I don't love #Mondayz ..... But it's one day closer to the weekend

This hair is everything @thehouseofdollsbyhenry Henry you’re absolutely amazing! #8hourslater #barbie #blondie #lovemylocks😍

Got on the Scene, Monat on the fast track to being the #1 hair care line in the US in 2018!!! What are you waiting for? Contact me and let’s get you loving your locks. ✨✨✨ My contact info is in the bio👆
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Busted . . . Early morning recovery drink before teaching and then a whirlwind of holiday shopping♡ When you have great hairstylists you can roll out of bed and love your hair☆♡☆ @walidnchaya @danifaraj #brightonsalon #lovemylocks😍 #lovetheholidays #gobblegobble🦃 #thanksgivinginla #coffeeteaorme

I kinda wish someone would've tagged me in this warning before I started 🤣🤣🤣 "...you will not be able to keep your fingers out of your hair"😍😍😂😂😂😍😍😍 I mean, have you seen my live videos on Facebook???? #lovemylocks😍 #sosoft

I spent the afternoon with my hair in a replenishing masque. I rinsed my hair in cold water waiting for it to not feel slippery because that's when I know it's rinsed out except this time it was just that my hair felt slippery because it was finally hydrated! I could actually run my fingers through my hair when it was wet! It didn't feel harsh, dry, and tangly. I'll be honest. I wasn't looking forward to blow drying my hair because it gets tangled in the brush and super frizzy like a lion's mane. Then I have to tame it with more products and irons. BUT...this time I could brush it! I could run my fingers through it to separate it! I could use a round brush without it getting stuck and creating a terrible rats nest! And it wasn't frizzy when I got done! I added 2 drops of the oil to tame the flyaways and that's it! Super fast! Super easy! And I could blow dry my long hair like a professional! That never happens! I'm so so so happy I found these products! It's going to be a life changer and I'm going to save money bc I won't have to buy every hair product known to man to tame my mane! You can see I have a lot of breakage but I'm working on that! It's only wash #2! Oh, and did you notice the shine?! #lovemylocks😍

#2yearsinthisgamebabbbeeeeee #saluteME💁🏽 #BOW👊🏾 #lovemylocks😍 SN: God is sooooooo amazing! 🙌🏾 look back over your life & see what he has brought you through & see where he is taking you! #MyGod

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