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"Whenever the Little Sheps come into the city we always take the streetcar, which is a thing they LOVE to do, and they are OBSESSED with spotting the Lovebot, which is a Toronto street artist's project to spread kindness. My nephew Sammy especially has always loved the Lovebot. Last winter when he was 8, Sam was diagnosed with a kind of epilepsy called absence seizures, and ever since then his favourite colour has been purple, the colour of epilepsy awareness. So when he asked me if he could have a Lovebot in his own room, with a purple heart, well my own heart burst wide open. So this month I've spent a couple of weekends with Sam and I taught him about carbon transferring a large image, and painting, and masking, and together we did this. He's a pretty thrilled little guy now and I am a super happy auntie. Thank you to @lovebottherobot #lovebottherobot 💜" Repost - @queenlo
I'm both honored and captivated by this story. Thank you ♡ ! Share the love, always. - #lovebot

This picture of Sir Richard Branson next to an indoor Lovebot Mural created through inspiration from my work with the "at risk and homeless youth" in Toronto, who were basically just punks like me. ♡ It was a blast comming up with the design. We had a good time and it was worth while. You can see the mural at the Virgin Mobile just east of Trinity Belwooods park in Toronto. #lovebot #oldnews #stillnewstosome :)

Jen and #lovebot

Custom Valentine's painting for your sweetheart! Contact me and I can paint something for your love. This original piece is available for purchase as well as prints. #bots #lovebot #botlove #valentinesday #valentine #robotheart #indiainkpaintings #indiaink #indiainkart #albuquerqueart #albuquerqueartist

#lovebot #nintendo #gameboy #sticker, #Toronto. I see this person's work a lot around town.

First time catching this cat on the lines #lovebot #cn #boxcarts #railroad #trains #benched

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