Seems like I’m always waiting for my dad to come home 💙😭
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Tak bardzo chciałabym być z Tobą, czuć twego serca bicie. Za każdą chwilę z Tobą oddała bym całe swoje życie!♡ #tattoo#lovemydad#

Just hanging with my Daddy at work today. Hoping mommy takes me with her one day!!! #lovemydad #workinggirl

So grateful to have started and ended my year long journey at Burning Man. This year was like coming home AND I got to experience it with my father. Just days after his 72nd birthday and after a few years of serious health scares, he made it. It’s an understatement to say that my heart was overjoyed to experience it with him. It’s interesting how you can know someone well but then you “meet” them at the burn or on a trail in a forest you have the opportunity to get to know a different version of the person, one without guards up protecting them from judgement or expectations and void of any ties to social or economical status and everyday stressors. Just pure wonderment and childhood enthusiasm. I met my dad this year at Burning Man. It was pretty badass.
P.s. You know we did it right because this is the only picture I have of us.
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🎉Today is a very special day. 56 years ago one of the most important person in my life was born, my DAD. I can’t put into words how much I love him. I’m blessed to have him in my life. He’s one most kind, generous, intelligent, cultured, loving, passionate and honest person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. So today I want to wish him the best this world has to offer; happiness, peace, prosperity, health and love. May God keep blessing him every day of his life and may his days be prolong on this earth. Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you so much!! ——————————————————-🎉Hoje é um dia muito especial. 56 anos atrás, uma das pessoas mais importantes da minha vida nasceu, meu pai. Eu não posso colocar em palavras o quanto eu o amo. Eu sou abençoado por tê-lo em minha vida. Ele é uma das pessoas mais carinhosa, generosa, inteligente, culta, amorosa, apaixonada e honesta que eu já tive o prazer conhecer. Então hoje eu quero te desejar o melhor que este mundo tem a oferecer; felicidade, paz, prosperidade, saúde e amor. Que Deus continue abençoando-o todos os dias de sua vida e que seus dias sejam prolongados nesta terra. Pai, FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!!! Eu te amo muito!! ❤️#lovemydad

Fell asleep on Dad didn’t I? #sleepy #lovemydad #daddiesboy

Had the most wonderful foot massage today, given to me by my....DAD!!! He was as good as any reflexologist I’ve had elsewhere (bar the wonderful Claire of course) and as she was sick today I snapped him up when he offered. He’s watched her when she’s been here and taught himself a while ago.
It’s such a treat when you’re laid up in bed feeling shite. In fact it inspired me to actually book a mobile therapist tomorrow to come and give me a pedicure with massage at the hospital. Why didn’t I think of this before? If it’s any good I’m booking a manicure! Can’t remember the last time I painted my nails. Months ago!

As you can see, I’m def improved on last Friday when I took a real downturn! God I felt awful... Everyone can see the difference in me including myself. I can just about get to the toilet now by myself at a snails pace whereas last week it took 2 nurses and I had zero strength to get up myself from the loo seat. Sounds ridiculous but my thighs have no power in them at all. Scary stuff. I know I wouldn’t be able to get in and out of our sports cars unaided atm!

Am gradually seeing improvements including the fact I can type this update in pretty much one go. I’ve not been using my phone or social media much. Hard to explain but it’s like I haven’t got any concentration or desire to even pick it up as the effort of doing so is ginormous.... That’s all for now. IF anyone is thinking of a visit, I’m likely here till Friday...send me a private message. I’m open to seeing people but there’s a fine line for getting tired if I have too many as I found to my detriment.
Can’t actually believe I supposedly have over 1000 followers on Instagram?! Really??? If you’ve read this then maybe give it a ‘like’ I’d def be interested to see how many do actually read.
Love you all lots and your messages really have given me willpower, strength, hope and determination. Reading them I felt inspired so thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
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When I was young I would grab my father’s arm and swing from it. I loved that he could pull me up with just one arm. His bicep muscles would bulge, and he looked like the strongest man on earth to me. Today, I no longer swing from his arm, that would be weird, but I still walk with him, his arm in mine, and when I look at him, underneath the not so smooth skin, I still see the strong man of my youth. So, this is my dad’s hero pose. #canon5dmarkiv #fatherlylove #myhero #lovemydad #heropose #highspeedsync #AD200 #70200mmf28 #demarestfarms #applepickingday

Really missing my dad today .. But wearing Plaid makes me feel closer to him ..He was the King of Plaid shirts #lovemydad

Always hold onto faith 😊😍☺️
and be grateful for who you are today♥️ I always feel such a let down after spending the weekend with my dad we work hard we cook we laugh and last weekend we talked he talked my sister and I listened! It was awesome heartfelt love and coming home I’m so thankful of the commitment I made to take care of my dad! Care taking is hard but best feeling saying I love you dad see you next weekend he say yes see you then♥️

Paris: j’ai allumé un lampion pour que mon père ne souffre pas jusqu’à la fin. Et ça me rappel que je dois profiter de la vie pendant qu’il est encore temps, alors c’est ce que je fais maintenant! #mydad #paris #myman #lovemydad #loveparis

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