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Vita docet, Amor revelat.
Going through life you learn and are taught many things. But when you meet love, that love can reveal things that life cannot teach you. #Lifeteaches #Lovereveals #NewestEdition

Afraid For Love To Fade😢 #lovereveals #loveromance #loveneverdies

REVEALED: the Peacock Shawl! Thanks to all for a great MKAL!! #peacockshawlMKAL #lovereveals #knittersofinstagram

Det sägs att man blir rik av att minska på kostnaderna, men här tar nog TGIF det på lite för stort allvar - fyller pappershållarna med konkurrentens märkta servetter. #lovereveals #condeco #tgifridays #kungsträdgården #sparadkrona @condecosverige @officialtgifridays

Yoga & throwbacks from last week. I forgot how much core strength it takes to pike into a headstand.

It's so strange to feel like I am starting over in terms of fitness, strength, and ability to do certain asanas. But I know it is a privilege to have the opportunity to start over and it is with a grateful heart that I will keep trying.


Look at this super sad outdoor space. Faded wood and upholstery. Plants bare arse naked with new pots so close yet so far away ;-) and empty prime SF square footage ready to be used. In SF when you can be out all year round (especially in the Mission like this little baby) you have to count any outdoor space as living space. I met this client Sunday night and just knew I had to help and promised a reveal (within a strict budget) by today....drum roll please....#beforephoto #lovereveals #noellebeckerdesignatwork


Looking for my sanity like...

True story: I have been an emotional train wreck this week. Anyone else feeling this?

People romanticize being an "empath," and yeah, it has its beauty and its advantages.
AND it can be really fucking hard sometimes. My sensitivity is usually an ally, but when it comes to the corporate world, it's something I have to be extra mindful of.

The hustle and bustle, meetings, commutes, and general busy-ness is not for me, so it takes extra time to recover from these types of activities and interactions. More sleep, more rest, more creativity, more self love...

I suppose this isn't really a "motivational" post - it's just where I am. The realness and rawness of it all.


📷: @camerontroy

True life: I'm pretty much a hermit. I went my entire life feeling super extroverted until I hit 21. And my energizer bunny days came to a screeching halt.

It literally feels like I was re-born. I became super sensitive to everything, I needed more time to recharge, large groups became intimidating...

I think my inner being was asking for this slower lifestyle, more ease... and when I didn't follow that notion, it became much less of an option and more of a necessity.

And now? 5 years later, I actually love it. I like silence, I love being alone, I enjoy a day of "nothing."

I honor this new way of being.


If you're "too busy" for self-care, you definitely need it 😂

One day I just realized that time was not an excuse. If you want a full life, feel into what is here now. Be with what is.

Speaking of time...
Go into your phone settings, click on battery, and you can see how much time you spend on Facebook and Instagram. I just did this and EW. That's 6 hours per week that I can give to something with a more valuable ROI.


That human suit you're walking around in is pretty fucking cool. And strong. And intelligent.

Give it some love, will ya? 😉


#lovereveals #firsttattoo #truthlies
I got that tattoo when I was 18 I'm now 26. It means more to me now than it did then.
Love will reveal.
You can fix this, you need only ask..
If you don't try . . . You'll never know.
I need more ink .. 😘
Feeling: " Like I don't know what to say..."

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Our hearts always know best

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