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Good morning everyone! 😇❤️

It turns out that moving hands aren't the most comfortable perch, but how else am I supposed to supervise all human activity??
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Love is vessel that contains both Security and adventure, and commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: time. Marriage is not the end of romance, it is the beginning #robims2017 ❤🖤congrats ----------------------------------------------------------
Event planned @bkglamevents
Styled @bkglam1 :
Wedding gown & Accessories @bkglam1
Decor by @a3cakes
MUA @vikkysilver
Lovely Captured by @reloadedphotographyuk 📸
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Pc :- @virushkaedits_18
Here we go 7th part of fiction 👇
As they were shareing romantic moment..... That time anu cousin and karnesh enter
Anu cousin :- waah !! Kya romantic moment h. Awwwwwww 😘😘😘😘
Anu :- is ki bhatt matt sun na
Virat :- are yese kese ! Kuch kalat bola kya
Anu :- are and (blushes ) and say pagal
Karnesh :- hey !! Ham log se bhi bhatt kar lo love birds 💕💕
Virat :- hey !! Karnesh :- so meet u at dinner !
Virat :- what ?
Karnesh :- what nhii ! Ha bolo baad me hi madad karuge agar jada demad barega me behana ka (Anushka slap karnesh on soluder in fun )
Anu cousin :- meet u jija ji at dinner !
Virat :- okk (They both gone)
Anushka (in fun ) :- jija ji
Virat :- aap ka to kuch or hi ho yrr ! ( and anushka ko aapne keech leye )
Anu :- ( by makeing sad face ) we have only 3 day for shoot
Virat :- bol yese rhe ho baad me milogi hi nhii
Anu :- sooch bhii nhiii ! (And give a cute kiss 😙)
(After they shoot and virat and anushka both come together at home )
Anu cousin (shouted and tell to anu mom and dad ) :- where are u both !
Your son in law has come . mil ne aayeye
Anu :- kuch bhi bol te rahte
Anu dad :- kuch galat to nhii boli
Anu :- aap bhi dad
Anu mom :- use aane to do ! Virat ander to aayo varna thi pe khare rah jayoge kyu ki aaj bhouht bhatt hone wali h (Half hour all had conversion with virat )
Anu cousin :- let's play something
Anu :- not bad idea
Anu :- let's play pillow music when music will stop then who will have have pillow
Virat :- nice game ! (Game started )
Music play and music stop and pillow was on anu mom hand
Anu :- so u have to sing a song for dad
Anu cousin :- ya
Anu mom :-okk ! (And she sing a song )
And line by line all had done their task and now only virat and anushka was left
Anu cousin :- dekhte h koun champion h ! Comeon ( song started and in middle when when song was playing and pillow was in virat hand anushka give cute wink to anushka and song stopped )
Virat :- are yeh to cheeting h
Anu :- kya cheeting h
Virat :- tumne
Anu :- kya meine
Virat :- kuch nhii (and he also give wink 😉)
And now virat have to do task
Karnesh :- what will virat do (1/2)


we wanted to put the lovebird drawing i used for the invitations to further use, so i made this little sign to have on display at our reception. @simplysarah_photography did a beautiful job making my work look good lol ...
💖 www.simplysarah.me 💖
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Parrot 👌🏻 #tie #lovebirds 😜 #flyinghigh

Pokok'e bismillah
Gae pemula 😁😁

Recharge through quality time! 🇿🇦😍
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100 posts! These #lovebirds gazing into their future gives us so much hope for ours! #🙌🏽 #neworleansweddingplanner #igersneworleans Photo taken in the #frenchquarter by the talented @jbwphotography

Jim MacGinley and Melinda MacGinley on their wedding day May 1977. Polo lifestyle all the way #memorylane #pololane #polohistory #polowedding #1970s #lovebirds #loveyoumumanddad

♧♧♧Kv_boy♧♧♧ "It's not ur mistake if u can't read d eyes which cheats u" but "It's really ur mistake if u can't read d eyes which Loves u."
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