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Day 17
I love that this morning’s sunrise does not define itself by last night’s sunset ||
No matter what season of my life I am in, I am grateful for all the obstacles and blessings around me ☀️ #25daysofgratitude

During the week, I try my best to make sure that my heaviest meal is during lunch. Something that will fill me up and give me the energy I need to get thru today's WOD later at night. Dinner is my recovery meal, making sure I get the nutrients I need to be good for another day. I have thought of going plant based, but for a majority of Latinos or non-athletic families.... That is EXTREMELY difficult. Doesn't mean it's not possible tho. Someday✨
--Shown: a simple avocado tomato mix with vinegar and a side of costillas
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There is a term in eating disorders which I believe needs to be added in the discussion of illness, weight gain and health.

Weight restored: A patient returning to a weight that is within a healthy BMI OR their range of weight prior to their illness
This happens with physical illness too.
LEFT: me after not eating or drinking for 6 weeks due to a partial obstructed bowel. I was hospitalised, largely bedridden and being fed by a tube for 6 weeks.
RIGHT: 4 months later, when I had not only gained my original weight back but an extra 20 lbs more. In those six weeks, my body went into starvation mode so when I started eating again, my body clung onto it. My eating had not changed from before, I was not eating larger quantities, my body was simply reacting to it because it wasn’t used to solid food.

I am sharing this because we can’t keep equating weight gain to poor health. This weight gain was my metabolism learning how to work again and my body doing it’s best to protect me. This weight gain was a sign of restored health. The same way when a baby gains weight, it’s seen as a sign of health
I couldn’t see it at the time because it was SO overshadowed by the number of people concerned about my weight gain that the following month I started a diet. (It would turn out to be my last diet!). Less than 5 months out of hospital and I already started a diet - way to jeopardise my recovery! Diets aren’t about health. They are about size and beauty! And to do it so shortly after my surgery risked my entire recovery.

Too many people fear surgery or avoid medication because they fear that weight gain. They rush back to the gym too soon or they go on a diet shortly after recovering from surgery to counterbalance their weight gain. They put their health at risk in order to keep hold of the “perception of health”. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

As long as we keep pushing this one type of health, we will keep seeing people jeopardise their health to stay thin. I don’t know about you, but I think anyone going through illness doesn’t need the additional stress of worrying about their waist line #ScarredNotScared

Day 3 ...ran with a heavy heart. Ran for you Raph who should still be running 💔 🌟
Jour 3 ... couru avec le coeur lourd. Couru pour toi Raph qui devra toujours courir parmi nous 💔

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What would happen if we push through right before the quit point? .
What if we stop allowing all the reasons why not to overtake our minds?
What if we decide not to give up on the process, even if we aren’t going as fast as others?
What if that breakthrough is right there?
Find a reason to sweat that’s bigger than your desire to excuse another missed workout.
My reasons?
~I have a community of people rooting for me to show up.
~I have a son watching my every move.
~My desire to feel comfortable in my skin, and prove to myself I can do hard things.
~To be stronger mentally.

I root for them, they root for me. I root for myself.
That’s why it works. .
#dothehardthings #sweatbecauseyoucan #masteryourmindset #mommytime #selflovewarriors #loveyourself #loveyourcurves #singlemomlife #chorkiemomma #athomefitness #virutalcoach #fitandfocusedmomma

I lean into community.
I show up because I believe it matters.

I believe it makes me a better mom, wife, friend and coach.

When you believe your showing up matters... everything changes.
Rooting for you ✌🏼 Reach out friend.

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