My morning routine is to wake up before 6am 😴, come downstairs to this room filled with the morning sun and make a bottle for the baby (and an nespresso for the mama), then we turn on some “educational” cartoons and I drink my coffee while I hold my girl. Eventually, she wants to play toys and explore the room - until then, I am completely satisfied with doing nothing 😊❤️ #freedom .
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I love seeing the #fallfoliage color in the trees. Any little bit stands out against the backdrop of #evergreens. Color makes me happy. How about you? It adds to the mundanes of life.
The definition of color is the quality of an object or substance with respect to light, reflected by the object, usually determined by the measurement of hue, saturation and brightness of that light. Isn’t that interesting?
Jesus is the light, and He shines on us and we reflect Him. How much of Him do you want? How much do you want to reflect? Does your color shine so you can shine on someone else and affect their life? Shine On!!
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My beautiful mom in fall colors 🍁


Girlboss, when you wake up - you have to have intention behind your thoughts. You can't simply roll out of bed, rush into the bathroom, grab some toast, head out to work, and then start your day feeling behind.⠀

Especially if you also run a side hustle too.⠀

You have to create a routine that gives you creative time to use your energy wisely. ⠀

A great way to start your morning is by waking up early enough to meditate, journal, and/or read a chapter of your favorite personal development book. ⠀

Personal growth is vital for happiness / and doing this in the morning is a great way to cast vision on the rest of your day.⠀

Other things you can do:⠀
1️⃣ Exercise⠀
2️⃣ Have a healthy breakfast⠀
3️⃣ Write out 3 things you're grateful for⠀
4️⃣ Create a MUST DO list of only 2 things to accomplish⠀
5️⃣ Write what you want to RELEASE that day⠀
6️⃣ Pull affirmation cards ⠀

I love creating morning routines for myself because I'm a typical Capricorn who loves order & routine - but I'd love to know - are you a routine kinda Girlboss or do you like to wing it in the morning? ⤵️⠀

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Have you ever met men that can survive in the Utah mountains alone without any shelter or food for days? I have! And they created InstaFire, an all-natural instant fire starter, owned by Frank Weston and Konel Banner while on a Mountain Man rendezvous.⠀

Fast forward a few years and this duo appeared on Shark Tank, and nabbed both Mark Cuban AND Lori Greiner as investors.⠀

I help Instafire with their Walmart account, and they're also on Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement, Target and their own website.⠀

Photo credit @instafireinc

If your brand were a drink, what would it be? Why? 🔥🔥

For me? A dark microbrew while wearing biker boots at a bar in a 5 star hotel. That “yes I know there’s a dress code, but I’ll wear what I want, and have the draft beer, not the champagne, thanks” kind of feeling 😉💃

I need some weekend... I wake up every day at 6 am and you?

Washington DC

How To Develop Healthy Communication Skills As A Entrepreneur.
Hi there you, hope you're Tuesday has kicked of to an amazing start? Mine has been a stress field day, but I'm okay with that - because for me as a business owner and entrepreneur I'm moving in the right direction so it can get stressful sometimes. .
Today I want to touch on in my Business Tip of the day, which by the way you can find more of on my amazing site rachaelacademy.com.
Developing good communication skills.
Developing good communication skills is essential in all walks of life and different situations. All our relationships rely on us having some level of good communication.
Also in our work and in our business. So how can we tell if we are actually good communicators? Well I would love you to read my latest post on the subject, link in my bio, do note that the link will only be up for today as I post daily business and entrepreneurial tips for the discerning business owner. So with that I wish you an awesome Tuesday until tomorrow.
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Business school and the corporate world left @KourtneyThomasCoach with a fixed idea of what a business should look like. She believed there were two buckets for businesspeople—one for their business world and another for their personal life—and never should the two intersect.

Eventually, she realized that philosophy didn’t suit her personality. When she launched her own business, something was missing and holding her back. Working with her mastermind group and her spouse, she eventually realized she needed to change her branding from a cool but complicated business name to her name. She was her brand, and it was time to lean into that fact. •
On @LightbulbMomentPodcast this week, she’s sharing why she hesitated to brand with her own name and how moving to a personal brand helped skyrocket her business.

Listen wherever you get podcasts 🎧 or at the link in my bio.

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Two of my favorite things. Leopard and (faux) Fur
this coat from @jamesascher is easily the most fabulous thing in my closet 😍🐆 Use code Rachel15 to save 😍 #sponsored

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