The most beauty part of a woman is her eyes
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We were happy to host 2nd Year Hospitality & Tourism (Unit of Eco-Tourism) students from Pwani University yesterday.
The eager young adults led by lecturer Samson Barmasai were keen to learn about our permaculture approach to hospitality and we had a lot of fun sharing ideas and experiences with these brilliant young minds as we work together towards a greener and sustainable future for tourism in Kenya and beyond.
Photos by John K. Mureithi

A taxi in Senegal. I was thankful to be riding in a broken down car as a taxi once I saw people enduring long journeys on these. Used as taxis, trucks and anything else you can think of, they move along at quite a mind-jarring clip. I was impressed with the drivers ability to manage these life engines. Really an interesting sight. Although I went to Senegal on assignment for USAID, you can read more about my current travel adventures on my blog, "Jamaican at Heart." The link is in my bio above. #iphonephotooftheday #iphonephotography #africa # #africanamazing #loves_africa #african_portraits #ig_africa #animalelite #splendid_animals #donkeys #taxicab #ingenuity #expat #expatlife #expatliving #expatexperiences

Я счастлива ,большая удача найти семью😃

African Skies with @gloriahmarandu 🌴✨
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It’s scenic whichever route you take in or out of Cape Town 😄☝🏼also, how great is this rain today 🙌🏼
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🇹🇿 Mixing things up from the expansive walkways of Stone Town to the intimate walkways of Matemwe village. The kids here are especially interested in the strange foreign man with a camera. After asking me to take a picture of them, they would all scatter away to hide, making for a rather difficult photo session… 😂

How to start a Monday - our Africa Safari Experts are off for a week of wild adventures 🌍
First stop: Ngala Safari Lodge!

Flying above the clouds!

Photo from @barrywardy

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