It has been really hard for me to share my journey, and to be raw. To share my videos and my daily workout routine. It has not come easy, but I feel that my journey deserves to be shared and it has helped me in accomplishing my goal, being vulnerable is never easy but it has kept me accountable. .
Are you wondering what workouts Im doing? Are you interested in joining my team? If so, message me. I may be able to help, and btw there are no strings attached. .
If you are interested drop a 🙋🏽‍♀️

Candles to set the mood, anyone? Our Demon candles have progressed quite a bit. Swipe to see them painted and lit. Eventually they will even flicker. We are having a blast creating this set for Demon. Thanks so much to @ptdepoo for giving us some amazing things to work with. •

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Happy first day of summer ☀️
Enjoy these beautiful summertime blends!

❀ my yoga why ❀
on my first day of teacher training, I was asked about my ‘yoga why’. & I answered “to find my light again”... at that moment in my life, I felt vulnerable and defenseless towards dark energies. I was in great pain dealing with many hardships, goodbyes, & deaths.
today is #internationalyogaday & the #summersolstice! so this morning, I set aside some time to reflect on my yoga journey & I am filled with immense gratitude.
it’s been 365 days since I embarked on this journey & shared my intention with my YTT family. I am happy (+ proud) to say that in the course of the year, I was able to authentically rediscover myself. .
✨I was reminded that my existence proves the existence of life + energy✨
Yoga has given me the tools to become more present, resilient & intentional. Yoga has given me friendships that I hold near and dear to my heart. & most importantly, Yoga has given me the strength to express my own divinity by being alive + by loving myself and others.
and for that, I am forever grateful 💛
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Thinking about how fun it would be to do another mural!! Any fresh walls needing some love and color? This was for @theboysandgirlsclubs last year 🤗😊#muralist #art #sandiegoart #colorfulwalls #sandiegoartist #graphicartist #lovewhatyoudo

Those San Diego sunsets.... 🌅😍
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Daily inspiration ✨

Just be you!
If you are different be different!
The one who follows the crowd will never ne able to think outside the box.
The one who dares to follow his dreams knows there is no box! He is the one who experiences pure freedom!
Go beyond your imagination!

Be different, be you, every one else is allready taken.
#followyourdreams #bedifferent
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GUYS. Check out these veggies😍😍😍 if i could have bought a little bit of everything yesterday I would have, but it was 730am and i was going to work so I had to refrain😔
I just wanted to share a little something because a friend reached out to me yesterday and said I had influenced him to follow his passion and it made me so happy!! I hope I can do the same for others because life is all about creating happiness for yourself by doing the things you love!
I’m coming up on 1 year at work and I’ll be honest, I hated it at first! I missed soccer, I missed my friends, and I missed the lifestyle of being a student. I thought being an “adult” would be fun, I would be making money and could go on vacations and just live my life! I was totally wrong. Yes I make a steady income, but I also have so many expenses. Stuff I didn’t even think about while I was in school! So, it took me a while to adjust and I’m still figuring it out but this page has helped me grow so much. It’s helped me realize my passion for learning and understanding the benefits of foods, for baking in a way I never even thought of before, and for helping others reach their fitness goals! So thank you for following along and keeping me motivated, and if you’re reading this thinking you don’t have a passion...you do! You just have to figure out what it is that makes you want to get up and start your day😊

Just 2 yogi's braving the big business of digital marketing at The Nottingham Digital Summit @Nottmplayhouse
My core passion lies with being an authentic yoga teacher & to offering a genuine health & wellness experience to those who seek it. Nothing makes me happier! However, self-employed life often requires taking on many roles that I'm less passionate about; from accounts, to marketing and sales. I left corporate life to get away from all of that malarkey, but there's no escaping it, so might as well get stuck in aye! 🙈😉
Looking forward to getting back onto my beloved mat for hot yoga tonight!
Thanks to my good friend @d.o.yoga for sharing a lovely day of brain frazzling together! 🙈👌#clueless #givemeyogaanyday #Nottmdigital #nottingham #digital #summit #amateurs #yoga #teachers #godigital #marketing #business #selfemployed #survival #passion #multirole #summer #playhouse #theatre #always #learning #outofcomfortzone #skylamp #tree #pose #yogaanywhere #yogawithfiona #lovewhatyoudo @nottmdigital @nottmplayhouse

Happy International Day of Yoga!
I don't have any photos of me doing Kundalini Yoga, only meditating, so this one of me doing aerial yoga will have to do. 🙂 So celebrate & do some yoga today, no matter what kind!

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Promo video for Startbites "OUR COCKTAIL"
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When you got film but don’t know what all you’ll need 😂

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