[big uwu energy]
QOTP: favorite OUAT princess?
MAOTP: Snow!
Sorry for the simple edit it’s so late whoops
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how can a duo (them) be so iconic (them) yet so underrated (them)
love these memes
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[7x01 Hyperion Heights]
QOTP: Jacinda or Lady Tremaine?
MAOTP: Tremaine! But I like Jacinda too
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[2x10 The Cricket Game]
QOTP: Granny or Ruby?
MAOTP: Ruby!!
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[4x12 Heroes and Villains]
QOTP: s4 or s7?
MAOTP: s7!
Dt @sstorybrookee bc today was her bday and I know how much she loves OQ💘
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📸 // lana e bex na convenção em Burbank (CA) ~muito lindas😍💗 [11/11/2018] (essa possivelmente será a ultima convenção de ouat😭💗)
[👧]: gentee, a lana levou a lolaa (cachorrinha dela)😍💗🐶
#ouat #ouatconvention2018 #lana#bexmader#seana#oncers

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