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Happy November New Yorkers! In case you have avoided doing the math, there are only 4 more weeks until Thanksgiving!
Between commuting, work, and family, there is LITTLE time left for holiday baking...
This year I have a solition..hit up @kt.otero and let her do the baking for you!
Kat offers custom made pumpkin, cherry, and apple pies made from LOCALLY sourced ingredients...AND she is also donating a portion of all profits to FEEDINGNYC.
I love this because with each pie sold you are also helping to bring Thanksgiving to families in our community that are in need!
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My favorite verse in the Bible has always been, "Your care for others is the true measure of your greatness."
I am very involved in my community on many different levels and I have recently been feeling that that oldschool, STRONG since of community that used to be is fading. The bodegas once owned by a neighbor are being replaced by 7-11. The local supermarkets are being driven out due to outrageous rent increases (gentrification) and replaced by corporations. And those quaint, local restaurants unique to the culture of their neighborhood are being replaced by Starbucks and fast food chains.
To have a strong community, the members of that community have to take selfless interests in the elevation and success of their neighbors. You can't have a strong community when all anyone cares about is their own come up.
Buy local, support small businesses, even if you pay a little more for your products it is worth it because you are contributing to the successes of your neighbors and their families.
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To ALL who read this..I hope and pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you're constantly stressing about gets better. STAY blessed 💙
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Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful person and mother in the world we are so lucky to have u in our lives #lovefromharlem ❤️😘👊@jessblair12

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