We've all been there, you hear the miracle story where love conquers all and you want to believe this is your story.
You want to believe that Ryan Gosling has written you letters every day since you were gone. The problem is that you are an idealist which is obstructing reality. The question you must ask, "Am I fighting too hard for my relationship?" You've invested so much time and energy you don't want to QUIT. But the evidence suggests that you both have tried, you are just two very different people. You both keep fighting for something that shouldn't be this much work, especially since you're not married. You have mixed feelings about letting go, you are sad and scared. You have built a life with this person and a future, you don't know how nor do you want to start over. I know letting go is not easy, its the most painful thing, it is 💔but holding onto a fantasy isn't helping either. .
👄 My advice, talk to a professional about your relationship. Seek either couples therapy or individual therapy to get clarity. Most people who do go to therapy reach a resolution one way or the other quicker. While I'm a huge advocate of working things out, sometimes my job is to help couples break up. They have done everything they can, and now they need permission to move on. While in the short term it feels awful its better than spending 20 years with the wrong person who you eventually divorce. Even Kermit and Ms. Piggy broke up too 😢 Anyone knows whatever happened to them? .
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