I still have that thing from when I fell in love with you. #lovewhereyouleastexpectit #goodluck #heartsinnature

Found a stone with a heart #loveconquers #lovewhereyouleastexpectit

It all started 9 years ago today. Euan road across a desert to my house on a horse with no name. What started on a whim became our great love story. It has been full of laughter, full of tears, full of late night talks, full of hurdles, but most importantly full of love. When we held hands years ago to walk to happy hour I still get those energy vibes today when he grabs for my hand. We have created a life full of all we envisioned. Happy 9 my love 😍 #clanmacleodlanai #9lives #heismyduke #lovewhereyouleastexpectit

"Where are you , I'm coming to say goodbye ?" ~ "I'm at platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross " ... come find me ... ❤️#romance #trainsareromantic #seeyousoon #goingupnorth #kissgoodbye #lovewhereyouleastexpectit #london #prince #harrypotter #platform9¾ #leeds #yorkshire #family #christmas

I attended a 5.5 hour workshop on kitchen tiling and grouting yesterday. It was led by @bostonbuildingresources and held at #SpontaneousCelebrations, a rundown community building in JP. This place serves as an art and education center for the JP community. They were holding children's dance recitals in the main hall as we were in the kitchen learning and working. I took a mini break and couldn't help noticing this piece from the ladies room. The place has touched me in a special way.

Sometimes, our eyes fail to recognize beauty when it sees flaws. The critical mind often judges before it understands. And the details vary by those who define it.

As I walked by this piece, I sensed peace, love, hope, and community. The meaning behind is much more than what you see on surface. And those imperfections need to be there sometimes, to help us recognize and appreciate it for what it is.. beautiful in its own way.


#BeautyInImperfection #CommunityBuilding #LoveWhereYouLeastExpectIt #JamaicaPlain

Real love, this is how it happens..when ur not looking and least expect it and for the most bizarre reasons!! #lovehappens #heartsopen #lovewhereyouleastexpectit #real #truth

Reposting one of my first here, a heart found in the middle of the forrest some years ago #lovewhereyouleastexpectit Happy Valentine's day everybody 😃

I love finding unexpected signs that the universe loves you #breakfastsurprise #lovewhereyouleastexpectit

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