“Omgaan met verandering.” Het zijn woorden die we best vaak horen. Als kind vond ik het een van de moeilijkste dingen. Ik wilde vasthouden aan hoe iets al was. Een situatie. Mensen. Misschien niet zo zeer omdat het goed voelde - het was vertrouwd. En vertrouwd is veilig. En daarmee goed. Zo dacht ik. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Tijdens mijn burn-out leerde ik anders kijken naar ‘verandering’. Als iets wat er altijd is. Altijd zal zijn. Nooit blijft iets hetzelfde. Verandering is de enige zekerheid. De enige constante. Ieder moment is anders. Iedere dag. Gelukkig maar. Het liet me inzien dat vooruit leven weinig zin heeft. Loslaten in plaats van verzetten. Durf je mee te laten nemen op de stroom van verandering naar alles wat nu is. Vandaag. Op dit moment. Op ieder moment. Het geeft ruimte om te ademen. Te kijken. Te luisteren. Te voelen♥️🍂✨
📷by me
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No rain, no flowers. Without the bad days, you cannot grow. Just like flowers, we need rainy days to grow. Sure, rainy days are rough, long and at times feel like they will never end but once you get through the storm, its your time to bloom.

Our latest design available in grey marle and white is all about embracing life and realising that its not all peachy 100% of the time, and you know what, thats A-OK cause we all eventually make it out the other side, stronger, wiser and ready to kick life's ass.

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Feeling so very thankful for the life I worked my ass off to get. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m damn happy I’m not where I use to be. I Had the roughest childhood, I was destined to be a mess I swear I was one of the baddest little chicks out there lol, and I raised myself pretty much. But today, I got honoured with a traditional skirt, an Indian name and got complimented on who I am.. made me reflect on the short 25 years I’ve been living. How crazy my life has been and how calm and amazing it is now. I’m a young mom, with FIVE kids.. it’s insane lol and hard to believe for most people.. but this is my life, I love it, I cherish it and I work hard to not be my worst enemy. Most days are tough, I struggle a lot with my own emotions, it’s so easy to give up. But pushin through all the bullshit is the most rewarding feeling. My names Angel Jackson, and I’m pretty fucking proud of who I am❤️ #sorryforthis #loveyoself #iloveme #cheesyAF

Fewer doubts💛Younger spirit💛Greater purpose💛 #loveyoself #embraceit #bestlife

how you do anything is how you do everything

Bicep flex 💪🏼 Upperbody is so sore from yesterday's lift, but that's when ya know you put in work 💯

I need some color in my life right now. This weather..it’s brutal. It’s so cold all the time, everything is dead or dying and losing the rich greens and browns, the sun ☀️ is hiding most of the time and so are my emotions. It’s hard to get up and eat when there’s nothing there. When conversations are a background noise and you want to curl in and shut down..
But the future is what keeps me going👊🏻 It’s my motivation. I know it’s not going to stay cold. I KNOW the colors will come back and I know change is inevitable, and the harder I resist is only going to make it worse. So instead I’ll embrace it. (Not the cold cause fuck the cold) but I’ll embrace where my mindset is going and I’ll be easier on myself. Mentally. Physically I’m still kicking ass at the gym 😏💪🏻😈 focus on your goals/the future! Get yourself through your hard times! WE GOT THIS🖤✨🙌🏻
(The gym was also jam PACKED tonight so that was an added little life tester 😂🤪)
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#truth ❤️❤️❤️

#INTOTHEDEPTHS Today's Prompt Is: What were the most common emotions you experienced during childhood? What did those emotions FEEL like in your body? What was your behavioral response? Would you HIDE, YELL, MANIPULATE, ATTEMPT TO CONTROL YOUR OUTCOME? When we get clear on what experiences created our emotional homeostasis, we can begin the work required to see how these emotional patterns are currently influencing your present behavior and decision-making.​​​​​​ Dominant emotions: Guilt. Dread. Fear.
Behavioral response: Hide. Deflect. Distract.

I recently made a decision (during my #DEEP cert with my uh-mazing #certsisters and #btribe, about 3 wks before this challenge - amazing how the universe DOES that!) that I was going to overcome my fear of vulnerability.

For me it's very easy to say that I'm a strong independent woman who don't need nobody. I'm a lone wolf. I'm like Grace Kelly. I'm calm, cool, untouchable. Everything is fine. I'm fine. I minimize my feelings, I convince myself that I don't care, because when I DO feel and care, it hurts.

It hurts.

So I hide. I don't trust. I avoid conflict at all costs so that my true self stays hidden. I keep things light and funny and make a joke before it goes deep.

But, dude, that is SO FUCKING LONELY.
Time to stop hiding. I want to stop being afraid of being seen. Even if you don't like what you saw, at least I showed you, and I liked it.

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@chelscountsalot and I went to our first workshop this past weekend with @nolatrees and it was such an incredible experience. I’ve only worked on headstands with a wall, and would kick myself up. Ya know those expectations we give ourselves? Ya I had a few going into that workshop, I didn’t quite excel as much as I EXPECTED too, got a few lifts, couple inches, but not completely. Yet, I left with so much more than getting into a posture. I gained knowledge🧠 and goodies for my toolbox and left feeling proud & accomplished. -
My Niece wanted to do somersaults tonight, I’d help her hold her legs up and flip on over. She kept wanting to do them and “handstands” again and again. -
I got home tonight and was so drawn to my mat. I simply planned on stretching and flowing however my body wanted. Thought I’d practice some of the techniques we learned. I was surprised and grateful I was actually able to hold my headstand (accompanied by some falls 😅) 💗
I will continuously remind myself it’s the process of learning a posture, not the posture itself. 🌸
- -
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A knight fairy in shining glitter 🧚🏻‍♀️
Photo taken by: @rissadurham
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Last night all our kids were home. ❤️ It’s been way too long since we ate dinner as a family. My heart was so happy. I really don’t have words for it. When we were in the midst of raising all of them at once, you just do all the things you have to do and forget to really take it in. To look at them and realize how blessed we are. As a mom, I get so caught up in just doing the next thing. The season has changed so much for Matt and I. Our kids are growing up so fast. We now have a granddaughter sitting at our table too❤️
Swipe for a picture of dinner last night. Little crowded. .
Also, Preston can never take a normal picture 🙄 Ava was so sick this day too. Poor thing. .
#behappy❤️ #beautyover40
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"There is a shade of red for every woman." - Audrey Hepburn
💋TRUTH AF Audrey...Truth AF💄

Tag your gal who needs to hear this!

Anxiety is constantly tapping me on the shoulder and I’ve been working hard at kindly thanking it for showing up, but to take a hike. I love this graphic from @positivelypresent with its great ideas to manage anxiety!
Also, if you need some #therapythoughts to manage anxiety, follow my homie @mindfulcounseling for amazing resources. She is probably the coolest therapist you’ll ever meet.
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