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I Surprised my MOM with her dream car! New video is up on my YouTube Channel!!!
#ChrisFix #DreamCar #Loveyoumom

Extremely tough day, but thankful for all my family friends who showed their love and respect. Appreciate you guys. 🙏🏼 #LoveYouMom #MissYou #TeAmo

Once upon a time, not long ago I was a ΔΓ #loveyoumom

There was nothing better than running into my mom's arms after what has felt the longest time after Hurricane María. ❤Happy Birthday to this amazing woman.🎉 I thank God for you everyday & how lucky I am to have an amazing role model. Te amo mami! #boricuas #happybirthday #loveyoumom

It's that heart of gold and stardust soul that makes @crabinstinct so so beautiful 💕

Look to the skies
My darling
For that
Is where I️ will always be.
For day 3 of #ThanksYoGiving we have a twist pose with prayers hands. Today’s gratitude entry is pretty personal for me. Today I am grateful for the 24 years I was able to spend with my mom and all the things she taught me in those years. In August of 2014 after suffering with depression for 24 years, my mom died by suicide and my whole life collapsed. My mom’s death taught me a lot about thankfulness though. I am so thankful that I got 24 years with her. Many of those years were not the best because we fought a lot, and it was no where near enough, but it is what I got. I am thankful that the last thing I did was hug her and tell her I loved her. I am thankful for the lessons she taught me on being humble, believing in God and trusting him, spreading love, practicing patience, and practicing selflessness. Finally, I am thankful for each and every sunset because it is in those sunsets that I know that she is watching over me and at peace. Today also happens to be #internationalsurvivorsofsuicidelossday so it just felt right to share this personal post for this day. I hope that if any of you have suffered similar loss or if you are suffering with depression, you can know that you are not alone and there is a community of people that loves and supports you. I am always available to lend and ear. Spread love everyone because that is all that matters! 🙏🏻
🍁 Your grateful hosts 🍁
❤️ Your Gracious Sponsors ❤️
For those who like to be prepared:
- Standing pose with prayer hands 🙏🏻
- Folding pose with prayer hands 🙏🏻
- Twist with prayer hands 🙏🏻
- Inversion with prayer hands
- Balancing with prayer hands
- Backbend with prayer hands
- Hip opener with prayer hands
- Meditative pose with prayer hands .
#suicidelosssurvivor #loveyoumom #prayertwist #igyogacommunity #yogaformentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawareness #yogaforthemind #yogaforacause

Tea&Champagne time w/ my fav. #loveyoumom

"मैं रात भर जन्नत की सैर करता रहा दोस्तों, सुबह जब नींद खुलीं तो सर माँ के पैरो पे था.."
#maa #mother #mom #loveyoumom


Hearing stories about you makes me happy because it feels like ur still hear 😏❤ I hear you were a Loca and I get it from you 😊❤😂 especially how I'm a fighter like you ❤I'll rep for you 😈🔵 I ain't ashamed of you because ur my Queen and I love you so much R.I.P My Loca I miss you 😘💘 #MyQueen #MyChola #missingyou #loveyoumom

#loveyoumom 😘😍
Makasih udh nggedein aku...

Cuma minta supaya diberi sehat,umur panjang. The best mom in the world. #LoveYouMom

Feliz Cumpleaños a la mamá mas linda del mundo!!!que decirte que ya no sepas...te amo con todo mi corazón y aunque seamos muy distintas se que siempre nos tenemos la una a la otra...te deseo lo mejor del mundo y del universo y que seas siempre inmensamente feliz...gracias por estar conmigo desde el minuto cero, en la felicidad, la tristeza, la angustia, las risas, las buenas y malas desiciones, la salud y el cancer jaja te amo ma💗 me gustaria pasarlo con vos, y organizarte predecibles cumpleaños sorpresa como siempre...pero aunque este lejos en sentimiento y corazón estoy con vos...te amo hasta el infinito punto rojo!y siempre va a ser asi...que pases un bello día y todos tus deseos se cumplan...🎉🎉🎂🎂 #happybirthday #mom #lovemymom #momsbirthday #lovemymom #loveu #loveyou #loveyoumom

Happy birthday to my momma I love you so much she is my everything 🎁😁🎉🎊🎂#happybirthday #loveyoumom #yourthebest

you will never know and realized how it's feel like and appreciated what you have now until taken from your life...🙏 😭
we all have different journey. Different paths along the way. we are all meant to learn some things But never meant to stay ....
throw back ... a year ago on 18 november 2016 still in my mind ...when my heart already saying that's your time to go and have to wilingly then surender to God surely loved this is the best for my beloved big brother Andre Frankie 🙏🙏🙏
can't stop my tears😢😢 remembering you and all of the memories your kindness joy and happiness you brought to our family...you are the greatest brother i ever had.
i miss your everything.... miss your spirit your voice your laugh your smile your smell your hug.
to my beloved brother Andre Frankie Wagiman
to my beloved mother Hetty Roosje Pieter Supit
to my beloved father Frankie Supit Wagiman
beautiful soul spirit lives on forever eternity and all the memories will light on my heart everywhere i go.
rest in peace till we meet in heaven and united again ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
#loss #restinpeace #mytears #destiny #surrendertogod #godlovesyou #familyloss #eternity #spirit #memories #journey #lifestory #cantturnbacktime #appreciated #missyou #loveyoubrother #loveyoumom #loveyoudad #family

Look at me begging for my mom's food... come on hooman, give me food!! #comeonmom #gimmepeoplefoodplease #imhungry #idontwantdogfood #youtellpeopleimyourbaby #yum #gimmesome #loveyoumom #prettyplease

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