auf dem Sofa verbringe 🤷🏼
Wie verbringt ihr euren Sonntag am liebsten?
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When your leg does the right thing and your arms do all the wrong things. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤓. And what's that FACE??? 😂😂#TRexArms #theclaw #stunttraining #antmanandthewasp

Thích hành, chơi quạo ko chơi nha😒 #sport #gym #earlymorning #loveyourself #loveyourlife #hardwork

Blogissa vinkkejä flunssan torjumiseen ja oireiden lievittämiseen. Linkin löydät biosta❣️ #loveyourlife #kaupallinenyhteistyö @lifesuomi


A funny thing happens once you start believing in yourself...other people start believing in you too.

~ Well, this isn't quite the glamorous birthday portrait I originally thought I'd be posting.
But at times, life brings you something even better than expected.
Such as today, which marks the beginning of yet another spin around the sun for my energies ~ ☀️♎️
So, this evening at golden hour, I headed down to the beach to sit & cry & journal my heart out.
I wrote & I cried and I wrote & I cried,
After that, something magical happened:
I was vibrating on LOVE.
The purest love I've ever felt in my life!
I could feel it to the marrow. ~❤~ I felt it to be a harbinger for this upcoming new year.
And the best gift I couldn't of known how to ask for!
Who needs a gift of a Gucci bag, when you can feel like this??!! Seriously.
So in this elevated state,
I went for a stroll on the beach,
took some pics of the sunset and,
on a whim,
thought I'd turn the camera on me:
eyes swollen from all the tears,
makeup entirely cried off,
hair totally a mess;
this former pageant girl didn't even give it a thought. Lol
So, you might imagine how surprised I was, after I came home and checked out the photos, to find Mother Nature had decided to work her inimitable magic.
Life is always aiming to exceed our expectations,
it's our easy job to just relax and let life flow...
Divine Order know the way. Trust it. ~☀️~
Sending everyone the highest vibes...
Feel your heart explode with the healing power of LOVE ❤~ xoxoxox ~ ❤

My weight training hasn’t been nearly as regimented as it was before Italy and deciding to quit my life and move abroad. Sometimes life’s like that. It’s difficult to stay on top of everything all at once. .
BUT! I’m still working hard and still getting my workouts in as frequently as possible. Can’t let all this hard work @toddscheidtfitness and I have done this year go to shit while I build my new life 😅

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
~ Ansel Adams
📍Hard Rock Cafe, Brussels, Belgium
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There is no better lip product on the market right now!! How can you argue with this? LipSense is absolutely incredible! If you want more info Check out my Facebook Group : At Long Last....Lip Color

I have been spending some of my Sunday's clearing out my aunt's house to prepare it for sale. We have uncovered the downright silly (see Insta story) to the lovingly sentimental (this picture of my grandfather.) It is the collection of a life. And as we peel away the layers and discern which to let go of and which to keep, I am oddly grateful for the opportunity to know and understand this complicated human so much better.
#anygivensunday #livewithpassion #loveyourlife #trynottofillyourgarage

Red paint, black paint, and track lighting...oh my!!! This whole process, at times, has felt like being in the land of Oz! 😂 Look at the progress this weekend!! Are you a 9Round Charter Member yet?

If we could only see it. It doesn’t feel truth, because we think the negative thoughts are truth.
But what if we question them?
What if we chose to expect positive outcomes instead of negative ones?
What if we pay attention and change what we think?
It seems so simple. Pay attention to what you tell yourself. Bring your self up instead of down.
#listen #down #up #allow #see #simple #learning #universal #thinking #louisehay #cheer #journey #blessed #positive #colors #lovingdotlove #loveyourlife

• semi retired •
MUA: @lalamoniquemakeup

Vivir solo cuesta vida-.
#finish #chaudomingo #zzz #loveyourself #loveyourlife ✌💚🎀🔥

I am designing a life I absolutely love! Today I jumped out of bed because I was so excited about what the future is going to bring! .
I believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to design their life. A world where people have choice, and a time freedom that allows them to live their true values. I help people find that freedom and start to create their dream lives. .
What an amazing thing to be able to do 💜 #makeanimpact #wearethemovment #healthyandhappy #freedom #opportunity #babessupportingbabes #businessandfun #loveyourlife

Sundays are all about family! I love my little family and I am so grateful for the gifts they are too me. Its easy to take our families for granted. My prayer is that I will always see the blessing in my family no matter what the season of life or circumstances we face. Money can make us rich but a strong family is more valuable than anything money can buy! We are rich because we loved and we gave that love away ❤

Afternoon break 🙌
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