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#TBT to when I started a show about love, and ended it with a best friend who I love. 😏👌🏻🎶 @modernmelodrama #camera360 #love #almostmaine #loverequires


#loverequires #truthful #passion to #yourself #beloving #welfare #wellness of #love

Rakkaus edellyttää totuudellisuutta itseään kohtaan. Ole totuus itsellesi. #olerakastava #rakkauson #totuudellinen.
Ripaus hyväsydämisyyttä yleensä auttaa myös. #jarikenttamaa

"What does love require of me? The one question that could change our lives, neighborhood, churches, and the world." -Pastor Robbie Larson #IdealFamilySeries #LoveRequires #libertychurchms #bettertogether

#TBT to when I started a show about love, and ended it with a best friend who I love. 😏👌🏻🎶 @modernmelodrama #camera360 #love #almostmaine #loverequires

I have found being immobile, unable to walk or leave my home incredibly challenging. BUT it has afforded me the opportunity to listen to podcasts, read books and then really meditate on how what I have learned impacts me and how I live my life. A series that I can highly recommend is Andy Stanley's podcast series Your Move. Specifically, his 8 part series titled Christian. He unpacks the legacy and leverage of love. He left us with this one question to reflect on and respond to daily...

I almost gave up tonight, for so many reasons. You pray for people, and they really don't appreciate it. You give, provide or just make yourself available unconditionally, and you are still invisible. You love, and receive hate continuously. I often question, why??? Why do I keep BEING for folks? I almost gave up tonight. BUT GOD... (And he always does this to me...) reminded me that what I feel may be how HE'S felt in my relationship with him. His spirit intercedes in prayer, and I don't appreciate it. He's given to me, provided for me, and made himself available, and I've acted like He's invisible. He's loved me to know end and I've allowed myself to behave in ways that show hate back at Him. But did He give up on me??? #yiiiiiiiiikes! Ok, God. I get it. I submit, yet again. #loverequires #anotherlessonlearned #aintgotnothingtodowiththepic

Morning loves. The last few days have been trying. I'll be the first to admit how hard it is to be selfless in a day and age when many folks do not value each other in love and unity. It seems we have a hard time collaborating, communicating, and compromising. I recognize that there are times when i fail at doing these things because I become selfish. I want to look out for myself, protect my "own" feelings, and neglect the vulnerability required to maintain healthy relationships. I admit, I fail.

As much as I've been learning about the principles of love/giving, I'm learning just as much about my selfish nature. It's hard to speak with integrity that I will follow God and be obedient when I constantly retreat to selfish behavior...smh. But everyday, he allows me to witness His forgiving nature and He keeps showing me ME up against scriptures that correct "me". Geeeeeesh! If that ain't love!
This walk is hard stuff man. But the reward is knowing HE IS IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL. And He is sending me through for PURPOSE. So, today is another day "I repent and submit"... (If my submission was a form of baptism, that water would be sick of me!!! Like, "again Trice????" 😒) #growingpains #butgrowing #loverequires

My prayer is to be used by Him...that's when I feel most fulfilled. And lowkey, those are the times where I feel His love the most when He uses me to serve/give/help someone else. #loverequires

... And that is why i'm not "meant" for everyone. #LoveRequires || Repost from @afreedomtoexpress

#exciting thing happening. #loverequires #almostmaine #halloween #100byhalloween 💪🍁📖⛺️❤️🎃

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