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Our 6 year Couple Transformation ❤️ @ellesha_michelle || i truly believe that staying with one person (if it's the right one) is the key to success and happiness. Im not saying we are perfect at all, just last night I dropped Ellesha's iPhone into the bath and by all means I was in trouble 🤣 we have arguments and fights but to be honest it's very rare and it's solved quickly. How do we live so happy for so many years? It's simple, other than having the most understanding and caring girl in the world. We also put ourselves in each others shoes so to speak. So we think about how each situation would affect each other. We tell each other how we feel, like really feel. Which most relationships don't! Most men have ego's so they get angry instead of just opening up. (I used to do this a lot) most women are anxious and emotional so they don't want to say how they really feel. (Ellesha is still working on this 😘) By pushing each other to do better in life not money wise but to chase your dreams and goals! Whatever you are passionate about your partner should support that no matter what! We are not rich (far from it), we are not perfect. But Ellesha is perfect in my eyes and I'd say she would say that as well for me, (Oh and I fixed her iPhone so I'm also a genius 🤓.) Love is truly about dropping your walls, we have all been hurt but the person your with right now deserves a clean start, let go of both your pasts and live in the now and plan for the future. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for reading 📖 this just from my heart and I want to help anyone who's in a relationship and wants to be Happy 💯
#realcouple #couplegoal #6yearanniversary #lovehertodeath #transformation #partnersincrime

Wouldn't be the person that I am today without her. Therefore I wanna wish a Happy Mother's Day to the most important lady in my life
#mum #lovehertodeath

so glad God gave me this girl as my sister ❤️ #lovehertodeath

Terrible singing but she asked for it. #babygirl #terriblesinging #lovehertodeath


When Nea's auntie comes to visit (yes, she's my sister!)! 👯@crys209 #happybaby #lovehertodeath #memorialdayweekend #mybestfriend #pitties #bostonterrier

My baby girl she growing up sooooo fast I love it!!!! I'm just having a moment right now!!! Gods she sooooooo beautiful Nd perfect !!!! I'm soooooo happy god gave me dis child!!! My girly/tomboy baby panda!!! Baby panda growing up y'all !!! #basketball#shorts #tho#mybeautifuldaughter #babypanda #lovehertodeath #cambodianfinests #mixedbaby #myhalfbreed #lol 😍😍😍😍

Missing my better half, always. She's always making weird noises or doing weird things. I caught it perfectly. I love her goofy ass! Take the time and tell someone you love them, right now.. and say it as if tomorrow does not exist, because in all reality tomorrow is non existent until today passes away. I love you mamas. #babymama #lovehertodeath #alwaysmissingmygirl #dontkillmebabe

The cutest pup I ever did see 😍 photo cred @perry_amandaa #sheistoocute #myfirstpet #puppy #perfect #blessed #lovehertodeath

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