I just wanted to share this before and after - on my herbie journey!! I have lost a total of 10kg and still losing - I have so much energy, I’m finally pain free in my knee, off my anti depressants and loving my body reshape. I can’t believe I will be 46 yrs young in December and feeling this good. #herbalifenutrition #lovemycoach #happinessthroughnutrition

Lo más importante no es la competición sino, el trayecto hasta llegar a ella, esos entrenos, la dieta, clases de posing en las que acabas sudando y con agujetas, pero lo mejor en realidad es la gente que te acompaña y que te guía en el camino, que te aconseja y te quiere, que está pendiente de ti en todo momento y esa eres tu @lapaulettefitness
Gracias por guiarme a lo largo de éste tiempo, por hacerme ver todos mis valores, por creer en mi, por estar a mi lado cuando más te necesito sin tener que pedírtelo, por tus palabras de apoyo y ánimo, gracias por no soltrame jamás de la mano 💖 pero sobretodo, gracias por ser mi amiga y no sólo mi entrenadora. LOVIU 💎
Seguimos de baja, sin entrenar, y haciendo la dieta sólamente.
Cuando vuelva será más fuerte q nunca y siempre, guiada por ti como todos éstos años.
REEMBER PRE-competi en Valencia 💎👭
#fitnessbikini #teampaulette #girls #ifbb #gym #fitnessaddict #lovemycoach #lovemyfriend

My favorite Cane! #round3 #gocanes #lovemycoach 💜💛💜💛💜💛

This one right here, dead center, @adoreme_houston .
So proud of BABY! . WELL DESERVED 👏🏽
#nationals #miaminationals #procard #procardhungry #teamie #phenobeauty #lovemycoach @k_thefitbarbie @ifbbjacqueslewis

*Email from my AMAZING Coach this week serves as a reminder that restrictive dieting is NOT the answer if you want to to lose body fat and gain more lean muscle mass.
A month in and I've seen massive changes in my body and my performance. I eat Way more food than I used to and I am not restricting anything, ie; This is not just another trending diet.
The key is balance (Duh), but knowing WHEN to eat WHAT and gaining a basic understanding of metabolic chemistry. *It's really not that complicated!*
If you eat less energy (food) than your body requires, your body adapts by making the most of whatever food it does receive. Holding onto fat stores and using the muscle to provide the energy you're deprived of by not eating.

Loss of muscle mass slows down your metabolism. Think; the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn at rest!! (Netflix and chill). 😊
PS. Endless amounts of cardio doesn't work either. Pick up and move heavy things instead. 💪

NEVER open my emails , THE DAY I DID world gym ( The Gym hd) sent me this email .I still remember walking around for 1hour desperately looking through supplements asking chad wtf do I buy , I bump into John &jacky they’re like try Status Rx you’ll love it & Out of ALLLLLL the classes & times & flexible schedule I had I decided to do a 5am with Coach Aaron & that day changed my experience forever I usually hate waking up early but I’m so thankful I did 🙏🏻 coach since then has became my favorite human being at the gym . I look up to you so Much coach !!!!! . Thank you @thegymhd for having the best trainers in the area. #trainw/THEbest #lovemycoach #thegymhd

When you think you are fat and found out it's a joke. I gained three kg and with a bf 18 % I feel fat. My waist is bigger and I hate it, but the mirror and the picture shows than it isn't so very bad at all as I think it is. Happily it is wintertime and summer is very far away. Still working on this body while I am getting older and older.. .
#sixtyone#workthatbody#womenliftingweights #fitoversixty#earlymorningcheck#lovemycoach

Often times we get caught up in our goals, dreams and forget that there are people out there that would love to support us in manifesting our calling and destiny. Isn’t it time you reached out? You don’t have to go it alone. Besides it’s more FUN moving forward with people! #aloneyougofasttogetherwegofar @elliessandler @_hedalyn @fairsharilyn @bree_cross2014 @ashley3schultz @ashleynikole.turner @charityambrose @badassmountainmama #lovemygirls #lovemysupport @kimmichelledeadderpullan #lovemycoach

6week difference 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’m so excited for 2019 new goals and a amazing coach =great things will happen.... #mycoachrocks #bodybuilding @theabchick #transformation #lovemycoach #bikinicompetition #2019 #newgoals #muscle #leaner #motivated #sherocks

Have you ever wondered if hiring a Personal Trainer is worth the money? The answer is 120% worth every penny!! These two pics are less than 4 months apart!! “If at first you don’t succeed.... try doing what your trainer told you to the first time”. Coach @michelle_mcdaniel, I always knew how to play but YOU taught me how to WIN!!! Thank You!! for always believing in me, motivating and inspiring me through every painful rep and tear!! Priceless!! You’re the BEST!! 👊🏻💪🏻 #lovemycoach
👉🏽Hey you all I do have 3 spots left for my online training and if you’re in Arizona and want to train 1 on 1 message me and we can see if we are a good fit! 👈🏽
Still can’t get over the fact that this was @strongissexy1 first freaking show! Thank you for letting me train you! .
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