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I am so proud of my body for being able to work! I know it’s not just a simple given that we spoonies are always able too. This week was rough! Oh yes I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve pushed my limits too far. Tears, extra pain meds and made myself a resting spot while my students were playing / doing activities during afternoon daycare. I even got some questions and tips from them, so adorable! So this shows how, even on those days I actually want to stop/quit/give in, I’m still able to work! 🙈💪🏼🤣 #fatigue #awareness #crohnsdisease #colostomy #spoonie #crohns #crohnie #lovetowork #lovemyjob

Saving lives one day at a spine ;) #epilepsyawareness#neuronurse#lovetowork

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