Partial hightlight/trim/blowout/style by me 😘 No matter how exhausted I am or how many times I question whether I made the right choice, my clients always find a way to remind me that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I learn something new from each person I meet. Lindsey was definitely a talker and we learned so much about each other last night. This beautiful soul is going to be so great in the music/marketing industry. #denverstylist #hairstylist #stylistintraining #highlights #foils #blowout #blonde #curlyhair #lovewhatido💋 #pmts #pmtsdenver #paulmitchelldenver #paulmitchell

Never stop yourself for new goals & targets!

I am so happy that injured ligament and tendon of the legs are getting better and almost 100% recovered. So now my " front split" goals are:
1. to start on the "minus split" for my more flex/stretched leg and,
2. To get into the split for another leg, which are less flexible.

Thanks to my lovelies Flexibility & Stretching Goddess @vlada_polefitdubai & @lyapunova_anna 😘😘😘

Guys & Girls don’t forget to Go Naked Tomorrow!!! Only from the neck up lol 😂 For Every Makeup Free Selfie 🤳 $1.00 will go towards Prescription For Change Foundation!! Just make sure you put #RFGONAKED.
Challenge your friends and family to do the same 🙌🏼 The more people we get to take there makeup free selfie the more money we raise 🤑 Tag me in your post because I will be doing a giveaway myself.
The Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation funds organizations that provide young people with life-changing educational and leadership programs in the United States, Canada and Australia.
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06/22/18 #BiLingual👅 Issa new song #issasingle #stayready dropping on ALL streaming services! 😏 what does it all mean?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Find Out this Friday 🧐 #atl #suspense #followme #share #lovewhatido💋 📸 @milliondollarmotley shwag brought to u by my pops!!! 💃🏽🕺🏽

French sns dipping powder for my client today 💕#lovewhatido💋

My mother loved her glitter cut crease 🦄✨💜 lol she took so many selfie 🤳 and sent them to me🤗☺️ #AllureYvonne #LashStylist #MUA #LoveWhatIDo💋 #AndroidCameras 👎🏾 #SheNeedsAnIphone

Dimensional balayage 😍😇

Accepting clients at La Naturelle 🌿
Click the link in bio to request an appointment 💆🏼‍♀️💫

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Good morning... 🌻

When I was a swimmer that I hated to swim the butterfly. Especially, when we had sets like 10*200m, 10*100m and 10*50m butterfly.
But I am so happy that I still have enough strength and power to swim this style. Believe me that my shoulders, back and arms are so sore from the pole dance.

P.S. как говориться Мастерство не пропьёшь 😉 Ну, а если серьезно, то меня радует, что годы тренировок не прошли даром и тело помнит всё 💪🏊

Couldn’t have had a more gorgeous face to have worked on 😉

Product description @beccacosmetics aqua luminous foundation, soft blurring powder, highlighter opal @downundercosmetix eye colours didgeridoo and meat pie @toofaced semi sweet chocolate bar palette @eles lip colour true red @bookibrow eye palette

Need help with visual merchandising a fashion or gift store I'm your gal. South or North locations. This includes stands shelving or tables. Affordable hourly rate just privately inbox me or email linda@styleluscious.com.au thanks. On a short break atm having a fun day. Happy afternoon 😊👓☕ps Here I'm wearing lovely chic Hermosa Cocos Boutique Australia ear rings. Hair my gorge hairdresser Angela 😊😚

Sunkissed 🌞

Accepting clients at La Naturelle🌿
Click the link in bio to request an appointment 💆🏼‍♀️💫

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There is a simple formula here. The thing you have = the thing you give to others.
When you buy an ice cream, you can give a share of it to the person sitting next to you. You can't give them a flower because all you have is an ice cream!
Same thing applies here. You won't pass on the things you don't have because you just can't.
And so, to make somebody else feel secure, you need to be secure first.
And those who made you feel bad about who you are or are still doing it, it is probably how they feel about themselves. The problem is within them and not You.
I feel Nobody should feel bad for being themselves on the basis of how somebody sees you. It's not you. It's simply them!❤ #donttakeittotheheart

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