~ Lemuria 💠
I am ready to fully Remember . To recall . To recalibrate my existence to the vibration of this Ancient existence . To uncover all my gifts and be even more of service to humanity . To entirely step into my power & purpose as a healer . A light worker . An indigo Soul . Everything that has lead to this moment , to this life that keeps unfolding before me . The veils have been so thin - I can see so far forward and back . I want to hone in all that I can to this very present breath . A complete overlapping of time-lines . I AM ready to Remember ..
I’ve always been so called to the Stars . They have always helped light the way for me & map the bigger picture . It is all written here - if you’re willing to open and listen . So many new roles are opening before me that I’m ready to step into - my Akashic Record is being laid out & I’m more empowered than ever before to put the action behind the call . I know I am here for a much grander scale . To truly make a difference in this existence . I’m no more special than you - I just know and see my own worth in this incarnation . I know why I’m here . I have been willing to put in the work to completely transform my life which ripples out to shift the vibration of humanity . And now , I have been sharing with you the knowledge I have learned along the way for those that resonate & are too on this path of metamorphosis . Which brings me here ..
@soulstarmedicine 💫 is graciously offering a scholarship for her magical course Remembering Lemuria - where she helps us recall our past lives in this ancient Light kingdom . I am grateful for this opportunity as I am still in process of creating financial abundance . So thank you, Rachael . I know this course would help see me through these massive downloads I have been receiving . To help me better paint a bolder picture for the time that I am here . I’ve taken the plunge within endless times - and I know the might of one now matched with the power of many would make this deep dive even more effective . To help guide me through these healing waves that continue to wash up and over me in pure ecstatic Bliss . I’m ready.. I am grateful and I am ready to Remember ✨🙏

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New Moon in Leo blessings to all 🌙 let me begin by saying — BREATHE . Release . Let go . Surrender .. There is a much greater plan for you in store, believe that . In order to let this new chapter unfold, we have to be willing to release the patterns that are no longer serving us . Healing is truly a spiral ; we will continually come back to things to learn deeper truths that they hold . Keep faith alive . This summer of complete transformation has been preparing us for all that awaits us on the other side of fear ; freedom . Tests, limits, & triggers have been abound - but they are not here to bring you down - they are here for you to rise above them & for you to actualize your own self-worth & strength by over coming these obstacles . The Universe has made it to where you literally have no choice but to give in & make the changes most necessary for your next step of evolution . Level up y’all ! Mindset is key when faced with adversity . Use your tool-bag , always . You are more supported than you could possibly ever imagine , this I know to be true .
Today’s New Moon is paired with a partial solar eclipse ; the FINAL eclipse of the season . My have we come so far . Right now - we are being asked to pause; to remember, to reconnect . Today marks the closing of the chapter of the last 12 months when we experienced the phenomenon of the total solar eclipse this time last year, when the moon completely engulfed the sun . This event forced our shadows to the surface, & many of us have done the work to transmute & bring light to these parts of us and accept these parts as the whole - Yin & Yang . Take time tonight to create the space to see what change this last year has brought you . If you are not where you would like to be ; mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually - then what shifts in your life do you need to make to get there ? It begins by accepting where you are, now - Being fully present in this moment . It is only from here where true & lasting change can occur . Focus . Get completely in touch with yourSelf & what you seek . The seeds we plant with this new moon will yield such a potent crop . Let the Light of Leo guide the way ~ 💖♌️

Honestly, is the guy in the short shorts with a cowboy hat what makes this picture? 😂 Funny how I didn’t even feel like I wanted to run a 100 miles until about 50 miles in.... then it was game on and now @billygrimes3 and I have matching buckles! #whootwhoot #highlonesome100 #dontquityourdaydream #gratefulgrimes #gonnamakethemountainsbemyhome #wakeupandlive #coloradostoke #ultrarunning #illrubyourfeetifyourubmine #loveriseup #runsteepgethigh #mylovemylovemylove #howdidwegethere #trailrunner #coloradoliving

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Join us Sunday, August 26th to honor Mother Earth with #nourishinghearthiking yoga! Weaving together yoga, nature, elemental and astrological wisdom in the Woods of #bloomington !!! Message to register! #namaste

Today I met Anza. She sent me this picture from years ago when she was in one of our parades. I love that the art we create touches and inspires people. Anza is gonna help paint faces in the kids tent. That is the magic... weaving together community, creating a supportive space for people of all ages to imagine, dream, and PLAY. It is a cultural tradition and it is so empowering to participate in it.
Getting ready for day 2 of @telluridejazzfestival #jazz #puppets #alien #parade #festival #festivallife #creolepride #loveriseup #telluridejazz #telluride #jazzfestival

Дорогие друзья! Поздравляю всех с Днём Металлурга! Желаю всем, прежде всего, крепкого здоровья! Всегда позитивного настроения! И мажорных нот в жизни! 😉
Услышь нашу песню первым!🎤🎹🔉 15 июля. Стадион "Металлург". PROSPEKTR Dj's. Лови это лето!☀✌
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