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Left or right? 🤔 I can do both 🙊

This is the face of a girl who wore shorts to yoga for the very first time. Ever. Like, ever.
They were sent to me by @aerie a while ago, and in my head I was like 😅😅😅 RIGHT these are cute but going straight to the back of the shelf,
and there they stayed.
But tonight I was getting ready for yoga and I saw them and something inside me said ✨✨✨
and I put them on, and the fleshy parts of my thighs that I've always worked hard at loving, at accepting, those parts peeked out at me. There was no fabric to cover them. No safety to hide, no tight, constricting spandex to keep my thighs from jiggling.
I felt terrified.
But it wasn't ME that was terrified — it was my ED. The mind ghosts saw their opportunity and crawled their way straight to the front of my consciousness and screamed that everyone would be looking at me, that all eyes would be on my thighs, that when I flowed my body would be on display and people would judge me. 🙅🏻
But can we take a minute to examine how FUCKED UP and WRONG that is?
As an ED survivor, I know that sometimes I cannot trust my own brain, or my own eyes. I KNOW deep in my heart that my mind ghosts are fat-phobic monsters, telling me that I am not "thin enough" to wear shorts. I KNOW that my body does not exist to look a certain way. I KNOW the purpose of yoga is not weight loss. I KNOW that WHO I AM is not my disorder, WHO I AM is not my anxiety.
But somehow, these shorts threatened to take all that knowledge away, and replace it with fear. FEAR.
When I walked to class, I could feel the unfamiliar sensation of the breeze on my legs; I could feel my muscles in my thighs bouncing with each step on the pavement. And when I unrolled my mat, and sat waiting for class to begin, I imagined the eyes of everyone else directly on me. I felt naked. Exposed.
But when we started, when I settled into myself and got into my flow, I realized that I was the only one fixated on my shorts.
I faced a fear I've never conquered before, and I came out the other side. To everyone else it felt like a normal class, but to me it felt victorious.
I wore the shorts. ✨✨✨

So following the insults I've been called recently (on my story) I just wanted to say something.
A girl’s worth is not measured by the clothes she wears.
We are still worthy of love, respect and kindness if:
-We aren’t fully covered up.
-We have our stretch marks on show.
-We have our loose skin on show.
-We have our booty on show.
-We have our underwear on show.
It doesn’t make us trashy.
It doesn’t make us a slut.
It doesn’t make us vain.
It doesn’t make us disrespectful.
And it most certainly doesn’t take away our worth.
We can wear whatever we want.
Dress however we like.
Pose wherever we see fit.
So if you’re reading this:
Stop trying throwing these insults around at other girls.
Stop trying to degrade them.
Stop trying to devalue their worth.
And most importantly remember,
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Good morning und happy Wednesday 🙌🏻😏
Kann mir mal jemand sagen, warum es so kalt geworden ist 🤔🙈 ich habe heute tatsächlich einen Schal gebraucht, weil es mir um den Hals sonst echt kalt geworden wäre 😕 ein bisschen wärmer könnte es ja wohl bleiben 😥 Naja... So ist das nun mal. Nach der Arbeit geht's für mich zum Friseur und ich werde mich mal bezüglich einer balayage beraten lassen 🙈 ich mag mein blond genauso wie ihr 😅 ich würde es von der Helligkeit bzw. Der Farbe her auch so belassen wollen. Na wir wollen mal sehen, was da raus kommt 🙈 danach will ich wieder laufen gehen 🙌🏻
Habt einen schönen Mittwoch ihr lieben 💕
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Ahhh Maria @jaynecimber , this is so raw and honest. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I am touched by your bravery and am no means surprised because a bad ass who can pull off a scar like this, must have a fierce soul within her! 🔥 Stunning! #ScarredNotScared
#repost @jaynecimber As many of the big scars, there is a long story behind these ones: near death experiences, countless surgeries, stitches, pins coming in and out. Immobilisation, frustration, desperation, impatience. I was 20 when life, as I knew it, was over.

Even after surviving, I remember worrying that I’d never be able to wear shorts or short dresses or miniskirts again, and thinking of myself as less than anyone who didn’t look like they had been attacked by a shark. But, truth is… I always loved shorts and miniskirts :) It took me time and effort but I’ve come to terms with my new self. And if today I could turn to that 20-year-old me, I’d tell her yes, you are going to struggle, and yes, people will ‘scar shame’ you, and tell you (unasked) all about the state-of-the-art techiniques and creams that would ‘improve your scars’, and you’ll hear things like “oh it gives me the creeps just to look at it”. And when that happens, look at your scars and see all the strength you found in yourself. And yes, you can put on whatever outfit you feel like, and yes, people will also find them interesting and even hot, and will be amazed with how you’ve been through it all never giving up being yourself, and yes, you will complete a relay triathlon, and show off your unique scarred body in the smallest bikini if you want to.

And yes, your scars will make you different, and you will wear them like a crown. #scarrednotscared



Mittagessen 🍴

The other pair of jeans that didn't fit because I don't have a child-sized bum. Too pretty not to reuse. #embroidery #repurposed #loveyourcurves #hipsdontlie

Put your hair up in a messy bun, drink some coffee and handle it ☕️💜 📸 @azaleajeanette #messybun

A lesson I learned from Darren Hardy through one of his Darren Daily episodes is that you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
This means do something that you are most resistant to do such as working out or ordering a salad instead of a hamburger & fries!! I definitely struggle with this and need to learn to go with resistance because it's most likely the choice that I need to make, but don't.
#darrendaily #getuncomfortable #lessonlearned #quote #loveyourcurves #beyou #orderasalad #workout

That time I embraced my curves #about2016 #loveyourcurves #woman #about2016

Couldn't help myself. 🙌🏾😉 This #lularoejulia #lularoejuliadress is giving me LIFE right now!! The more I see my body transform, the more I see my confidence change. Form fitting clothes were something I tried to avoid before. No longer. I'm proud of my shape. My body has CURVES. And they are beautiful!! Even my #vbo or visible belly outline is making an appearance too. 👌🏾Seriously though?!?!? Who is this woman I'm becoming? ❤️ #wce #wcw #womancrushwednesday #lularoe #plussize #plussizefashion #curvygirl #curvyfashion #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #curves #honormycurves #loveyourcurves #blackgirlmagic #selflove #selfworth #confidence #reddress #naturalhair #bodypositive #bodytransformation #beautiful #curvesaresexy #blackgirlswhoblog #curvesfordays

Nachdem ich fleißig draußen gearbeitet habe 🍀🔪🐎🐎, hatte ich jetzt ordentlich Hunger☇
Zuerst habe ich mir ein Toastbrot 🍞 mit einer halben Avocado gemacht 😍, dann gab's Skyr Erdbeere 🍓 mit einer Nektarine. Dabei habe ich festgestellt das ich bekennender NICHT-Skyrfan bin 😑 Mein Mann ❤ hat dann fertig gegessen 😄 Zum Abschluss gab es noch ein Ministück vom Zitronengugelhupf 🍋😃
Jetzt geht es mir so richtig #feinelig

#Repost @philomenakwao (@get_repost)
🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 This is my #wcw! The beautiful and talented @philomenakwao. Representation is key. It's essential. For the longest time in the beauty industry, it was hard to find someone who looked like me to exude beauty and confidence in their body. In a #plussize #curvy body no less. Thank you for taking that step. Thank you for constantly slaying. 👌🏾#bodypositive #effyourbodystandards #effyourbeautystandards #plussizeswimwear #plussizemodel #curvywoman #curvygirl #wednesday #womancrushwednesday #honormycurves #loveyourcurves #curves

@bree.large mix and matching our Fixed Tri in 'French Fuschia' with our V Front Pant in 'Geo' 🙌🏽

When you think you can't do something, you can do it. You probably don't know your strength. Just do it now, you will be stronger for it. Be the best you💛 #liveyourbestlife

Schwarz und Weiß: die klassischste aller Farbkombinationen und dennoch ein absoluter Hingucker. Wir haben auf www.curfashion.net die schönsten Kleider für euch zusammengestellt. #plussizefashion #plussizeblogger #plussize #loveyourcurves #loveyourself #dress #blackandwhite

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