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Rock heavy with yourself. Still Happy New Year's to you all. Make this year and every year after it YOURS! It's mine and no one is going to tell me different. Fight for yours. #seeingthestars #stardust # #lovethyself365

Sometimes we make allowances for people who are so toxic in our lives, because we have become so accustom to the bad behavior. What you tolerate will remain the same. All forms of relationships should honor and respect both parties without hurting or disrespecting the other person.
If you find yourself repeating or telling someone how to treat you consistently, they don’t respect you or see the wrong in their actions.
Become strong and break free from the cycle of manipulation and abuse. Honor yourself by loving yourself enough to desire respect.
#thursdaydish #relationshipgoals #RespectLife #worth #couples #men #women #growth #lovethyself365 #actions #change

In 2017, I was called:
A Fraud & Inspirational
A Liar & Powerful “I’ll die soon” & “You give me life”
I “Let myself go” & “I learn how to let go, because of you”
Inappropriate & a Positive Force
Yet, I did what I wanted and existed in my fat body while reminding unapologetic to all the haters. So if you thought I was going to change my ways in 2018, clearly we haven’t met. ‭ You're entitled to love yourself. All of us, without compromising. The belief that one should love themselves once they achieve certain attributes is invalid . You deserve this space, so take it. I know, because I told you so.
#lovethyself365 #bestnine2017

May the holidays bring you jiggle, joy, justification that you are allowed love your body in its current state. Remain unapologetic at your holiday gatherings. You deserve this space, so take it. #lovethyself365 #fatandfree #thesecurves #torridinsider #fatandfreehightea #camelliatearoom

Know thyself.#lovethyself365

We are in the middle of our final series for 2017, featuring the bellies and tummies of #FatWomenOfColor. As we redefine the narrative, we reclaim our bodies and release the social judgment and stigma around them by honoring the uniqueness that each body has. Interested in being featured? Use our hash tag on your favorite belly picture!
Repost from @lovethyself365 - I sacrificed my body for you to be comfortable in my fat existence. My weight, my hair, my gender, my skin, even what I wore were all sacrificed so that you can feel better about seeing me as a human. In the end, it got me nowhere. The hiding, the pleading, the pleasing was all for nothing. Downgrading my worth and accepting the scraps I was given. All of it, for nothing. You couldn't see past it; what makes me special, what makes me unique, what makes me magical. I was only fat. Fat you wanted to hide or simply make disappear, because it's displeasing to YOUR eye. And so, I fell into the trap. Believing your hate, your blatant distaste of me because...I'm FAT. So I tried a different route and stopped caring what YOU think. Stop being concerned of YOUR space. Stopped comparing myself to others because their shape had better 'curves'. Stopped thinking I'm worthless. Stopped perpetuating a system step up for my to lose if I don't "lose". That's how I became free. #FreedomFrom the negativity that binds me into thinking I'm not allowed to take up space. Free from self-hate, free from self-doubt. Free from caring how you see me or want to see me. I can go anywhere. I can do anything. I'm free. And it's the best present I ever gave to myself: the power of believing in myself. What's your "Freedom From" story? #lovethyself365 #elomilingerie #iamsocietyplus
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