So 8 of my #bestnine2017 are #BBDTuesdayTreats giveaways! πŸ˜… (Scroll to see... fun, but not all I do! lol) I decided to make my own collage of the next #bestnine πŸ˜‰ and I love it!
These top nine after my giveaways perfectly capture the highlights of my year...
1. #LoveForLinette (with my new studio assistant 😸)
2. & 4. #purpleisthebest πŸ’œ
3. My new #makeasplashpattern in @modern_patchwork - ON NEWSSTANDS NOW! πŸ“š
5. My favorite place to be #studiolove
6. & 8. My #topiaryquilt pattern (#linkinprofile) πŸ’š
7. My upcoming #prairieflowerpopquilt pattern
9. #rainboweverything #lineafabric 🌈

Someone 😸 isn't ready to say bon voyage to #loveforlinette, but I am! πŸ’ŸπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ Spent two hours starching & trimming threads last night to prep it to ship to @latenightquilter... excited for her to work some quilting magic & get this gorgeous outpouring of love to @laquintaquilts!
(Apologies to all for how long this took me to finish... the top went together quickly, but then school was out and getting the pieced backing done took me way too long 😳)

Did you see this cheerful sewing set up from Sarah @berrybarndesigns? You can't help but have your spirits lifted when taking in all of this color.
#putaquiltonit #modernbarnblocks #sewingroomdecor
#Repost @berrybarndesigns (@get_repost)
Finishing piecing the backing for #loveforlinette and enjoying my new @putaquiltonit barn block & @wattsalot cat print on the wall! 🌟 Now I just need that one little top corner filled... hmm... πŸ€”

Finishing piecing the backing for #loveforlinette and enjoying my new @putaquiltonit barn block & @wattsalot cat print on the wall! 🌟 Now I just need that one little top corner filled... hmm... πŸ€”

When even the trimmings are ROYGBV... 🌈
#happysewing #rainboweverything

A few more #loveforlinette blocks in colors that were low - thank you, all!! Looking forward to adding these to the mix πŸ’Ÿ @minniequilts @astrangerview @woolytatrdnfr8d @simplegirlsimplelife @themeanprincess

I love being a small fish in a big pond. #raspberrykissblocks to be part of a quilt for a women's shelter in Utah, and #ninepatchblocks for a quilt for a woman whose husband is in hospice care #loveforlinette

These #loveforlinette blocks are ready to send to @berrybarndesigns. I read that you needed some gray colored ones.

Just look at this #loveforlinette rainbow πŸ’ŸπŸŒˆ Thank you @sarahmgoer @kittensandthreads @melrosecakes @ailishl @katealicea and Dyann Cox!

Praying for Linette and her husband and sending #loveforlinette today (mailing the blocks tomorrow). I remember very well the coldness of hospitals. I pretty much lived in them for months when my mother was battling cancer. I hope the quilt @berrybarndesigns is putting together can warm up their bodies and hearts during this difficult time. -- Z made the two on the left and I just had a chance to make the red one.

More #loveforlinette! πŸ’Ÿ I have enough blocks to start laying out the quilt this weekend, and I'm excited to see all this color come together! I know there are more on the way - any that I can't fit into the top will be used in gifts for their daughters, so don't worry if yours hasn't arrived yet! All the blocks will be sent with your love to Linette and her family πŸ€—
Thank you @latenightquilter @renecreates @amoviegirl @amanda_l_johnston @seydonnamade @janequiltsslowly @susansquiltstudio @thesouthernbobbin @cleverwoppet and Sherry Purtell!!! 😊😊😊

She wanted to make another star, but I drew a FPP pattern so she could make a block for our sweet IG friend Linette. I still haven't made mine, but hers turned out really great. She picked all the fabric and laid the way she wanted (dark, medium, light). Sewing on a line is really working out for her to keep things straight. Btw, I do cut her fabric and line up under the paper. She sews and holds my hand when ironing. She actually touched the iron with her hand the other day because she doesn't stay still (you can see on the left picture), but she still wants to do it.
Sarah @berrybarndesigns I hope you can use this block. It isn't perfect, but was made with lots of love. She kissed each patch. 😊
. .

Three blocks headed your way today, @berrybarndesigns #loveforlinette

I'm turning these into #loveforlinette blocks today. I've been thinking of her a lot these past weeks and hopeful that the community quilt gives her some comfort in this difficult time. Thank you to @berrybarndesigns for organizing.

The #loveforlinette blocks are pouring into @berrybarndesigns mailbox (PM her for her address). If you're joining in, we still need red, green and purple blocks. #quiltersofinstagram #quilting #quiltlove

A little #loveforlinette coming your way @berrybarndesigns. You said you needed πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€... so here you go.

Another bunch of #loveforlinette! Thank you @devotedquilter @patchworkninja @chrisbquilts @quiltedbasket @quiltynerd12 @quiltydream 😊😊😊
If anyone is still thinking about joining in (see original call for Nine Patches a few posts back), πŸ’šβ€πŸ’œ are a little underrepresented.

Some #loveforlinette blocks on the way to @berrybarndesigns tomorrow.

My #loveforlinette blocks are ready. PM me your address, please. 😊

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