[3x10 The New Neverland]
QOTP: Wonderland or Oz?
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[3x10 The New Neverland]
QOTP: Ariel or Eric?
MAOTP: Ariel
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This time I put 4 reign characters cause I watch the serie and some of my followers also like it and watch it, I put by everyone a number I hope you say the number by voting❌

#ouatlove #loveouat #yah #captainhook #oncergirl

the greatest love story ever told
ac: @aud.io

[5x01 The Dark Swan]
QOTP: Regina or Killian?
MAOTP: Regina
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[2x07 Child of the Moon]
QOTP: who do you ship Charming with?
MAOTP: mostly Snow but also Regina and Ruby and a little bit Anna and Killian
Filter from @enchantedfilter (edited)

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