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@wearemisterrogersade a global impact by promoting #love and #acceptance. He really is an icon who will never be forgotten. Would be an amazing world if we had leaders with his grace and maturity. #importantmessage #spreadLove❤️ #beKind #loveOneanother❤️ #itstartswithYou #BelikeFred #loveiseverywhere #makeadifference

Los primeros bebés han llegado!!!!! #Babies #Caterpillars #Lepidoteros #ImALuckyBoy #ImChasingTheSun #LoveIsEverywhere 🌻🎶🎶🎶🐝

For some maybe it’s essential oils. For others maybe it’s journalling. Right now for me it’s kitty cuddles and reading my personal development book 😻📖 Mindfulness doesn’t have to look the same on everyone. It could be as simple as looking out the window for a minute or two. Or smelling fresh garlic and ginger cooking in a stir fry. Maybe it’s something else for you and that’s totally ok. Maybe it’s connecting to nature wherever possible, even if it’s just looking at pictures of nature or flowers on instagram when it’s crummy outside (which I have been doing quite a lot lately😅) Whatever it is for you, for me it’s simply those micro-moments where I feel most connected to my surroundings and am living outside of my head and my (sometimes) disordered thoughts. They may come easily some days but be harder to find on others. Whatever you can find, just be thankful that they happen, and know that the more you learn to take a step back out of your monkey mind, the more they will continue to come. ❤️
I have to admit, even I often forget that mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s why I created this name for the account, to remind myself and others to be more mindful, and to show you and myself how to feel good inside and out. ~
#mindfulness #dailymindfulness #kittycuddles #personaldevelopment #spiritjunkie #loveiseverywhere #buddhism #wellness #mentalhealthawareness #wellnessblogger #judithorloff @judith.orloff.md

A 💙 within a 💙 #loveiseverywhere #findinghearts

Y de repente la ciudad se empieza a llenar de jacarandas! 💕🌸🌆💕🌸 #primavera #cdmx

Love can be found anywhere! 😍💖

I was making pickled onions for the epic taco bar I’m masterminding for my friend’s 40th bday celebration 🎉 & check that out - 💜 shaped onions #loveiseverywhere #40ismagical

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