Sanjhi Mahotsav/Festival in Braj (September 25 - October 9, 2018)

Every autumn for two weeks, the Sanjhi Utsav is held throughout Braj. Sanjhi is a unique art form in which coloured powders, gems, flower petals or cow dung are used to draw detailed scenes of Radha and Krishna’s lilas. Sanjhi can be made on the ground, on walls, or even on the surface of water. But at the Shri Radharaman Temple, a special structure of raised earth is made, which becomes the canvas for sanjhi.
The mood is that Radharani is busy with her family during pitr paksh, and thus she is not able to meet Krishna freely. In separation, she prays to Sanjhi Devi and lovingly draws sanjhi of her various lilas with her Beloved. The next morning, Radharani removes the previous night’s sanjhi and creates a new one. On the last day of the festival, there is a celebration.

2. Kusum Sarovar sanjhi
3. Radha Krishna sanjhi
4. Yamuna Sanjhi
5. Shrinath ji sanjhi

***🌈IF YOUR READING THIS ITS NOT TOO LATE TO STEP INTO ONENESS☯️🕉💟*** I honour Myself and Mother Earth equally for we are One Goddess:
We are omnipotent, We are benevolent and We are omniscient.
The Divine (in) Me honours The Divine (in) You.


"I want him to take me in his arms. I can't take this separation anymore. I wish to make love with him." .
A still from #varnam where a #virahotkanthita nayika (heroin) is expressing her pain of the viyoga (seperation) from her beloved, to her #sakhi (friend)
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"For in a minute there are many days..." ~ Juliet

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