I was working at the spa when I had the most unusual client...

Here she was, a happy woman, wanting to relax and unwind through massage...

I loved massage. I still do.
It’s the healing that happens through my hands into another human being.
Is the energy that encompasses the room and shifts it all into one of love.
People heal.

This lady was suffering. Like many of the people that come for massages.

She wanted to talk. I welcomed her wish. I listened.
She opened up. She was unhappy.
What she told me, broke my heart:

“I am waiting to go away for our holiday to Disney world, Florida. My favourite place.
We go there every year, for a full month.
That is the only place I can be me.
No one knows me there.
I can shout at my kids and be ok.
I can wear whatever I want.
I can eat what I please.
I can be fussy, I can be happy, I can be cranky.
I can be me.

We save money all year long to go there. That is what I live for. Every day of my life and all the plans we make are to do with Disney world. All we ever save for is that.”

It. Broke. My. Heart.

At a deep level I could relate to her pain.
But I did not know/accept that until last night.

The pain of not being accepted by others is the deepest pain there is.
But the pain of not being accepted by yourself, is excruciating.

I had the idea in my head that I have to chase after something that would make me feel like I am enough, when in reality it was just a matter of making peace with myself, talking to my heart and accepting it. Just like that.

Nothing, but nothing in this world can ever make me feel like I belong until I belong to myself.

Last night was powerful for me.
An enlightened soul has spoken to me and reminded me of who I am. And then I reminded myself. And then I made peace.

I am me. I am enough.
You are you. You are enough.
Florida or no Florida.
Disney World is inside us.

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I don’t always make enough time for LoveIsMyReligion but its amazing to me how you keep it going and how that slogan resonates with so many people. Ive heard the likes of Elon Musk and philosophers and punk people and so many others discuss the importance of kindness and love - not as some hippie idea that denies the hardship and hurt in the world - but as really the only way we can move forward. I think we are waking up to the idea that we are all connected, and hurting you is hurting me. It warms my heart quite literally, because that is hope. Thank you 🙏🏽 #loveismyreligion #claudemusungayi #organiccotton #shirts #limr #slogan #tshirt #loverules #love #lovequotes #onehumanfamily #kindness #kindnessmatters #carribean #carribeanblue #ecowear #lovemessage #bekind #behumble #sharingiscaring #organicshirt #mrc #biocotton #loveistheanswer #openyourmind #bekind #hope #elonmusk

We are all striving for the best. Striving to make more money, striving for that dream, that goal. We can only see what's in front of us, what's to come, but we tend to miss out on the NOW.

Time is passing so fast. It's like a week is 4 days now. Not 7. A month is like 2 weeks, not 4. A year is like 8 months, not 12.

If you dont take the time to enjoy NOW, before you know it , it's a year later, then another year, then another year. You end up missing so many wonderful things, wonderful people & wonderful experiences.
One of the one things that we never get back is time.
Time to do what we should have done, time to do what we could have done, time to do what we really would love to do.
We must make time for the present, right now, today. To just enjoy the moments, because we'll never get those back, and we have no idea what tomorrow's going to bring.

Never ever, think for a second that you cant enjoy your life. Never let anyone steal your joy. Take all the time you need and want to enjoy yourself.

This is your one go around, enjoy every SECOND.

Love, light & Inspiration
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I love the morning more and more. So much that I've decided to wake at 5 instead of 5:30 am. Early in the morning the veil is thin, and we are connected to the dream world. This morning brought some dreamy thoughts I'd like to share. .
This first part is in reference to thinking of myself as a teen and in my early 20's: "I didn't learn to be a functioning adult. I learned the behaviors I exhibited. Not knowing how to take care of or be mindful of things. Being in a loop of trauma - going through the motions. Why should I feel bad about this? The more I look at it from a distance, the more I am not surprised by how dysfunctional our society is. Everyone is screaming to wake up. Our systems, I imagine, can only take so many years (generations) of trauma and abuse. This is why Lightworkers are needed. This is why we are here. We would not be needed if it weren't so dark. The darker it is - the stronger light that is needed to see."
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It’s so cold in New York, but not when I’m with you♥️ #loveistheanswer

Fado. O nome dele é Fado. Nasceu num quintal. Ninguém o quis, nem aos seus quatro manos. Diziam que não queriam ali aquela 'porcaria'. Seres vivos sencientes não são 'porcaria'. Ameaçaram matar o Fado e os seus manos com tiros de caçadeira. Os cinco bebés foram acolhidos na União Zoófila. E é assim que o Fado olha para nós. Com medo. Como se esperasse que puxássemos da caçadeira. Querido Fado, aqui não há caçadeiras mas o amor é a mais certeira das armas.

Fado was born on a yard. He was not wanted. People wanted to shoot him. He's now at União Zoófila shelter. He's so afraid of humans. He needs love and attention.

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À la fin des années 1980, Lieserl, la fille du célèbre génie Albert Einstein, a donné 1400 lettres écrites par Einstein à l’Université hébraïque, avec ordre de ne pas rendre public son contenu jusqu’à vingt ans après sa mort. Ceci est l’une d’entre elles.
EXTRAIT : « Après l’échec de l’humanité dans l’utilisation et le contrôle des autres forces de l’univers, qui se sont retournées contre nous, il est urgent que nous nous nourrissions d’un autre type d’énergie. Si nous voulons que notre espèce survive, si nous voulons trouver un sens à la vie, si nous voulons sauver le monde et chaque être sensible qui l’habite, l’Amour est LA et la seule réponse. Peut-être nous ne sommes pas encore prêts à fabriquer une bombe d’Amour, un appareil assez puissant pour détruire toute la haine, l’égoïsme et la cupidité qui dévastent la planète. Cependant, chaque individu porte à l’intérieur un petit mais puissant générateur d’Amour dont l’énergie est en attente d’être libérée.
Lorsque nous aurons appris à donner et à recevoir cette Énergie universelle, chère Lieserl, nous pourrons affirmer que l’Amour conquiert tout, est capable de transcender tout et chaque chose, car l’Amour est la quintessence de la vie. Je regrette vivement de ne pas pouvoir exprimer ce qui, dans mon cœur, a palpité silencieusement pour toi toute ma vie. Il est peut-être trop tard pour demander pardon, mais comme le temps est relatif, j’ai besoin de te dire que je t’aime et grâce à toi, j’ai atteint l’ultime réponse.
Ton père : Albert Einstein »
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Manche Träume sehen wir steigen
Manche kehren wir wieder auf
Manche Tage gehen viel zu schnell vorbei
Doch wenn und das Glück wieder eiskalt erwischt erinnern wir uns vielleicht
Vielleicht sind wir noch gar nicht angekommen
Vielleicht sind wir noch unterwegs
Doch wir haben immer alles mitgenommen
Das Leben lebt man auf dem Weg ❤

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Mardi 20/11/2018

Qu'est-ce que je disais ?... Bravo les #GiletsJaunes 👍👏
Cela s'appelle se tirer une balle dans le pied !... Comme les secours seront bloqués par tes collègues, tu pourras te vider sans soins sur le bitume !... #BeautesEtHorreursDuMonde #ViensOnSAime #ViensOnSAimeMêmeSiTEsCon #LoveIsTheAnswer #LoveIsTheOnlyAnswer #LoveMustBeTheOnlyAnswer #Together #TogetherWeStandDividedWeFall #LAmourPlusFortQueLaHaine #Unité #Unis #Unity #United #UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

„Rudeness is merely an expression of fear. People fear they won't get what they want. The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved, and they will open up like a flower.“ (M. Gustave, The Grand Budapest Hotel)

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Η ομορφια στη δικη μου ζωη ειναι...να αποκαλυπτω υπεροχες χαρτοπετσετες στα super market... με εμπνεουν
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