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This is a man Canyon has been teaching named Antonio. He saw them in the streets and said he wanted to change his life and repent. He's been trying to get off drugs. Canyon wrote this week "I felt prompted that we ought to help him see himself the way God sees him. So we bought him some food, cut his hair, gave him a new shirt and a bath." ✨Swipe to see the transformation ✨He said everyone in the streets can't believe it's him. 🙏❤️ #lovemymissionary #monterreymexicomission

Today Colorado got a big piece of my heart! Keep him safe and be kind to him!#lovemymissionary

2 MORE MONTHS!!!! Until I get to hold this child in my arms again!!! She is happier than ever and working harder than ever to finish her mission with all the strength and determination she has! Her testimony is Beautiful and So So Strong! She has so much to share and she just wants everyone to know the truth and to feel Gods love! I am in Awe over her strength! She has lived and spent her mission giving it all she has and more! I'm so proud of her and a little scared of her! She is going to be a Spiritual Monster when she gets home! I'm terrified of what she'll think of our home! Haha!! I better start now and get our acts together at home! Oh my gosh what if I swear in front of her! Ugh! I'm not worthy of this child! Haha! I have a bad mouth sometimes! Regardless I am beyond excited and I am counting down the days!!! Love my Zuster Navey Lynn!! #zusternaveybaker #lovemymissionary #lovebeingamissionarymom

I can not believe this........ I just sent a couple of hours ago my last email to my Philip.......I'm so proud of him. He served a great mission. My husband and I are picking him up this Wednesday. Can not wait to hug him. I thank God each day for blessing me with amazing children. #theloveifeelformychildren#ilovemyHeavenlyFather#lovemymissionary

208 days until he’s home. I honestly can’t contain myself. #bestestfriend #lovemymissionary #butwhoscounting

Sagrada missão precisamos cumprir 👔🎶 Missão Brasil São Paulo Sul -261Elder Marks #lovemymissionary #2years #mormon #sud #lds@clifformarks2

My favorite part of Elder Kelly's email this week: "We met a new fella this week, Earl Dobbs. Very friendly older gentleman. Don't need to go into a ton of details, but he said he can't be a Mormon bc God is an alien and Heaven is his ufo. First time I've heard that. Super nice guy. Plus, his fly was down the whole time, gotta give him cred for tryin." 😂😂 #lovemymissionary

Each day a little better than the previous. Still missing our missionary like crazy, but getting used to our new normal without him here. On the way home from the airport Tuesday night, when we were all sobbing over having parted with our boy, we saw this beautiful rainbow. We talked about the good that comes after (and often because of) the storms of life. How hard things make us better and stronger. How separation can bring us closer together. And how serving others as a missionary will be super difficult, but will bring so many blessings to Taylor, to those he serves, and to our family. There isn't a better place on earth for him right now. This will all be worth it! #lds #lovemymissionary #calledtoserve


Today Colorado got a big piece of my heart! Keep him safe and be kind to him!#lovemymissionary

Week 15
So this week has been crazy! To sum up most of what happened we moved to a new apartment this week and my skills in air conditioning came in handy as i had to attach all the connections for our appliances. We finally came back into contact with Damon which was super sick!! Gave a blessing to a nonmember which was really neat, Also woke up Friday morning to gunshots and ambulances which was super cool!!!! Grabbed a free and clean reclining chair no one wanted and we had an investigator come to the church devotional which he really liked. Our ward boundaries just changed and also got a new bishop which was crazy.
Transfers are this week and i am staying here and becoming the district leader, also am training a new missionary which is a little scary seeming how i just got done being trained so keep me in your prayers that i can train him right!
Can't believe its December! Remember to look for ways to serve and be charitable in this season as Christ was. Hope all is well!! Elder Christensen
Pic 1 moving out of the old apartment
Pic 2 stealing (it was free) recliners off the street
Pic 3 really sketchy apartments
#lovemymissionary #lds.org

Well this week has been an interesting one i guess

Tuesday: Had district meeting like usual, helped a member move a piano up the stairs which is always fun! Had dinner at a members and i had shrimp for the first time. It actually tastes pretty good, who would have thought?

Wednesday: nothing much today. Just studies and tracting all day and night. The wind over here is super cold. Found a 5 member family that we handed over to the spanish missionaries so that was cool.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! Had breakfast with a member than found a lake to walk around for a bit. We weren't aloud to tract all day so it was basically a free day. Had dinner at a members house which was fun and then jammed my finger in basketball that night.

Friday: Cleaned out some of the apartment today before we move and someone left a huge bar of swiss chocolate that tasted super good. That night we taught a potential and his family which was super sick! There is such a powerful spirit when teaching the first vision!

Saturday: Today was pretty fun. A little sad because one of the zone leaders got transfered to help somewhere else in the mission so we only have one zone leader until transfers next week. set up some boards and tables outside a grocery store with spanish elders and talked to everyone going in and out which was really fun. Gave 2 blessings to some less active members also.

Sunday: Well this was a very eventful day... Had church and great talks on testimonies. Also found out that next week the ward boundries are getting split so might lose some people we are teaching. Found and taught a lost member and her husband who had a member friend and they seem super humble and interested which is amazing! Had dinner at a members and than ran into these 2 black guys and said a prayer with them. Then later i stepped in dog crap which was super fun to try to get off... lastly we visited a less active that is going to come to church soon so yay!
That is it for the week but hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving! I have a lot of pics this week!

Elder Christensen
#lovemymissionary #service

I love that Pres. Resek shares so many photos of the Missionaries of BAW! #eldersparks #elderaldana #🇦🇷 #pepsilol #lovemymissionary

We are so excited to have @trevpattee home 🤗 We will be having an open house Saturday from 7-9 PM he will be speaking in church @ 9am in the Park Lane building. Beyond grateful for all the love and support he/we received the past ✌🏼years. #takesavillage #lovemymissionary 📸 @sophs_photo

...said no Missionary Momma ever! You will find me, every Monday morning, parked in front of my computer, hitting #refresh 💻
#missionarymomma #ldsmissionary #lovemymissionary #missionarymonday

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