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Throwbacks Thursday!

The picture on the left was taken a couple years ago! I was a smoker, I drank like a fish!
Little did I know , I was slowly killing myself. My doctor told me if I do don’t do something soon I’d maybe make it to 70 if I didn’t have a stroke first! My blood pressure was 165/100. I was told to stop working out for fear that I would have a stroke during a workout! So I stopped, then added 10 more lbs. my problem aside of the smoking and drinking was food! I love food especially if it was fried!
Fast forward to 1 yr 1/2ago was drinking the superfood shake but wasn’t exercising the way I wanted to. The shake regulated my BP to the point that I was cleared to workout again. It was also discovered that I was a board line diabetic. I stopped smoking , and drink in moderation.
No more medicine!! Doc wanted to prescribe something for that! I told her give me 6 months if I don’t succeed then give me the medicine!
I met my coach Kim ! She listened to my excuses but didn’t hear quitter, she saw potential! Suggested a program that would work with my time constraints (22min Hardcore) military styled workout! Yes !! I stuck with the meal plan, and showed up every morning. Bam 💥 2 months later 13lbs down 15 inches!
After the 6th month my doctor told me”whatever you are doing it’s working and keep doing it” I told her and she said “I approve “!! No more medicine for the Hyperglycemia !! BP regulation is better 130/85 ! I feel more energized, positive and confident! My clothes fit better! Win win win!!! I’m paying it forward! And am a coach myself. I love helping others achieve their goals!
I have a group starting on 2 April if your interested in getting healthier let’s talk ! #justwantedtomatter #lostweight #transformationpic #payingitforward #lovecats😻 #loveshoes👠 #lovefashionlovemega

Happy Thursday ...

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