Had A Great Day Hanging Out With My Mom At The Cafe And Other Cool Places Today. Love You Mom!❤️
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No recuerdo la ultima vez que reimos, comimos y conversamos tanto como anoche.. pero siempre es bueno vivir estos momentos juntitas .. #LoveyouMom 💖💖💖 🤗👭

Los días 24 de cada mes me traen un recuerdo triste. Un día como hoy hace 2 años estábamos en el velorio de mi amada madre (falleció el 23 de mayo del 2016) y hace 3 años y 7 meses falleció mi padre querido.

Puede que la herida no sea tan reciente, pero no termina de cerrar. El dolor es inmenso y lo único que queda es asimilar que ya no están con nosotros y aprender a vivir sin ellos.

Sé que hablo por mis hermanos y familiares al decir que el vacío que dejaron es enorme, pero estoy segura de que siguen vivos y siempre presentes en nuestras mentes y corazones.

Quisiera tenerlos a mi lado, abrazarlos, reirnos, divertirnos, disfrutar, llorar, todo lo que pudiésemos hacer juntos; pero agradezco a Dios porque los pude disfrutar el tiempo que me los prestó.

Es tan triste no poder seguir disfrutando de su presencia, es una lástima que Peyton no pudo conocer a sus abuelos, pero le enseñaré a amarlos tanto como lo hago yo. ¡Gracias por tanto! Los Amé, los Amo y los Amaré siempre. #LoveYouDad #LoveYouMom #IMissYouSoMuch 😢

Un #tbt muy reciente, mamá y hermana de visita 😎.
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Bye is the hardest #loveyoumom

Вот и наступил тот день,когда пришло время прощаться с детством-прозвенел последний звонок. Это очень грустно на самом деле. Хочется от души поблагодарить всех учителей за знания,которые они в нас вкладывали,но отдельно хотелось бы поблагодарить мою маму! Ты помогала и поддерживала меня на протяжении всех одиннадцати лет обучения. Были у нас с тобой ссоры и недопонимания,но я поняла лишь недавно,что этим самым ты хотела меня защитить и уберечь от возможных неприятностей. Спасибо тебе за все!❤️💋
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Happy birthday to the most wonderful, amazing woman I know. You are my rock and my inspiration. You are the true meaning of strength. I admire your courage and I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me. Thank you for being one of the biggest influencers in my life. You are the best mom ever! 😙😚😘😍😗 #happybirthdaymom #mom #momislife #becauseyouaresoamazing #LadyBayd #loveyoumom

Happy Mother's Day Mom! ❤️
Love you Mom!
Missing you everyday.
Take Care always.
You're the Real MVP!
Let's Go Celtics! ☘️

"Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all."
Thank you Mom for everything, for all the Love, the time, for raising us and the sacrifices you made for us.
I'm always thankful that I have you as my Mom!
Having you as my Mom make me feel like I'm the luckiest Man in the face of the Earth! 🌏
Seryoso yun. Walang biro.
Because I know how hard headed I may be at times that's why I said that.
As in, you can definitely make me say "Wala kayo sa Mommy ko!" with confidence kasi ibang klase talaga Mommy ko eh! 😊
Always remember that even though distance separates us. My Love for you will always be the same! 😊
Enjoy your Day with Dale in Los Angeles.
I'll see you soon! 🛫
I love and miss you always!
To us you will always be #TheRealMVP 👊🏻

Because her Birthday brings happiness to the whole house, even during difficult moments.
Happy Birthday Mom❤

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Gift for Mama💚 she picked her favorite Coach bags😍 I guess I have good taste😎


This guy belong to my mother, three years ago today she passed away. From North of the border to South of the border, coast to coast and abroad. Where I have gone he has gone. #MissYouMom #LoveYouMom

I straighten my crown when i realize whose daughter i'm🤗 #mymommy#momlife#loveyoumom

#throwbackthursday to our Florida trip 🌞 just almost a month ago. In the past we didn’t take many pictures together, so this trip we wanted to change that. Some aren’t pictured but thats when we would say this isn’t for social media this is for the memories!! As when you lose a family member you realize how important it is. I didn’t make a post on mothers day for my mom because well I was busy spending time with her and my sister seeing “Life is a party” and eating red robin then I had to rush to work. So this throw back is dedicated to her. She is the strongest woman/ person I have ever known. With all that she has been through she still holds us together. I cant even put into words how lucky we are to have her as a mother. We were fortunate enough that growing up my dad was the bread winner so she could be at every dance recital cheer competition field trips everything. Fast forward to today she has to work and she still makes sure sarah and I are okay above all else. The strength she carries after my dad left us is remarkable and something to look up to. I love you more than I could ever express and thank you for making me the woman I am today❤️ @deborahpoucher .
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