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Gents 🕶 sending flowers will always earn you points 🌸🦋 thanks fav !!! 🙌🏼 #luckygirl

When your GodDaughter goes to work with you!! She said Nina where are we going? I said to take some pictures!! When she saw @NickCannon was there she was juiced!!! #NickLovesTheKids #LoveIsFREE #NickCannon #AntoniaB #OurFUTURE

😍 The ease and grace of being with you is truly breathtaking. Thank you for loving me as freely and as honestly as you do. Thank you for making me a priority everyday and for loving me exactly as I am. Te adoro mi cielo. // Long distance is annoying to say the least but we've made an effort to see each other once a month but now two months had gone by since we saw each other because of work and schedules not matching so I decided last minute (three days ago) to fly her to me so we could at least spend two days together. So incredibly worth it. Ahhhh harmony. 🌹 Spent the first half of the day together and then just dropped her off at the airport and now I'm here at the Bridgestone Arena getting ready to perform tonight with my @dangerouswomantour family. Happy Valentine's Day!! #LoveIsFree

Love yourself as big as the ocean •❤️•
Your biggest Life romance • 👌✨😊•
📷 : @marioschmitt74 Happyvalentineday#loveisfree#thepoweroflove#aanoukisswimwear#instamood

✨❤️: 3 cities in 3 days. Balancing Family&Friends. Just thankful for God, my mother for pushing my big head ass out of her , and my friends for putting up with my goofy self. #LoveIsFree

Almoço com a irmã linda😍😍😍
#boatarde #sister #loveisfree

Love is whatever you want it to be❤️🔶💛💚💙💜 #loveisfree

Whatever life gives me I'll try to make it meaningful🌹#keepitreal#loveisfree


ATTENTION!: I need ten people to show us some love next Saturday - The Valley has allotted my team member and brother @kas_theprofessor the opportunity to perform at the biggest party of the summer AS A HEADLINER - we need ten people to cop up to fulfill our end of the bargain yet #LoveIsFree. Hit our DMs to cop up! If you really real - reply with - "I'm There"

Almoço com a irmã linda😍😍😍
#boatarde #sister #loveisfree

Sin dolor no te hacés feliz, sin amor no te hacés feliz.

#girlpower #bigeyes #byn #loveisfree

TONIGHT PULL THRU 10pm-12:30am @exhale_bar_dc for the 2nd installment of "Master Peace" with myself and amazing band #theKoolBeans ! Bringing you great live music for the soul and good vibes for your mind. Free entry! Meet us there or beat us there. Can't wait to party again with you all! Always a pleasure! 💥✌🏽👁😎#soul #music #live #livemusic #friday #dc #dmv #md #va #washingtondc #nightlife #grownandsexy #peacelovesthesoul #loveisfree

We are so thankful for are good friends at @globaloutreach for delivering donated supplys to our Kenya team this week. "It means no worries for the rest of your days. Its our problem-free philosophy. Hakuna Matata!" -Pumba

Ne sahip olduğundur hayat, ne de umdukların bunca zaman. Yüreğin kadardır hayat! Seviliyorsan renkli, seviyorsan siyah beyaz./Can Yücel ...🌾 Hem sevip hem seviliyorsanız o da sizin renginiz olsun o zaman 🌾 #blackandwhite #colorsoflove #loveisfree #lifeisbeautiful #hayatadair #hayatandanibarettir

I've got a positivity disease and I hope everyone gets it. PS there is no cure. #bekind #love #kindness #loveisfree #stopthebullying #justsayno #whereisthelove #stopthenegativity #loveoneanother #stopsuicide #rip #fighter

Hace unos días me pidieron ayuda con este detalle💘, una persona que ni conocía, y es que cuando de amor se trata... Que viva el amor siempre!🎉🔝🌲#quelindos #love #❤️#loveisfree #loveforever #romantic

Yess I love him he changes my moods he makes me happy and mad at the same time ! But it's all the process of having a unconditional buddy 💙 #loveisfree #loveispatient #loveisgringo 💙 #oldeenglishbulldogge

Regran from @santhessol she wrote what's in the pic✌
I think a we've all been in this place in our life at some point~ maybe we feel an affinity & feelings for someone but it went silent and we aren't sure why and sometimes we are left with thoughts like this.
If you've tried to connect and its not returned, then let it be. If you love the person~ love them in a way that they are free to choose you and love yourself enough to know you deserve to be chosen. It's never a waist of time to love as Love will always be a positive in the life experience. Remember although affection needs to have reciprocity to be in balance ~ Love doesn't. As Love will always~ forever & ever amen ~ Be Free
Love anyway💖😉
Song: Love in a coffee shop by Landon Pigg
#landonpigg #fallingforyou #possiblities #lover #love #reciprocity #balance #feels #lettinggo #ichoseyou #sweetness #authenticity #poets #expression #loveisfree #energy #lifestyleblogger

"On the other side of it, always remember that you too can be the person of influence, so keep your communications inspiring and help create a vision for someone else's life other than your own" - @tonyrobbins 🙏🏻♥️🎶☀️ Have you ever noticed when someone else is yawning and you immediately start yawning too? Well the same goes for positivity and smiles. If you smile to someone they will smile back. And if they don't, they will subconsciously THINK about smiling and even if they get annoyed by your happiness they will question themselves why they aren't smiling more. It's like a mirror. If you look yourself in the mirror each day and you smile and you say to yourself that you are beautiful and that today you're going to shine and lift others up and you take a really close look to as how awesome you feel in that moment and how brave and confident your energy is by accepting everything about yourself in your reflection - than that is exactly what other people will see in you throughout the day ♥️ #loveisfree #staytruetoyourself #thinkpositive #typographyplay #loveunites #youniverse 🔮🦋

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