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"Mom. Can I do the dishes for you? And then I'll give Bailey a bath." 😍 As they get older, I start to understand what their love language is. And she happens to be speaking one of mine right now too. Such a sweet girl. #lovelanguages #actsofservice

πŸ’— Couples NUDE YOGA this Saturday night in Perth. Room for one more lucky couple! We are delving into #lovelanguages
Book in via rosierees.com/workshops
Photo by @feathertribe

Pretty custom order out the door this morning. Marble wrapping paper by @katieleamon satisfies my need to wrap and give gifts, so win win. πŸ˜‚ #lovelanguages #littledetails #marbledpaper

We started the week in the east coast and we'll be ending the week in Africa! Leaving for Tanzania tomorrow. You can follow @soma_rp for occasional updates from our missions trip to help provide fresh drinking water to villages without this basic resource πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ΏπŸ’¦ #dluxsabbath

I think I fell in love with handwritten notes when I started teaching. My lifeline that first crazy year was the stream of positive notes that came in from my dean, coach, teammates and students. The summer after year one I went on a trip with a teacher friend and she told me that she bought postcards on her vacations to send back to family and friends. I watched her buy them on the trip and spend time on the vacation writing notes to special people in her life.
Since then I’m not ashamed to say that I've adopted her tradition wholeheartedly. I travel often and whenever I do I buy a handful of postcards to send back to the people I love. Words of encouragement is one of my #lovelanguages and I enjoy spending time at a local coffee shop or a bar in a new city writing to others. πŸ’Œ

Many of you were surprised that I started learning Arabic😳, many of you questioned "why?πŸ€”" So I actually have many reasons to learn this beautiful language. 1️⃣ First is that for me as philologist it was some kind of challenge, to prove that it is not that difficult as it seems! 2️⃣ Second is that I have plan to use it forward for one of my projects, that the only close group of people know! 3️⃣ Third reason is that I want to crush racism upon the Arabs, and remind all people that everything is not only about nation, it is about the culture!!! "Hello friends! Not a long time ago I started learning Arabic language, how is my accent?πŸ˜„" ( the translation of the video message πŸ‘†πŸΌ)

#5lovelanguages 2.Receiving gifts. Menerima hadiah, bukan berarti 'matre' ya. Anda yang berbicara dengan bahasa cinta ini, sangat menghargai atau melihat ada cinta yang besar dibalik sebuah pemberian. Kamu sangat menghargai usaha si pemberi hadiah. Kamu akan merasa dimengerti, diperhatikan, dan dihargai lebih dari segala pengorbanan yang diusahakan oleh si pemberi untuk memberikan hadiah tersebut kepada kamu

#love #lovelanguages

Feeling loved and appreciated. My sweet nephew @sowande_walker bought me a McDonald's caramel frappe today with his own money and surprised me with it. This comes after our discussion about my love languages yesterday (gifts and acts of service). He also put away the groceries when he came in the house without me asking 😍😍😍 #lovelanguages #actsofservice #gifts #summerfun #mynephewlovesme

Grandpa is famous for his giant-sized pancakes that cover your plate to the rim. But because Baby Bear is the baby not just of my family, but if the entire family, he made her her very own plate of baby sized pancakes. And she ate every last one 😍
We got in really late last night, and of course kids don't know what "sleep in" means. My dad got up early with my kids and made them all breakfast while I slept. It melted my heart! Service is definitely my love language. What's yours?
#cabinlife #grandpabishop #lovelanguage #service #lovelanguages


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say our family has a strong touch love language. #lovelanguages #siblings #homeschool #4kids #3yearold

Join us MONDAY NIGHT for a webinar on one of the MOST IMPORTANT topics of parenthood! You + Your Significant Other: How to Navigate Your Relationship After Baby with BCB Resident Expert and author, Kelley Rompza Kitley, will be one of the most important talks you watch as an expectant or new parent (seasoned parents are more than welcome to watch too!). USE THE CODE FACEBOOK and registration is 50% off. BCB VIPs are always FREE (login for the code). #parents #relationships #lovelanguages #nourish @bumpclubandbeyond

Exercise for today: Make your spouse laugh three times. Tell them a joke, show them a funny video, even do something silly yourself. Couples in #GreatMarriages are good at making each other laugh.
~ #LiamNaden
Go to my bio to find more information on my #saveyourmarriage and my #stopyourdivorce Programs.

If you've heard of the #lovelanguages - one of mine is coffee coffee coffee. My mum is very much the same, bless our hearts. β˜•
- - - - - -
It's a good day when it includes cappuccinos & our little (big) island nation boasts the best coffee in the world. But it sure tastes sweeter with loved ones near. My simple happy place- step away from obligation, pressure (mostly on self, amen?), and "haven't done's". Give me a coffee, good company & I'm set to recharge.
- - - - - -
What's one simple thing you can do wherever you are to recharge today? Seriously, I want to know! Share in the comments below β˜€β¬‡

Hey, hey, hey! We love weight loss yes we do! We love weight loss how about you? #clientsarekillingit #cleaneating #goals #snatched

Aaaaand that's a wrap, folks! Happy end of term to all our lovely Babel Babies and Bambinos! You can join us for FREE every hour from 12-6pm at @bristolharbourfestival tomorrow and Sunday (22nd/23rd July) in #Bristol or at our drop-in sessions at @lovewithybaths in #Didsbury over the summer holiday. Remember to enter our giveaway with @hello_lilollo to win a bundle of #language goodies that'll give your family plenty to talk about over the summer holiday. And September term dates will be ready to book on the website very soon. Keep an eye out for announcements or join our mailing list to be first to hear about booking. Buona vacanza! Bonnes vacances! #endofterm #summerholidays #lovelanguages

✝️β˜ͺ️ Bones festes! β˜ͺ️✝️ Disfruteu, perΓ² sempre amb el nostre proverbial "coneixement" πŸ˜‰

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Happy Friday!✨ For today only when you get a 15ml of Serenity, you receive a 15ml bottle of Balance FREE!!! Serenity and Balance are my love languages and they are two oils I never want to be without!
Here's a few ways we use each of these
-Serenity is a calming blend and we diffuser it almost every evening as part of a bedtime routine. -I will apply Serenity topically to the bottoms of the feet or add a few drops into an unscented lotion for extra relaxation. -Serenity is lovely to add to a bath! I add a few drops to a cup of epsom salt and add it to an evening bath for the kids. -Balance is a grounding blend and helps to reduce anxious feelings and promote a sense of calm. -I will bring Balance when I travel to help feel more secure and relaxed during long flights. -I diffuse Balance or add a few drops and inhale to help in feeling more grounded and relaxed during stressful situations.
What's your favorite way to use these oils?
#doterra #doterraoils #bogo #healthyliving #aromatherapy #wellnessjourney #essentialoils

It's way too late but I can't help myself looking at photos of the kids when they sleep... We've been focusing on #lovelanguages this week and realised this girl is a little gift giver πŸ’› And Arlo is πŸ’― percent hugs/snuggles/physical touch. This morning Eliza came in with "ice creams" for us all and Arlo came in wanting to snuggle in bed with us. I'm a lucky one to have these little love bugs in my life ✨ It is sooo rewarding to honour their expressions of love and see them shine. Tip I learned this week: to figure out your kids ask your child if they would rather A. or B. ie. do a puzzle together or tell them they're awesome (quality time vs words of affirmation). Really helps! X

#Repost @lifeonthephilpside
Fridays are my absolute favourite days!!! I had to go into work unexpectedly today but Benji came with me and of course charmed everybody! I made sure we had some quality time together this afternoon - I don't like one single day to go by without me having loved him how he deserves πŸ’™
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Mannn I've been knowing this since my last semester in college πŸ˜‚ but it's very helpful to know how you and your partner like to feel/show love. I'm a verrrryyyy touchy person so that's how I feel and show love. I know I also like to show love through gift giving and acts of service. But I HATE receiving gifts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no way Jose πŸ™…πŸ»πŸ™…πŸ»πŸ™…πŸ» #bored #1am #vibes #lovelanguages #learnaboutit #understandit #takethetest

This. πŸ˜‚#truth

Hand drawn designs are inspired by my real life- turned into this reel life for your visual & cranial stimulation #carnaldesires #walkthattalk #lovelanguages

Late nights turning into lunches xo #lovelanguages #lunchshift808 #design #hand

Today is Thursday #ζ˜ŸζœŸε››, when we learn basics such as descriptors.
The Oracle Bone Script shows the word big, #倧 (dΓ ). It sounds a little like "dar" as in "darling". It shows a grown person, as depicted through the long arms and legs. The Chinese character has simplified the arms to δΈ€.

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