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In the insanity of opening a business, I almost forgot @seaandspell and I are going to India!! Miracle of miracles!! Here is where we are hosting our first #LOVEretreat, on a quiet beach along the Arabian Sea in #Goa. Come with? loveyogaspace.com/retreats for the details or email moi kyle@loveyogaspace.com. India transforms... ✨✨✨

"What makes someone worthy of love?" After we were asked this question, the first word that came to my mind was 'Birth'. Everyone answered with their own variation but, they were all the same.
Life, existence, soul, being, etc.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. The answers are still the same. You deserve love and compassion just as much as the next person.
Today-Forgive yourself for all the STUFF. It's hard to move forward when you're carrying all that STUFF around.
LOVE- L O V E ☀️
That glowing sun kind of love.. Capital L
Love yourself♥️
〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰#tbt #loveretreat #practicemakesthemaster #selflove

Taking some time to enjoy the view. #waterfall #peaceful #hike #loveretreat #Alaskangetaway

Hindi naman po ako masaya at excited. Hahahaha! 😂

Lunettes cœur et cheveux de sorcière : WTF chui en ouacances ! #grece #loveretreat

# matchingpajamas , #loveretreat

If you ever happen to be in a difficult period of your life, you MUST go and live with an Indian family...and especially with this special one. They will fill your heart with love your face with a smile and your stomach with a lot of delicious food!! And you will immediately feel part of them 😊Thank you for treating me like a daughter, you will always have a special place in my heart and I can't wait to meet you again. #indianindependenceday #indianfamily #pleasedontleave #loveretreat

Prepping, and prepping for retreat. Hmmmm. What is it going to be? Stay tuned. #loveretreat #retreatbyunderthegardenmoon #americanquilting #lovebagmaking


Hey friend, you have survived all your worst days. You can make it through today too. XO

Just trying to put a little love out there. The world needs more. Art from @handsoffmydinosaur
Heart Hands #illustration #love #heart #valentines

ICYMI: I still love being gay. Wishing peace and power to all my fellow rainbows out and in on #nationalcomingoutday🌈 .
Coming out means making the moment to moment decision between personal integrity and personal safety. .
It's okay to be discerning loves, not everyone has earned the right to hold your glittery beautiful truths.
#nationalcomingoutday #nopressure #rainbowlove

Fall accessories in full effect. #newbangsnewlife #scarfseason #iliveforfall

Boom. Powerful truth on a grey Wednesday morning. #dontplaysmall

Gentle reminder:

This was a perfectly timed reminder on a sleepless night of unexplained anxiety.
#Repost @thelovebombco

What about love makes you hopeful? What have you created through love? How easily do you give love? Is love a game? How many kinds of love are there? Is love a trap or freedom?
❤Discussions of Love Retreat: Verona - November 2017❤more info:link in bio.
. .
#veronaretreat #discussionsoflove #loveretreat #yogaretreat #breathwork #personaltraining #november2017

Don’t lose hope darlings.

Hindi naman po ako masaya at excited. Hahahaha! 😂

I've been struggling with intense sadness and overwhelm. Each week there's more tragedy in my needed and my heart grows heavy. Houston. Florida. Myanmar. Puerto Rico. Vegas.
I often help clients turn to gratitude when they feel rudderless in seas of emotion so I decided to take my own advice. .
I filled a page in seconds with renewed gratitude for clean water, emergency services and basic human needs met. .
While it doesn't take away the sadness it helps me ground and refocus. Appreciating life more with each minute. Coming back into power and focus so I can find ways to help.

This is how I feel love. All love. It is how I aim to love and I sometimes achieve it, sometimes not. How about you? How do you love? How do you define it, feel it, use it, hold it or let it go?
Love: To see clearly into another's soul and understand another or yourself with a caring heart. To want only the best and highest for yourself, another or many.
To listen, free of judgement and opinion in order to truly hear and connect. To hold your truth and others with honor.
To offer your heart, not for the purpose of receiving, but for the joy of the experience of union.
To know when to let go in order to let yourself or another grow with faith in the process. To know love is not possessing.
To enter into a soul, through body or thought in order to share our vulnerability and truth.
To witness the goodness and growth of a person and let them feel cherished. To support another and forgive with faith in the soul beneath the fear.
Love is that undefinable powerful energy that lets connection exist between the soul and the body, the body and the world and the caring synthesis of every life force.
November 12th we will place ourselves in the luxurious Due Torri to discuss, honor, explore, yoga, breathe intuit this most magnificent of subjects. Isn't love what we are here for? I would be so thrilled if you can join us in this very special retreat. (Info:link in bio)
#loveretreat #veronaretreat #definelove #breathwork #rebirth #yogaretreat #travel #intuitivegames #affirmations

Y’all I got going on my book and old-school deleted it on accident 60 glorious pages in. Then spent two days in serious self-defeating thought spirals trying to force all that greatness back out into the world. .
Some wise friend once told me “you can’t force anything good.” Man is that the truth right now for this project.
Seeing this couldn’t be a more timely to breathe ease back into this project and trust it will come again.

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