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Barbaig Wife, Lake Eyasi Basin, Tanzania.

Mursi Scarification. Mursi girls favor elaborate designs scarified onto their shoulders. #Mursi

....on the bank of Okavango river a lioness with her cubs is eating a baby elephant killed the night before by four male lions....we are at sunset .....Botswana.....

Dinka children lavish endless care and attention on their animals as they tether them at dusk. The animals are important members of their families and essential to their survival.
From our Book "Dinka"


Barbaig Wife, Lake Eyasi Basin, Tanzania.

The terns share Bird Island with the Cormorants, Gannets and seals... #LambertBay #lamberts #pelagic #lovesafrica #ocean #lovetheocean #africaonfoot #africanature

Innocence of a future killer.

Landscape shot from a tremendous sighting this morning. Male and female lion relaxing after mating, with wildebeest in the background. Thanks for looking.

Sabe quando falam "nossa, nem parece o Brasil"? Nessa viagem eu só pensei "nossa, como lembra o Brasil!". .


Vantagens de morar em Gana: ter vôo direto para esse paraíso .
#stp #lagoaazul #carolandonomundo

I wouldn't normally share landscapes via IG, but I'm really pleased with the full size image of this one of a glorious sunrise across the incredible Maasai Mara. The black specs on the ground are some of the local herds of wildebeest. Thanks for looking.

Férias onde "leve leve" é o lema da nação 🌴🇸🇹🌴
#stp #saotomeeprincipe #carolandonomundo

Morning on the Petpenoun lake.

#KmerTour #IGersCameroon
Photo by @sheera.alexshi

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