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Accidents happen, even to sick dogs. Tori broke her first tooth ever Monday night in a very nontypical way. With pain meds to keep her comfortable over night, we went to have it taken out yesterday morning. Her health made it a risky procedures, but she handled it like a champ. I will never get over how strong she is. -----------------------
I ended up taking the off from school to take her in and help out with the procedure. Once she was fully recovered from the anesthesia later that day, we had a beach barbecue early dinner which turned into a full on beach romping. Confession time: I've always tended to be pretty up tight and strict with Tori being out in public. There could be an empty beach and if there were no dogs allowed...we didn't go on the beach. She was rarely let off leash if other people were around for fear they may get annoyed with her running around or fear of an aggressive dog being nearby. I am overly cautious and considerate. But yesterday, I threw all of that out the window. While walking along the beach, Tori gave her usual begging eyes to be allowed to go play. She even threw in a few sad whines. Her face when I reached down and unclipped her leash was priceless. I threw all fears and anxieties away yesterday, and it was the best decision I have ever made. We both ended up soaking wet, covered in sand and with a few bird feathers in our hair and fur that fell off as they frantically flew away from us. A dog also not on a leash greeted Tori and growled at her, but Tori just happily trotted away, not allowing anything or anyone to ruin our mood. Pushing aside my worries and cautious nature for Tori was difficult, but the pictures I got made me feel guilty that I hadn't done it sooner in her life. --------------------
I'm sad she broke her tooth and had to go through it. But, in a way, her breaking it and requiring me take off a school day is why we were able to have such a fun afternoon at the beach. Life is funny.

#dogmom #beachday #boxermom #lovemydog #lovemyboxer

Cuddle time 💞 #sweetdreams #lovemyboxer


Loving on Nanny! 😍 Pretty sure he was after the M&Ms on the table! Lol #lovemyboxer #kingko #doglife #boxerdog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram

My old girl doesn't want mom and dad going anywhere. #boxer #lovemyboxer #boxerdogs #boxersrule

Dempsey old man George and Frazier #boxer #boxerdogsrule #lovemyboxer #boxerpuppy #boxerworld

Loves his new bed ❤️🐾

Brought my girl to vet to get weighed and get her Trifexis for the month!! She's healthy and weighs a whopping 39.8lbs!!! #boxermom #boxerlove #boxerlife #mylife #mylove #myworld #mommasbabby #mywigglebutt #lovemyboxer

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