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So excited to join @freshlywornfurniture today! We are pouring mimosas and rose 😘 See you soon! Here until 2!

See you on Saturday, Campbell ❤️ @freshlywornfurniture will be holding a @sandramartinellidesigns Trunk Show on Saturday!

My heart goes out to my friends & family on the Big Island 💗 Madame Pele is showing her power, but hopefully she will be considerate & spare some of the amazing places she's previously made. 🌋 Pictured is Pohoiki, one of my favorite spots on the Big Island. It is a great surf spot, small boat harbor, & my favorite warm ponds. When I lived on the Big Island this was one of the spots I frequented, & I have felt Pele's presence here on multiple occasions. She has always left me in awe & I give her my utmost respect. 🙏 The road to Pohoiki is already covered in lava, hopefully she'll spare the ponds & not affect the surf break so many Big Island residents love. 🌊 I ask everyone to please send Hawaii good, positive vibes!

Eight yrs living here on this beautiful Island, this afternoon was the first time I felt our house shook during an Earthquake. For a few moments, it felt as thou I was on a small boat at sea moving back & forth. I tried not to be too dramatic about it, but to be honest, I was a bit nervouse. 😲

Today's magnitude 6.9 Earthquake came after a volcanic eruption. Yes friends, we have active volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The eruptions started on Thursday which spread molten lava that chewed thru forests and bubbled up on paved streets. Thank God, the Earthquake wasn't powerful enough to cause a Tsunami. We are safe on the Kona side of the Island, but our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of the Hilo side that are affected by the Earthquakes. 🙏

Stay safe residents of Hawai'i. If you're visiting the Big Island, enjoy, and have fun, but stay safe as well. Aloha Aina. 🤙

Photo by @hilifemedia. 📸

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Day 4 adventure - driving to the north shore to meet Jonathan’s parents who are serving a mission for our church at BYU. Stopped at this famous, gorgeous spot😍🌊 Saw these neat little crabs 🦀 .
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Hello there 😘
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