“All you need is that perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infinite”
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I was going on the bike tris morning. Here all alone arranging my self in berlin. This morning its like this: me confidently and determined balancing on my bike, with full ridiculously heavy backpack packed of Space Dragons, 3huge bags of decoration stuff, going to a christmas market - like turtle. And was thinking. There are many more "sucsesful" people than me and sometimes we or I tend to be upset and unsatisfied with our selves if we meashure our selves with them our our own "goals". It happens to me allot of times: I think I can do better. I could have done better. I am lost. I am this or that. But... if I stop doing that and look at my journey - I fucking LOVE IT, I love my adventures and whatever happens, wouldnt change those ones for nothing. And I trully wish this feeling to my self and to others more and more often. Because thats what the moast important - to enjoy the ride and to create (for me now). To be gratefull but also not to let fears take ower and to go for what we love. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I am only for 2months in berlin, but my inner Dragon already got me to the places, connections and states of feeling and believing I wouldnt maybe thought about before. And one thing I understand - when you are in alighment what is yours - you dont even need to try hard to become "sucsesfull" you already Are. And just need to focuse on this feeling and these activities which gets you there and Do. Then you are the most happy and sucsesfull for your self and for people.
Believe in your self. Something good is comming. ;) And the pucture was my day. Christmas fair 9hours with my lovely Dragon, and a rewarding concert with more new ideas and connections.

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Our crew members are traveling back to Ames from all their adventures this summer to get back to our mission - saving the kiddos 🎗🍉 we can't wait for this amazing year as we continue to fight pediatric cancer💙 support our cause at loveyourmelon.com 💙 #loveyourmelon #loveyouradventures #summertravels #isulymcrew #jointhestory

Some beanie love in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee! 😎 #loveyouradventures

I spy a melon head in Granby, Colorado!! 🏔 #loveyouradventures

Spring break.. don't let go! How cute are our crew members in Jamaica?! 🌊🌴🙌🏼 #couplegoals #loveyouradventures
Don't forget we have a release today, check it out @ loveyourmelon.com! Don't forget to credit ISU❤️

@seanaperkins23 reppin LYM in Australia! #loveyouradventures

In honor of Iowa State being BIG 12 CHAMPS- one of our crew members brought along LYM down to Kansas City! #loveyouradventures

📍Oahu, HI
We get so comfortable with what we get to do, see and be apart of everyday. Sometimes we may forget to take the extra time to really take the precautions necessary or just to simply enjoy the view. Our hearts are heavy hearing about a friend passing because of a hiking accident. She was no beginner, someone who hiked on a regular basis and loved it at that. It could of been you, it could of been any of us. Sincerest condolences to her family, friends and the HPU ohana. The island will miss you Kaisha Chu. Heaven gained someone beautiful. 🙏🏽💚. •

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Thanks for the warm welcome #NYC 🌇 !!! #NYCC #MidnightTexas

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