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Flowing with my yoga sis in our beautiful matching outfits from @aloyoga

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**GIVEAWAY ALERT** - this one is for you Yoga teachers out there only (please make yourself known!) ❤️🙏
Here’s to our teachers. And to the teachers of our teachers.
Yoga has always been passed down through generations by teachers to their students. To learn through the teachings and experience of others, is at the core of Yoga practice.
So, a heartfelt thank you to all you Yoga teachers out there. Thank you for teaching with good intention and love.
This giveaway is for you teachers. On this occasion, it’s not because of a special day or because we’ve reached any milestones, it’s just a little thank you from us for the good work that you do.
So, if you are a qualified and currently active Yoga teacher, please make yourself known in the comments below, and one of you will receive a Liforme mat as a thank you from all of us here at Liforme!
Sending love and respect to @samseesworld pictured here 🙏❤️
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My shoulders and delts are so sore from the burpees, push ups, and clean and press in the gym I was struggling to function today. (Check out my previous video: Arms workout #foxyroxyfitness.) Here's one pose that I teach in most of my classes- Chicken Pose! There are 2 ways to do it: squatting or sitting down.
1. Squatting helps open the hips as well. When you get elbows in one by one, lift chest, and start to push knees out with your elbows.
2. Sitting down has gotta be my favorite; the stretch is intense yet so good at the same time. Start with feet wide and flat as you work on getting elbows in. Intensify the stretch in your delts by squeezing your knees in, and reduce the gap in between your elbows.
Hold for as long as you can.
Ps. I've been doing this since yesterday 😹
#foxyroxyyoga #yogastretch #stretch

Day 1 of @wanderlustfest Squaw Valley is about to kick off! I love this festival because it is all about creating connection and community with other like minded people 👌
Speaking of connection and community, I'm always grateful be in the presence of this Maha yogi, @mathieuboldronyoga. Thank you kind sir, for sharing your wisdom, making me laugh, and for holding me up in this Acro jam session we had going on 😜🙌🙏
Wearing @aloyoga with 🐼 @actionhiro behind the 📸
#yoga #acroyoga

I was asked what keeps me practicing after all these years. The question almost surprised me because at this point I never even thought about an option not to practice. That's the thing. There is no longer a choice. You go from taking a seemingly difficult task, maybe practicing 6 days a week, and you do it until it becomes a habit so hardwired into your being that there is no longer an option not to do it. It doesn't take any amount of skill or talent. It's persistence. Nothing more nothing less. If in the beginning this is hard for you, give yourself a reason to do, and then never forget that damn reason.

What a pic 😲 amazing goal ❤️ what do you think?. This is an original way to impress us 😉

#Sacredgeometry #ParivrittaTrikonasana ..Slow centered practice ... Teaching #YogaWorkshop .. #AshtangaPrimaryseries .. 28th 29th and 30th July .. fri/ sat /sun evening ..
6 -7.30pm ....
Studio Temperance ,
Bandra West ..
Few spots left .. Bookings - iconic.yoga@gmail.com
Beginner friendly ... We will go through the postures in the series with correct alignment on fri and sat ... and Sunday will be a complete lead practice of what we have learnt on fri and sat ..
#revolvedtrianglepose #spinetwist #seeyouonthemat #heartofawarriorprincess ! ❤️

A beautiful flow for the experienced yogi by @riva_g_ . If you are still not comfortable with headstand, opt for a deep stretch instead.
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⛰🌄🌊🌞 байгаль дэлхийгээ хайрлая 💚 #loveyoga


Today is day 7 and I am so happy. The people are amazing. The practice is amazing. I'm just loving life. Here's to being happy! 🥂 #liveyourbestlife #behappy #lordofthedancerspose #dancer #dancerspose #myyoga #myyogapractice #yogi #Strålayoga #strålasummer17 #stralasummer17 #loveyoga #starsbody

Mi secuencia de #yoga de hoy a sido muy activa, el tiempo es el único sabio para poder ver las mejoras #loveyoga, #yoga, #yogadaily, #yogalove, #gabriyoga

Good morning love bugs 🌞
I woke up this morning, super tired, I have a full day ahead of me with so much to do. But I decided to do some yoga before I get started, now I feel awake and energized 🐛🦋

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"Perdonar a otros es liberarse a uno mismo" ✨Deja de buscar mil y un motivos para ser infeliz. Observa a tu alrededor las cosas que tienes, valóralas, y piensa en las razones por las que deberías de ser ¡muy feliz!!!
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Friday - 9am #morningyoga with Yoav, 5pm #sunsetyoga with Jessica, #organicteahouse is open 7:30am-1:30pm 💙

Flow. Balance. Fly.🐦

#Repost @sigismondiphotography (@get_repost)
#tbt to 3 months ago in Goa shooting with @simonsynergy for @ohmmeapparel
There are yoga teachers... and there is Simon Borg-Olivier.
I shot with him a couple of times and every time I've been amazed by how much knowledge he has.
I wish I would have the time and the opportunity to study with him in the future.
Now that I am doing a lot of other movements besides asanas (weight lifting, swimming, running ecc), probably his general approach to yoga will be the healthiest and most reasonable thing to do to my body, in order to keep some flexibility and not becoming just strong but stiff.
Check him out! He's the real deal.

Day 6 of #GameofPoses with #heropose for Jon Snow 😍😍😍🙈. I am leaning on the tops of my feet, lifting my knees, but I am not sure if that's a variation with a name 🤔. "I want to fight for the side that fights for the living" ~ Jon Snow. What can I say we all love this guy right? And his just to good looking for his own good 🙄 ah Jon 😍💕💕🙈😂✨✨✨✨_____The long night is coming, and yoga comes with it. Join Lady @steph_piit28 and Wildling @colleen_theyogi for #GameOfPoses 🐲👑🍷 14 fun filled days of yoga poses inspired by one of the best shows EVER
We start in a fortnight, hope to see you on your mat. "Fear cuts deeper than swords"

Hosts 👑
Sponsors 🐲
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Традиционное йога-фото в путешествиях. Так дольше живут эмоции, связанные с ними. А в Азии вообще особые ощущения от практики: особая энергетика, связь с окружением, мысли, осознанность, вдохновение... Йога здесь совершенно естественна... 🕉 #мояйога #йогавезде #loveyoga

In support of my non-bendy body and my beautiful yoga sister @yogi.megs I've accepted the challenge! It started yesterday so today I'll be playing catch-up along with the other 7 challenges I'm in 😳😬🙏🏾🤸🏾‍♂️ @mikhala_fitness_yoga you owe my one! You joining in 😁
#Repost from @pigeatsfish. Announcing #ExhaleAndFold running on 20/7 -1/8 🙌🙌🙌 Wouldn't summer be the best time for folds?
Join us for 13 days of total melt down into the folds😍 All levels are welcomed as we explore different types of folds and their classic and funky variations😜For Day 13, we want you to show us YOUR CHOICE of pose 😉
To participate and be eligible for one of the amazing prizes from our sponsors- .
1. Follow and tag all hosts: 
2. Follow and tag our amazing sponsors: @Aloyoga @premayoga_boutique @bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories
3. Repost this poster along with hashtag #ExhaleAndFold and tag 3 friends to help us spread the word 🙏
Be sure your profile is set to public, post daily, and tag all hosts! .
Daily lineup: 
1. Rag doll
2. Utthita hasta padangustasana C
3. Pyramid pose
4. Downward Dog
5. Standing wide legged forward fold
6. Folded garland pose
7. Crow pose
8. Boat pose 
9. Revolved paschimottanasana
10. Transversal split (parivrtta janu sirsasana)
11. Halasana
12. Reclined paschimottanasana
13. Yogis choice
Can't wait to fold with you! 🙌
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