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it's Monday and I get this question a lot, so here's the explanation I give regarding how I stay motivated: when you make a promise to a friend/significant other (favor, plans, keep a secret etc) I bet you do everything in your power to keep it, cause if you break it, you will a) hurt them and b) feel terribly. We hold our loved ones to such high standards (as we should) but why don't we do the same for ourselves? If you're tired of constantly promising yourself this will be the week you hit the gym/eat healthy but then you don't follow through... don't betray yourself once again!! You wouldn't perpetually let down a loved one, and I'd hope you wouldn't allow someone you love do the same to you. Disappointment is just as saddening when it comes from ourselves as it does others, and if you don't want to experience it, don't provide yourself a reason to. It's that simple. Take it from me- I hadn't been the best friend to myself prior to 2017. But it's never too late to change the course, to begin anew. You are the one person you're stuck with for life, so when you make a promise, don't let yourself down. Make yourself proud. 💗 #mondaymotivation

Posting these pictures today was anything but easy. Feeling vulnerable or putting so much of myself out there is definitely not my thing. But this is real. This was my reality two weeks after giving birth to my son. (It took me two whole weeks to actually look at myself in the mirror.) I had a crappy pregnancy... I lost weight in the beginning from nausea to developing some serious edema, as well as tachycardia (my heart rate would jump up to 150 just walking around the mall) and towards the end my thyroid levels started to drop. Pregnancy wasn't a walk in the park for me to say the least. Through all this I couldn't find it in me to stick to a diet like I should have, unfortunately gaining 80lbs was the result. I have killed myself trying to loose weight and feel acceptable again. But I can't say I have been doing it all for the right reasons... So back to the self love talk..... for some self love might come easy, and for others maybe not so much. As for me, I am my own worst cretic. It seems as the years pass loving myself and my body just becomes harder and harder to do. In today's world almost everyone has some form of social media account. Even my own mother has learned how to operate her own Facebook. But I have slowly come to find just how self destructive and toxic it can be. Seriously. You get online and scroll through people's lives, some you know and some you don't. You see all these people with these perfect lives, and flawless faces, and jaw dropping bodies and you suddenly feel pretty shitty about yourself, huh? I believe one of the reasons a lot of people struggle with anxiety, and depression is because of the constant feeling of not being enough. At times we become so wrapped up in how big our house is, what kind of car we drive, how little our waist is, how round our butts are, how white are our teeth, how long our hair is, and the list goes on and on and on and onnnnnn. Until recently I had become victim to all of this nonsense. Battling some serious depression because of the constant pressure I felt to bounce back and have some kind of amazing mom bod. Truth is.... <continues in comments>

#musclemonday at the #olympia2017 with great folks! It was an incredible weekend, tons of motivation, good food, great laughs, lots of flexing 💪🤓 @hdphysiques Congrats to all competitors... takes tons of #hardwork and #dedication to reach the olympia stage!!! My goal is to grace the stage in 2018 💯🙌 can't wait to see what's ahead for 2018, stay tuned! #mondaymotivation #inspiration #motivation #instamuscle #instafit #fitfam #igfitfam #fitlife #fitnessmodel #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #ifbbpro #dreambig #smilebig #success #goals #trusttheprocess #lovetheprocess #competitionlife #kleemade #hdphysiques #strongwomen #flex #bestisyettocome

Trots gårdagens spontana utgång fick jag idag till ett riktigt grymt ryggpass, måste varit 🍻 förtjänst 😅

The inner fire is the most important thing that mankind possesses 🔥👆🏼Post leg day progress check from last week 👌🏼
Each day is a welcome reminder of what I'm doing it all for. I see the rewards of my hard work instantly whether it's visual or not. My inner fire keeps burning no matter what obstacles come my way💋
#JustWait #IllShowYou #FanningTheFlames #2weeksout

Despite the 6am cardio sessions, low carb diet and overall low energy level I still have a smile on my face everyday because I absolutely love what I'm doing! Embrace the grind! #5weeksout #lovetheprocess #grindtime #bodyworx #bodybuilding #instagrambodybuilding #trainharderthanme #gainz #biggerbytheday #shredded #instafit #fitfam #ripped #npc

My nocco brings all the boys and girls to the yard 😏🍹 Top 3 right there 👆🏼💯 #nocco #areyounoccoenough #noccomeloncrush #loveit

👊🏻 vá fazer, não espere...

I posted a picture a couple days ago where I talked about a big insecurity of mine. The responses I received back were amazing and it brought up a point I totally forgot to mention...the fact that 99% of the time, our insecurities are something only we notice. We get so focused on our own insecurities and things that we see as "flaws", but most of the time no one else even notices these things. So, why get so caught up on insecurities and what other people might think when chances are no one else'll even notice. What a waste of energy. The more you focus on what you do love and learn to love the things you don''t, the happier you'll be. 👐🏻 #MondayVibes
Photo: @1of1inthe209


Germanys Corvette ready to hit the streets! Powder coated wheels, powder coated exhaust tips, black out roof, window trim, front grill and deck lid trim and emblems! Came out great giving the car a whole new look!
#garage224 #powdercoat #detailing #detail #paintcorrection #paintprotection #ceramicpro #ceramiccoating #mercedes #c63 #amg #lovetheprocess #doitoncedoitright #onestopshop

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gets Subbed In, 2 min later 1 assist... 10 mins later another assist 🙏🏼 #BlessUp
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me meten en el partido, 2 minutos mas tarde una asistencia... 10 minutos despues otra asistencia 🙏🏼
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #Catracho #Honduras #Fitness #Gym #FollowMe #EatClean #Health #FitFam #Fit #Workout #Motivation #OnlyTheStrongSurvive #LoveTheProcess #InstaFit #IgFit #Fitsporation #Fitspo #Soccer #Trank2 #BeastMode #HonduranWarrior #Cardio #Tattoos #Win #Inked #GymLife #gymmotivation #Game #Love

🚨 HOLD UPPPP!!! #transformationtuesday coming from our very own RevolutioniZe Nutritionist, @rebecca_revolutionize !!!! 😍😍🙌⭐️💪
"Everyone has their own story their own journey. Everyone started somewhere. Everyone has their daily battles to fight. Everyone wants to make improvements to themselves. No one is perfect. Everyone has slip ups but it's how we react to them. Learn from your past and keep moving forward. You are a work in progress enjoy the process and love yourself every step of the way. Don't let others put you down or belittle you. Don't do it because you want to look like someone else. Do it because you want to be the best version of yourself. 💕" #transformationtuesday #fatloss #fatlosstransformation #macros #iifym #loveyourself #live #laugh #love #lovetheprocess #meantalhealth #health #liveyourlife #bestversionofyou #strong #happy #npc #bodybuilding #healthylifestyle #health #motivation #fitspo #fitness #fitfam #thankful #inspire #nutrition #nutritionist #revolutionizeusa #revolutionize

first cow's milk (vs. almond milk) latte in I can't even remember how long. F I N A L L Y I feel like my gut is healed, and I can eat anything my little heart desires. That doesn't mean I'm eating crap all the time. I am SO much more aware of everything I'm putting into (and NOT putting into) my body. I'm happy to be healthy again, and I plan on keeping it this way 💪🏼✨

So here we are, 11 days until gametime😼🔥 #teamswedishsupplements #betterbodies #supersm2017 #iw24h #loveit

EXPERIENCE by Babet - "Experience was my only teacher" states one of Mondriaan's quotes at an overwhelming exhibition about him @gemeentemuseum Den Haag. When walking past all his incredibly powerful work, I get overtaken by the feeling "why bother with my own attempts if there are talents out there like him". But when I read this quote I am again encouraged. It's the experience that counts, the road itself, not only for exceptions like Mondriaan, but also for people like me. Just keep moving.

PS Want more thoughts on experience? Read our latest newsletter and blog!
#experience #Mondriaanexhibition #Gemeentemuseum

decided to take this little man on a morning walk this a.m. & i am so happy i did! 😌•
• not only am i always trying to pursue a more active lifestyle but a more active lifestyle for the pup!
• Dashy loved the crunching leaves under his paws [just wait till he experiences full on FALL] 🍂
• i loved being able to walk & think in the serene silence of the morning. 🌥
• lastly this was the best behavior dash has been on in the past two weeks. 🐾
🍁this will definitely be happening more often.. 🍁

Everyday be closer to where you want to be.

Goals are going to change, it's inevitable, but if you aren't setting them... how do you ever expect for change to happen? -
Set goals. Work your a$$ off. Smash those goals. Be proud af. Repeat.💪🏼
Current goals: I want to be strong, confident, healthy, and HAPPY❣️
Also, this pic is proof that my triceps don't always look like those crazy gym selfies🤣

#hiit training to burn fat faster.
1. Kettlebell swings
2. Rotating burpees
3. Mt. Climbers
4. Jump squats
5. Bicycles

Repeat 4 times and adjust intervals based on your fitness level! I like 10 second rests in between.

Part of the ship, part of the crew! Who woulda known that my audition partner for this morning is also repped by @saintagency? Great to meet you @krystalim, fingers crossed for both of us!

#audition #actor #actorslife #lovethehustle #lovetheprocess #auditionpartner #singing #christmasjingles #itfeelslikeblessingskeepfallininmylap #godisgood #buildingthedreameveryday #SaintAgency #Saint #agent #myagentrocksmysocks
#losangeles #la #lalife #backintheclassroomtomorrow

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