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You aren't really living unless you try it ALL! 😍

This Sunny Orange Tahini Dressing is the perfect way to brighten any salad. Not only is it super delish, the star @a.cup.of.sun organic golden milk paste adds a nutritional punch! So you can fight inflammation, calm your nervous system, kick free radicals to the curb all while enjoying a simple, healthy meal! Sounds good, right? See recipe below. #foodismedicine #saladdressing #saladlove
Juice of One Orange 🍊
2 TBS Champagne Vinegar
1/3 Cup Olive Oil
2 TSP @a.cup.of.sun Organic Golden Milk Paste (see link in bio to purchase☝️)
2 TSP Honey 🍯
1/2 TSP Thyme (Fresh or dried)
Salt to taste (approx. 1/2 tsp)
1/4 TSP Black Pepper
1 1/2 TBS Tahini
Combine all ingredients in a food processor until fully incorporated.
Pour over salad and Enjoy!

Keeping all my options open #cookieparty @ace.cookies

The perfect entree & it's good for you (true story) ✔️

It’s all up to me - and not in a heavy way - I can choose - to smile - to find the bright side - to guide myself through the tricky bits. Of course sharing with a friend lightens the load and brightens my day, but it’s up to me and I can do this. -
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never in 2 million years did I ever plan on drinking something called “Greens” .. I mean give me a break, I ate salads occasionally and usually have apples + strawberries in the fridge so that counts for something right? I didn’t need those green powders or green shakes or green anything.
But damn was I wrong. For someone who spent almost 10 years prescribed adderall for the times where I needed to focus my attention for more then 10 minutes. Before class. While studying. Trying to learn to drive. If I had a big presentation. If I needed to deep clean the apartment. I mean, but have y’all ever tried adderall? It makes you feel like you are... well on drugs. You’re jittery, you have no appetite, you talk 100mph BUT, I got shit done. Our Greens were the third product I tried, and 2.5 years later I do not miss a day without them. In FACT ☝🏼 because of these Greens I have been adderall free for 2.5 years. Confidence? Nope. It was the dang green drinks. Now I’m not crazy scientist but I do know this 〰️ in order for our bodies to function they way they are intended to, they need fruits and veggies and vitamins and minerals, and super foods. The GOOD stuff. Well our Greens contain ALL of that in 2 scoops. So throw them in some water, or your smoothie, or your juice, or just in your mouth and you’ve got mental clarity, natural energy and focus, and your body is happy because it has what it needs to function properly. Imagine no more 2 PM crash or hard-to-get-going mornings? I’ve got what you need. Plus they are the best hangover cure out thurrrr 😘 For $1 a day, they will forever be worth it to me 🍃🍏🥦

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As a Nutritionist, we encourage 3 cups of vegetables or salad per meal....are you eating enough?
Eating a rainbow of colours will give us adequate vitamins and minerals, fibre, antioxidants, phytochemicals and so many more health producing wonderment.
Add a good healthy fat per meal to enhance the vegetable flavour and most importantly to help our bodies absorb 4 key vitamins. A D E K. These vitamins only get absorbed via a healthy fat eaten with the meal. Avocado, raw nuts, olive oil, olives, salmon, mackeral, flaxseed, coconut oil are some wonderful examples.
Hopefully my post makes you more mindful of how much vegetables and salads you are consuming per meal.
Love your insides 💞

Who feels bloated? 😬 I am looking for 3 models to try our 2 day cleanse. It’s all natural 🍃, aloe based, and you can eat on it 💁🏻‍♀️. You can lose anywhere from 2-12lbs of sludge that could be stuck in your colon! Msg me or drop an emoji!💕

2nd day of the @plannedparenthoodwi Safe Healthy Strong Conference! Meeting lots of people and selling out of placenta prints! ☺️The Tree of Life, or placenta is the only organ a woman can grow every time she needs to, and the only organ the body sheds when done. While the baby is in utero the placenta does the work of the lungs, kidneys and liver! It’s definitely a “super organ” 😲😎 #placenta #childbirth #plannedparenthood

What better way to celebrate the end of the week....😍
Egg free, dairy free, nut free, soy free. 100% vegan. 1000% taste sensation. .
Regram from @anastasiasbakeshop - The classic raspberry and white choc. 🤗 .
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These E A S T E R  E G G S!  Available while stocks last in double choc, caramel lava + supreme egg (with a yolk centre). Also available for pre-purchase online, just pick up in store (our shops only) when you are ready.  From our shops in Melb + Syd NOW or concept stores x

В этом тортике солнечное МАНГО☀️и клубничное🍓 желе между слоями. Очень ароматно. ☝️Если вы хотите менее калорийный торт, то рекомендую остановить свой выбор на тортиках с желейными слоями из ягод. Они прекрасно сочетаются с кешью муссами и праздник получается ещё более ягодным и витаминным 😋🍓🍋🍇🍒
А вы любите экзотические фрукты🍍🥑🥝? .
Торт без муки🍞, яиц 🥚и молочных продуктов🥛, без глютена и без рафинированных продуктов.
Для Вас только полезное, вкусное и без термической обработки🔥⛔️
Заказывайте тортики за 2-3 дня до желаемой даты😉
Всегда на связи whatsapp/telegram☎️ 89167455077 Катя .
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#RAW 🌱egan sushi from a few nights ago...and by this I do not mean raw 🐠 🙅‍♀️ as someone apparently thought I did when I post it on my story ( I got a message saying that this and I wasn’t vegan because of that deceiving 🥕 😏😛😂)...as my chopping board says I’m vegan FOREVER now! What I mean is that the nori is filled with nothing but raw veg! For the rice I just blended some raw cauliflower with two medjool dates (the secret to making it “sticky rice”) 😋😋

All of our cards and prints have a fact on the back! The info is just as important as the art! We’re always so happy to support @plannedparenthood and spend time at the Safe Healthy Strong conference today and tomorrow here in #milwaukee ! 🙌🏼

Rose, Vanilla + Dragonfruit garnished chocolate 👌

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