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Yaz bitti bizim tatil yeni başladı. Biz de azcık kaçalım dedik İstanbuldan. Hava güzel, doğa güzel, hayat güzel. Nerede olursan ol seni sevgiyle saran bir eşin varsa gerçekten hayat güzel. Her kesin mutlu, huzurlu ve güzel bir hayatı olsun 🙏🏻Güzel bir pazar günü dileğiyle 🙏🏻😍😘💞🎈👌👫💏👙👒🎒🦋🐠🌞👍#hayatagülümse#hayatsevincegüzel#lovelifebeauty#lovelifeallways#mylove#mylife#hayatpaylaşıncagüzel😊😍🙏🏻👌💞

Life is a picture. You're an artist who paints her daily. Whatever happens, remember, you can always take the bright colors and turn it into a masterpiece. #lovelifeallways 🦋🌹💙

Summer is around bathe corner lovesummer#sydneysummerishere#lovelifeallways#

Happy birthday to this amazing soul @shieladx !😊🤙🏽
One of my great teachers in the lesson that Family has nothing to do with being blood related.
I love you little sister.😘❤️

Use soft words and hard argument🔞

Travelling is a bliss 👸🏻 I wish to explore every unusual and beautiful thing in this world 🙄 👯 #lovelifeallways

I always want to give my best and do the best I can. #smilegratitude
#lovelifeallways #myonlyone
#myloves❤️ #prakash


Speaks volumes . The energy I have is bringing me so much light and compassion for life again in the last few months,working on branding myself in a major way just wait on it #begreattoday #fuckyou #ifyoudontknownowyouknow #lovelifeallways

We failed our battle for now but soon we will surely celebrate our Victory 😊 @authormitch #wewillsurvive #journeytonewlife #embracethechanges #lovelifeallways

TerSPECIAL banget hari ini khusus a @didien9293 😆😆 Seneng banget bs ktm aa..setelah sekian lama merindu😁
Bahagia terus yah aa😊😊
*ketjup manja buat aa tersayang😘😘
#happy #weddingday #hijab #love #enjoy #lovelifeallways #happyfriends #bestfriendgoals #kesayangans #happyfaces #hijabersindo #like4like #likeforfollow #ceritaaku #TS

Viajar enriquece a alma, abre a mente e faz bem ao ♡. #lovetravel #lovelifeallways

Not only should we aim for physical fitness, our mental fitness plays a huge role into reaching any of our goals in life. It starts with staying happy & being grateful. But it needs to be long-term & a change of your mentality.... By Dr. Bradberry:

We’re always chasing something—be it a promotion, a new car, or a significant other. This leads to the belief that, “When (blank) happens, I’ll finally be happy.” While these major events do make us happy at first, research shows this happiness doesn’t last. A study from Northwestern University measured the happiness levels of regular people against those who had won large lottery prizes the year prior. The researchers were surprised to discover that the happiness ratings of both groups were practically identical.

The mistaken notion that major life events dictate your happiness and sadness is so prevalent that psychologists have a name for it: impact bias. The reality is, event-based happiness is fleeting.

Happiness is synthetic—you either create it, or you don’t. Happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. Supremely happy people have honed habits that maintain their happiness day in, day out. Try out their habits, and see what they do for you:

They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures.

By nature, we fall into routines. In some ways, this is a good thing. It saves precious brainpower and creates comfort. However, sometimes you get so caught up in your routine that you fail to appreciate the little things in life. Happy people know how important it is to savor the taste of their meal, revel in the amazing conversation they just had, or even just step outside to take a deep breath of fresh air.

They exercise.

Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses. Happy people schedule regular exercise and follow through on it because they know it pays huge dividends for their mood.

They spend money on other people.

Research shows that spending money on other people makes you much happier than spending it on yourself. This is especially true of small things that demonstrate effort,

Cabelo bagunçado,calça rasgada,maloqueira,na paz tá ligado !

Live with gratitude and celebrate all that is good today and everyday.😊 Being alive is a special occasion 😊✋ #ilovemyfamily

A preview of the project @skuuta_ and I worked on today today🤓😉😇#musicvideoshoot #skuuta #newyork #brunettegirl👑#makeup #model #lovelifeallways

lite morgon stretch 🤓#breathing #lovelifeallways

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