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Thanks for always kicking my butt @pt_mikefitness / @athlon_elite 💪🏽😝 @nbwomen @nblifestyle #LoveTheProcess #NewBalance

Oh how I love that side pose! 👌🏼For anyone who wants to know what’s up; here’s the scoop🍨
These pics are a day apart. Bathroom pic from Wednesday morning, weird outdoor gym in my underwear pic is from this morning🙆🏼‍♀️ Things are getting freaky!! I’m loving the day-to-day changes were seeing—right on target so far.
We took the redeye✈️ from SEA➡️MIA and it was horrible. I hardly slept and the dude next to us had bad cologne and a sinus infection that he carried nicely in the same handkerchief the entire time😒
Got here by 7am, not able to check in to our HomeAway until 4. .
To pass the time we: ate breakfast at a really cool place called @thedailycreativefoodco, found a fun outdoor gym where Ed worked out and I took check in pics, napped in the park, Ed went back for more food 🌯while I got my nails 💅done, drove around Miami, athlete checkin, trip to @wholefoods, FINALLY checked into our place and let me tell you it does not look like the pictures😕 but we’re staying positive. Cooked dinner, checked in with Coach @paulrevelia and now ready to knock the F out. .
It’s been a long day to say the least. I’m ready for the nice break that tomorrow will bring. So far my thoughts are this👉🏼Remember what I came here to do. I came here to win. I came here to walk across that stage and be absolutely dazzling💫No one cares about how I got here, they care about what I bring on Saturday. I’m glad I got today out of my system. Traveling crap is over, now it’s time to hit poses, eat carbs, and soak it all in.
#justbreathe #inittowinit #stayinghungry #stayingfocused #leavenodoubt

It’s #PatternWeldedWednesday folks. This week I’m discussing a pattern I call Maelstrom. It’s a pattern I had posted pics of, but never did an actual video explanation of. I hope you enjoy the pattern, and as I’ve said before, I’d love for you to tag me some how if you give this pattern a go. As you’ll see in the post, my buddies Ian or @haburnknives and Mike of @quesenberryknives, gave it a go after the first time I posted this pattern. If you aren familiar with their work, then you gotta check ‘em both out. Truly inspirational execution from the both of them. Ok I hope you enjoy this weeks installment, and as always, have fun and forge safely!

“i like to be a free spirit. some don’t like that, but that’s just me.”-princess diana

Starting to see my #quads sticking out farther then my knees 😍 🙌🏻 Decided to try a mini #powerlifting routine tonight and it kicked my #booty🍑 definitely something outside of my normal but change is good.

I did it! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Thank you @davidseverins for the tips! After drilling this for 2 days and minor bruising on my forehead 😂 I finally got it! #facebalance #hooper #hoopersofinstagram #shoulderbump #lovetheprocess

Have fun, smile and enjoy what you do. Once you fall in love with the process, results and success will follow. No matter who doubts you in life always believe in yourself, it starts and ends with you! 🙏🏽


LONG POST ....SORRY NOT SORRY! Going into my last competition of the season is definitely a bitter sweet moment! This season has taught me so much about myself and it definitely ignited a passion for fitness and health that I intend to take to the next level! While this season has been unbelievably amazing and rewarding, I am very much looking forward to off season! Getting some R&R, spending the holidays with family and loved ones, and letting my body chill out so I can refine things for next season will definitely be a nice change of pace. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to still meal prep (it’s been my way of life even before prep) and I’m still regularly going to go to the gym (it’s my therapy).... I’ll just be approaching it in a different way for a bit❤️ I’ve come so far this season and I’m so incredibly proud of myself for not only sticking with the process and reaching my goal (I just wanted to do one show lol) but in true Candice fashion I beyond exceeded what even I imagined possible!
The accomplishments of this season is just as much yours @sondibsolid as it is mine! With your crazy insane busy life/schedule you took me on as your client (which is RARE for you) and you have stuck this whole process out with me (which I know is WAY past/longer than we originally agreed on lol)! You aren’t just a badass professional AND IFBB Pro...You are the best coach/lady boss, the best friend, the best sister, the best workout partner, and just the best human being ever and I’m so thankful for you! I love that you can compartmentalize our relationship when needed and that we speak the same language... it makes us work and I truly feel it made this whole process work!
So here is to achieving the unachievable, being undeniable, and DONUTS!

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I must admit I've been neglecting my abs during my bulk, but I've decided from today to hit my core ten minutes at the end of every session.
Here's my favourite exercise at the end of yet another gruesome leg session today!
Disclaimer: I feel fluffy but that's ok, we gone work on that 😉 .
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Thanks, @petermellekas. Not only are you beautifully talented, you make a girl feel pretty beautiful, too. #nofilter #grateful #petermellekasphotography #nh #ma #ri #bostonmodels #actress #suckitsibo #myhealthjourney #findyourbliss #love #lovetheprocess

do not give energy to the opinions of others & never be afraid to shine. the sun does it everyday and it doesn’t give a fck if it blinds you

#flexfriday 🔥🔥
Always got to look at it AND command it to grow❗️❗️❗️
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Ahhh honey honey 🍯

Halo can you go!!! What a difference a halo makes in length and thickness #pbartist @withlove.zelda

👉 Pular corda é uma das principais atividades do boxe e sua função além de garantir condicionamento físico é dar ritmo e trabalhar a coordenação – que com certeza são as principais habilidades necessárias para se tornar um bom lutador já que ritmo e coordenação ajudam na técnica, com isso seus golpes tem mais potencia já que uma boa execução pode garantir um pouco mais de força.
Além disso, pular corda te obriga a fazer movimentos repetitivos por treino. E esse grande numero de repetições faz que suas pernas se acostumem com os movimentos e as deixem mais preparadas e relaxadas durante a luta ou durante os treinos de sparring. Melhorando a eficiência nos movimentos e diminuindo o gasto de energia e também permitindo que o lutador saia de uma posição imóvel para a de movimento em um tempo menor que alguém que não treina pula corda.
Pular corda necessita de um nível de atenção tanto nos seus pés quanto na corda para não errar durante os exercícios. Essa atenção extra que você esta tendo vai lhe recompensar durante as lutas já que atenção e foco é necessário em uma luta ou treino.
Aproveitando a oportunidade, quero falar sobre uma pergunta que me fizeram: Pular corda com peso é bom? Eu evito! A meu ver a principal função da corda é ritmo e coordenação. Se quiser dificultar as coisas aprenda novas técnicas de pular corda e tente aumentar a velocidade. Não aumente o peso. 😉🥊 📝: @saymonmferreira

#OSU #boxe #boxing #corda
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#sexta #friday #Youtube # play #LoveTheProcess #camp #ufcwinnipeg #UFC 📸: @jairotrancoso

9 out of 10 people will “let themselves go” in December.😣 WE are NOT those people!!🔥👭 -
My last 2017 accountability group starts the Mon after Thanksgiving with a 3 Day Cleanse! Comment or message for info.👍🏼📲 DEADLINE is Sunday!!⏳
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One life, no regrets.
At the times when I suck at shit, You keep me pumped up! @garyvee Thanks!

#garyvee #vaynernation #hustle #entrepreneur #lovetheprocess #grind

@garyvee always 💯 on perspective . Your idols have their own problems too, just #trusttheprocess .. today is the first day of the rest of your life :)

Success is defined by achieving your personal goals but having value is defined by how you were able to move humanity forward. Albert Einstein is a great example of an individual that was able to move humanity forward by contributing many different theories to science. Adding value to something does not come easy. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. If you truly believe that you can move humanity forward in a positive way, then you should continue your quest of adding value because the society can surely benefit from it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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belajar mewarnai - karya lama
#lovetheprocess 💕

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