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@fashionnovacurve coming through with the curve loving sets 💕 you can get 15% off this adorable set (available in all sizes) and the entire site with code: ALISS ❤️❤️❤️ it's getting hot outside and you deserve to match the weather.

What are you willing to give up, in order to get what you really want? 💙
For me the answer was easy, but the decision was hard. I gave up the corporate world, and with it the safety of my high level job, the security of a stable paycheck, health care benefits, annual bonuses, and the camaraderie of my co-workers. But as those things fell along the wayside, some other, different things appeared...
I found freedom in following my heart, independence in doing what I loved, and the unparalleled feeling of pursuing my dreams. I've also met some wonderful souls along the way, no longer co-workers in cubicles, but friends scattered across the world. 🌎
The path hasn't always been easy, there have been plenty of bumps and winding, narrow roads, but the journey has been incredible, and there's not a thing I'd change. 💙
Sending love and light to each and every one of you, and wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 😘

Rosanna is Boss 🔥
#bossbabesempire .

Celebrate your body. Every single thing about it. Your frizzy hair? It's beautiful. Your stretch marks. Also beautiful. Your lines and wrinkles? Beyond gorgeous. Your genetic mutation? You can find beauty in that as well. It amazes me when I hear that people are ashamed of their genetic mutation. That they don't want the world to know and they can't believe how open I am about mine. I never thought twice about sharing that with others. I hope by being open, others can see that you don't have to be ashamed. I have embraced being a Previvor because it means I took control back of my life. I beat cancer before it got the chance to beat me. That empowers me. It gives me strength to push harder in all aspects of my life. It makes me feel beautiful. So next time there is something that makes you feel insecure or bad about yourself, try embracing it. Let go of the stigma and let yourself feel beautiful. Because you are! ✨

Jeans. No big deal, right?
Well, I haven't had the courage to wear jeans since I threw them on 3 weeks ago. I kind of felt like I "made it," and big strides like these can be extremely impactful and even draining.
•Jeans are tight.
•Jeans feel constricting.
•They hug me in ways that still make me feel uncomfortable.
It took me more than 2 years to finally try jeans again👖it might sound dramatic, but it's just genuine. My goal is to wear jeans sometime within the next week! Because we c a n push through these feelings and realize it's OKAY for clothing to hug us in different ways. But I want you to remember you do NOT have to wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable.
I still struggle with body image, and that's okay. Because it encourages me to keep pushing further in my relationship with my self. Your feelings and struggles with always be up and down and that is always and forever will be o k a y 😇

Anyone up for a little roleplay? 😘

Magic Silk Launch Party Sale this weekend! Use code MAGIC to receive 40% off your order! ❤

Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward ~ @bodyposipower
Model: Julie 🌸 @getfitjules

Aujourd'hui à aquaboulevard avec les enfants je me suis amusée à regarder tous les corps des gens autour de moi... J'ai remarqué qu'il y avait beaucoup de petites fesses toutes plates et de grosses fesses aussi... des vergetures... et surtout les fameux bourrelets du ventre... En fait à aucun moment je n'ai aperçu une seule personne qui se serait approchée ne serait-ce qu'un tout petit peu des corps dont on nous assomes sur les réseaux sociaux... je n'ai rencontré aucun corps parfait de magazine! je le savais déjà mais il faut croire que j'avais besoin de voir ça autour de moi pour me rappeler que la vraie vie elle est ici tout autour de nous et pas sur un réseau qui n'a de social que le nom ou l'on imagine que des filtres nous donneront la confiance en soi que l'on se refuse... Je suis belle même si je ressemble pas à l'image que l'on voudrait m'imposer! #loveyourbody #bodylove #bodypositiveyoga #loveyourself #normale #happy #aquaboulevard #piscine #maillotdebain #happymum


London is such a beautiful place to visit..I love to soak up the energy and the vibes of this city✨#lovefood #londoner #vegan #healthybody #veganprotein #zdravi #czechgirl #fitday #olomouc #fitnessgirl #tiuteam #loveyourbody #toneitup #traveling #london #tiu

hello sweeties!🙋
Protein breakfast "Baked rice crispy meal with figs" so yhamy😍👌
#rice #ricecrispy #ricecrispytreats #breakfast #bakedrice #protein #proteinrecipes #proteintreats #figues #figs #fitness #samedimatin

toot as you go pass stoney creek balclutha!! be good to see who sees it!
#simplenakedsoap #goatsmilksoap #bodytreats. #loveyourbody

Nie mam pojęcia dlaczego , ale metoda działa ;) Rozciągamy się mocno przez tydzień, a przez kolejny mamy rest. W planach ma dziś pierwsze super mocne rozciąganie ;) Nie będę kłamać, bo kusiło strasznie więc sprawdzałam i zakresy się zwiększyły. Przed wczoraj w pracy odwiedził mnie „znajomy” i opowiadał mi o zajęciach z akrobatyki sportowej, zastanawiam się czy nie spróbować? Myślę, że na jesień będę sprawdzać takie rzeczy :) Wtedy sobie pójdę na jogę i na ściankę wspinaczkową. Teraz po prostu chcę korzystać, ze słoneczka <3 Już nie mogę się doczekać wypadów na wodę. Waga poszła w górę, nie będę schodzić z kcal, ale dorzucam cardio. Muszę opanować brzuch i uda, bo wszystko „idzie” tam i w łapy. Jednak nie przeszkadza mi to, że mam większego bica i trica, wręcz przeciwnie :) Miałam kupić sukienkę, kupiłam 5... #sstyle_fit #sun #loveyourbody #me #strong #motywacja #polskadziewczyna
#polishgirl #dziendobry #focus #instagood #workout #fitness #fitnesslife #stayfocus #staystrong #motivation #goodmorning #slonce #rozciaganie #split #memyselfandi #szpagat #gimnastyka #womens #trening #trainhard #kocham #brown


Wake up, makeup & not going shopping? Missed my morning class so it's Jacobs ladder today! Every step was a step closer to heaven ⛪️⛅️ 😂

@edeebeau slaying in #edeebeauhair Natasha available at www.edeebeau.com #edeebeau

Finally got in the studio today! •
Can I just tell y'all how good it feels to be in front of the camera and actually feel confident about my body! •
Makes me want to pursue my modeling goals even more!! •

Big photo credit to my AMAZING husband @owenstheleo !!! •

Dress: Cynthia
Size: XL
Shop: @fiercenkurvee_boutique

#loveyourbody #loveyourself #lovemybelly #aspiringmodel #allshapesandsizes #aspiringplussizemodel #bodypositive #bodylove #bodypositivity #model #positivity #positivevibes #positivethoughts #positivethinking #yourbeautiful #youarebeautiful #tummylove #everyoneisbeautiful #effyourbodystandards #effyourbeautystandards

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