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Dear Fangirl, .

For many years I have heard people saying they finished a book and just wanted to hug it to their chest because they loved it so much. I figured this was just an expression of highest adoration— until I finished you. I felt so sparkly and happy that I literally hugged you to my chest. Because of you I went seeking out fan fiction and realized what a creepy, weird, and dangerous world THAT can be. But I also found a legit fan fic about Draco and Hermoine (Isolation) that is actually one of my favorite things ever ever ever. I will collect all the editions of Fangirl and Carry On without shame, because every shelf deserves that kind of happiness on it. .

Sparkle rainbow hug to the chest,
Hikari .

Today I wanted to share with you a super fun book I’ve been reading called, “Dear Fahrenheit 451—A Librarian’s Love Letters and Break Up Notes to the Books in Her Life” by Annie Spence. I have ADORED this book. (even if I would have written a very different kind of letter to The Hobbit, which Annie clearly missed the point on. hahah) .

One of my favorite things about Instagram is that I enjoy hearing peoples stories and opinions surrounding books. I like seeing how people felt about books I loved or hated and I love hearing how they impacted people’s lives. This book was all that and it was funny and cleverly written and engaging. .

There was also a section in the back of excuses to tell your friends so you can stay home and read, how to turn your lover into a reader etc. .

Honestly enjoyed reading this one and it’s the kind of book you want to lend to friends or give as a fun gift. Thank you to @flatiron_books for sending me a copy, because it was fun to read. .

I’d love for you guys to drop a love note or a break up note to a book in the comments today. Doesn’t have to be long (unless you want it to be. haha) but I’d love to read some of them!

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Learn how to be generous - anonymously. In today's world of cellphones and live streaming, even giving to others is be publicized and capitalized. Give without others knowing. Trust me, it feels so much better. I don't have any riches to give, but here are my words, take it.
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Note: I don't mean plagiarize it though ok? Lol 😂
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Father forgive me I sinned
A "friend told me I looked like her her her"
I hate nothing more than liars
half truths are nothing to me

just an old fashioned girl
RG @jmstormquotes

remember with age comes even more beauty my love because with it becomes more intelligence more experience more love more of what makes you You
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