Ac: deadaudio (I think)
DT: @lauren.cohan

Honk honk
Don’t repost
Dt @the_anime_unasomething

this edit came out of my ass but so did umi
#shoumethegay: cool-colored hair character

happy late birthday to my girl maki 💞💞
—dt @otihes :)

happy bday maki chan!! (///3///)
dt. @otihes 💜
audio: be my baby - remix
#llsif #loveliveedit #maki #nishikino #makinishikinoedit #edit #amv #loveliveamv #makiedit #lovelivedit

Hbd Maki! Shes not super high on my best girls list so i tried to make up for it w this edit but i failed 😪

Flash warning :’)
Happy birthday to 1st best girl
Don’t repost
Dt @the_anime_universe_
#lovelive #loveliveedit #loveliveamv

Happy (late) birthday to my best girl! You is a blessing to this world and anyone who disagrees is wrong 😪

happy happy happy birthday to the best girl of all best girls, the wife of all wives, the darling of all darlings-
I might not have been in the fandom for too long but I could gush on and on about how much I love you even though I’ll never be able to fully express it in words she’s so sweet and kind and I tear up or scream or both when I see or think of her because she’s just everything, the epitome of perfection, all in one gorgeous figure and I love her to bits, she shines brighter than all the stars in the universe combined and she’s so ridiculously lovable like? what’s there not to love about her? she’s so thoughtful and caring and considerate but energetic and cheerful too and of course she’s adorable and she can cook! she’s the perfect wife and I’m sosososososososo soft for her she’s my sun, my moon, and all my stars, and the loml, and my everything, my bbg, she deserves everything and all the kindness and appreciation in the world today and every single day inhales
happy birthday bbg I love you 💙

dt @myungsoap bc it’s your birthday too and I said everything on sc already but I just wanted to let you know i love you again and to wish you happy birthday (again), this edit is for you too bc one direction lmao and yeah I love youuuu 💓💕💖💞💓💕💖💞
song: one direction - steal my girl

happy (late) bday You!

Friendly reminder Lei means the world to me
I love her sm aaa
I’m sorry the past few days have been horrible but remember that i’m here for you if you ever need me
Ily Lei❤️
Dt: @iruxsu
Ac: @/eecchixd

overrated audio for an overrated girl 😳
— dt: @oharamvs obviously

We love one fallen angel
Don’t repost
Dt @idkag00dname 🤠
#lovelive #loveliveamv #loveliveedit

happy birthday my baby you watanabe 💙💙💙
dt: me and all You’s stans

best girls !!!
🍒 series: love live school idol project (maki, nozomi, nico) , love live sunshine (yohane, kanan, mari), citrus (harumin, yuzu).
ac: me
song: can’t take my eyes off of you - frankie valli

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