Before and after of my corrective color today! #matrix #lightmastermatrix #ombrehair #lovethyhair #nofilter

@functionofbeauty thank you for your fabulous product and customer service! 🙌🏻 #lovethyhair #personalizedhaircare #madeforme #getyousome

My April box has arrived and I can’t wait to try them all 😁. Inside this box I got products from @palmersuk @loverownaturals and @activilongparis. All this was just £20. @treasuretress is a monthly subscription box company for natural hair providing you with the best for your hair each month and helping you to save some coins 🙌🏾💕. Use my code DEPASSIONS for 10% off your first box (subscribe by the 3rd of the month) Enjoy!!🌺😊

“No Heat” Challenge Anyone?

1 year transition results!

I eventually cut off the heat damaged ends. Wore protective styles for an entire year, only using heat ONE TIME in 12 months. Of course, I use SGC Essential Oil as a key part of my hair care routine!

On the days that are ugly, long, and tiring I make sure to keep all my happy and sunny pictures on hand to look back and remember how temporary time is. Sure today wasn’t ideal for me. It was pouring and cold, had a long drive to work (which I was already late for) and Starbucks fucked up my order for the billionth time. BUT it’s ok folks because I’m still sexy and smiling and in the words of the great Annie “ The sun will come out tomorrow” 😉

GREATNESS!!! IF you wasn't born with it? please go and get some!!🙌 Greatness flows through my vein!! Blessings showering like a flood!!
A year ago I can say I wasn't the best at it!
A year later I can say the best comes from the worst!!😂 NEVER GIVE UP!! I've kick down the fences and the barriers
I'm a combination of a Phoenix and a eagle  in-one
I was born with a super unique vision and i refuse to die (give in)

IF you cut me now, you probably think I'll lose my strength
But I only bleed momentum
You cut me a second time
I only bleed endurance
Make hay while the ☀ shines
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The chop ✂️

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