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Today is #BodyConfidence Day. I wanted to post these two photos to show you the difference a little bit of good lighting does to a photo. I also want to say that the woman on the left, with visible cellulite is just as worthy as the woman on the right with smooth appearing skin. Both are beautiful, strong and confident. Both are worthy. Rock your bodies today, and everyday! Love the skin you're in ❤️ #loveyourbody #bodypositive #everybodyisbeautiful #loveyourcurves #celluLIT 🔥 (also these are unedited as you can probably tell they're the ones that didn't make the gram 😂 #noretouch )

As a mother, I’m constantly reminded by how strong and resilient my body is. I’m amazed that my body has been a home for 3 little humans and that it can nurture my nursing baby. Body positivity is something I encourage my kids to understand every day, because perfection is BS. Today on #LoveYourBody day, I encourage you not to judge yourself (or me for posting this photo), but instead to embrace how beautiful you really are - loving every imperfection, every curve, every inch of yourself. ❤️💪

Dimples on your ass? That’s just your booty smiling because you’re so fly 🙌🏽🍑
-Stop obsessing over the way you look. It’s all temporary. Your Soul, however, is not. - Abs will not make you friends, save your life, or pay your taxes. -Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with your body. I assure you that you can get your ideal body and still feel hideous. (I know from experience) - You are not a collection of pros and cons. You are not a to do list. You are not a project. - It’s okay to love yourself. It costs nothing, just takes practice. 💕
#effyourbeautystandards .
. {Y’all didn’t think I was gonna let National #LoveYourBody day pass by without a post did you? 😜}

I might not post for a few days because we might not have service, so I’ll leave you with a favorite flow of mine to my favorite song 😘
Song- Is There Somewhere by Halsey

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset 💙
Missing these cotton candy skies and beautiful shades of Mykonos blue... but I had fun looking back at all the pics while writing the latest post on my blog! Read more about my time in Greece - including what I did in Mykonos, and two of my favorite spots in Santorini - now up on the blog... (link in my bio) 🇬🇷

Today’s @yogafeature 🙏 by @lightfulyogini .

Let every situation be what is, instead of what you think it should be.

Te han dicho que son feas, que deberías hacer todo lo posible por eliminarlas, y desgraciadamente te lo has creído 😔 Ni te has parado a pensar que ese odio es lo que mueve el dinero que ellos ganan a tu costa, contigo intentando eliminar tus complejos a golpe de productos y tratamientos imposibles ☠️ Ahora mira esta imagen: de verdad ves algo feo en ella? Las estrías son vida, y la vida es SIEMPRE bien 💞 foto de @vandeaarde 🦄

When your toppings can't be tamed by one sweet potato so you have to rely on two 🤗. But hey, I'll take it! These babes were mini so I was going to need two to fill me anyway. And they're so freaking CUTE! And the sunbutter plus potatos is UNREAL. This plus a big mug of tea was the best thing to dig into today.
The deets: stuffed sweet potatoes with bananas, blackberries, @wild_friends sunflower butter, crushed @healthwarrior turmeric pumpkin seed bars (GET THREE FREE USING THE LINK IN MY STORIES), and @salbachia chia seeds #thecuttingveg

Why is it that when we look at our bodies all we see are flaws? 🙅🏻 My stomach is too flabby, my thighs are too big, my arms are too fat, my lips are too small, my legs are too short… WE TEAR OUR BODIES APART 😠 We notice every – single - little - baby - imperfection and forget about all the things our bodies are capable of doing. You are beautiful and we all need to remember that, especially in a society that sends messages otherwise. Please watch our video (link in story/profile) and share it with your friends today in honor of #nationalloveyourbodyday 🤗 TAG THREE FRIENDS WHO WOULD LIKE THIS MESSAGE!


Glam by @biy_makeup_ 😍



#perfectlyme #loveyourbody #confidentlybeautiful #bitesizedfitness #bedifferent #loveyourbodyday #bodyconfidence


Love your body day! #loveyourbodyday2017 #loveyourbody

Wellness-Oase || Oft lässt sich mit wenigen Handgriffen eine kleine Wohlfühlzone im Badezimmer einrichten. Dabei spielen Farben, Licht und Gerüche eine sehr wichtige Rolle. ⠀

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Besides making Fitter, Faster, Stronger individuals....we're also fond of making #Pretzels out of them because flexibility is just as important as strength.
Have a good day today and check out our Beach training sessions for the #dubaifitnesschallenge

Guten Morgen meine Zuckerschnuten, ich wünsche euch einen guten Start in den Donnerstag 💕💕💕 heute ist schon Fiezefreitag und morgen schon WOCHENENDE 😎😎😎. Schönen Arbeitstag wünsch ich euch....habt es fein 😘😘😘 #healthy #healthyblogger #healthylifestyle #shake #himbeeren #himbeerliebe #shakelove #instagood #instagirl #instapic #instablogger #fitmum #fitfam #fitnesslifestyle #herbstchallenge #thebestversionofyou #beyoubest #lovethispic #loveyourbody #loveyourself

GUTEN MORGEN 💚ihr kennt bestimmt alle @attila_hildmann ich bin begeistert von ihm was er für die Tiere 🐰🐶🐱tut ❤️toller Mensch und seine Produkte MEGA🤗es gibt Magerquarkbowl mit Nutwave als #topping 🍫wünsche euch einen schönen Tag #thinkpositive #startyourdayright #breakfast #frühstück #thursday #goodmorning #atillahildmann #nutwave #bowl #vegetarisch #food #foodie #fitfood #foodblogger #foodporn #instagood #instafood #tierschutz #loveyourself #loveyourbody #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #gesundabnehmen #abnehmen #abnehmen2017 #lalalifefood #instamood

Day 18 of #DOYOUYOGAInTheOffice yoga challenge.

❤️❤️ #babycuddles @ today's 9.30am Tone&Burn class !! Clung to my side and helped me get today's ladies working up a good sweat 💪😆#toneitup #mumsnbubs

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