Let’s wake up🖤🖤🖤. How much damage is being caused by not preparing for Love? We spend more time learning to drive than how to Love well✔️. Finding, keeping and growing in Love is the door to what brings peace. Join us in standing up against the modern Love that takes and wounds. They are watching 💔

Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I have ever been - Ian Thomas 🦋 #feeling27 #freespirit #lovestrong #dreambig #beyou #originalityiskey

🔥Transformation Tuesday🔥
Scroll through these pics and 👀 at these changes!!! They just make me 🤗🤗!! These teammates have committed to the program, trusted the process, and realized THERE IS NO MAGIC POTION, PILL, or SERUM that will do what work and nutrition do!! 🤦‍♀️You can't rub stuff on your stomach to firm it...
🤦‍♀️You can't take a pill and expect LASTING changes...
🤦‍♀️You can't starve yourself, lose weight, and think that you can live that way...
🤦‍♀️Drink a shake ONLY and have lasting results...
🤦‍♀️A patch won't change how you feel about food and exercise...
LIFELONG transformation comes from LIFESTYLE CHANGES!!
It's not easy...believe me, if it is...YOUR PROGRESS WILL NOT LAST!!
❣Just being real, folks!❣
Simple as that!

Life is hard. Live hurt. But with you is more easy... sometimes :p
You are my yang! ☯️ Love

#lovehurt #lovestrong #life #yinyang #couple #choice #happiness😊

So...I am gonna let ya in on one of my struggles....
😴SLEEP, actually lack thereof!! I struggle almost EVERY night with sleep!! I wake at 430 am and usually don't get myself calmed down enough to go to sleep until around midnight and sometimes after!😱
I know...I KNOW, working out late doesn't help but with my crazy life...it's the best I can do right now.
✔Tonight, I have 2 crazy girls doing "Just Dance" on the xbox occupying my workout space downstairs!
✔ I have been going on about 3 to 4 hrs of sleep a night for...well, awhile now. ✔My program gives me ☝️☝️☝️rest days.
🤷‍♀️What do those 3 things mean??🤷‍♀️ 😴I am calling REST DAY today!😴 🧖‍♀️I am going to jump in a nice, hot shower
👕Get a comfy Tee on
💆‍♀️Clear my mind
🛌And go to bed EARLY!
🌟My body needs it, my mind requires it, and my program allows it!
It's all about balance, friends!! We all have struggles nobody has it all figured out...we just do the best we can and keep pushing through.😊
🤔Wanna know what program allows me 3 rest days, only 30 to 40 min exercises the other 4 days, gives me a cheat day AND shows me results all the while?? Just jump into messenger and ask!!

Got my other half to join me for 1 of my 2 workouts tonight!
He struggled for sure but he still did it 😂

My granddaughter who is 4 gifted me this wonderful piece of art and from it was born this new post.
I am attracted to people that seek universal wisdom and beauty.
Since I was a young girl I have honored the worlds artistic and spiritual traditions.
I am drawn to places and communities where people seek to live respectfully and in harmony and I repel all those who are sheep, fake and or bring bullshit and drama with them.
I am about happiness and believe that love is love, regardless.
Why can't we fucking wake up and love ourselves and others, stop being fucking racist, discriminative, ageist, sexist etc etc etc and honour ourselves, others and this beautiful earth and what it sustains?
We are the caretakers and it concerns me greatly when i think about what my grandchildren and their children will inherit.
Artist: Addison Avery .
#caretakersoftheearth #loveyourself #lovestrong #respect🙏 #loveislove #liveauthentic #livelifehappy #thinkaboutfuture #thinkforyourself #individualsrock #individualswillrise

Day 178... explore your mind.

When your planned dinner doesn't happen because life does...this is my back up plan :)
Toasted 647 bread,tuna, hard boiled egg, hot sauce (don't knock it til ha try it)
Oven roasted brussel sprouts, season and toss sprouts in olive oil, bake on 425 for 30 min or less under broiler.
Don't fall off the wagon just because life switches things up...be ready and stay on track! :)

All day, every day. I dont know what else to say. #biggiesmalls #thirdeye #getyourmindright #soulstraight #lovestrong

Ya estamos en Agosto y todavía no empezaste a entrenar🤔😀😀?????
Daleeee que STRONG BY ZUMBA te ofrece muchisimos beneficios al ritmo de la mejor música 😉💪😉!!!!!! Acordate que NO ES BAILE! No esperes al verano 🙋‍♀️Venite a probar una clase😉 TE ESPERAMOS!!!
➡️LUNES MIERCOLES Y VIERNES 18,30 HS EN 66 #815 e/11 y 12!!!!! #strongbyzumba #lovestrong #arrancandolasemanacontodo #66estudiointegraldearte #escueladearteydanzasaleia #seentrena #lovemyjob #desafiatuslimites #seentrenaconMaruyPao

Never underestimate the power of healing and grace. You get to choose to make a home for the pain.. or lean into it and let it do its work. Once you go through it, make amends and let it go✔️. Freedom isn’t an ideal, freedom is a choice🔥

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