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I Hope i never stop


When I say I #lovebeingblack I really do mean that. When I say I'm happy I'm half I mean that too... this is how you get shot.... why we can't be serious when it calls for us to be serious!!! I love my black People! I don't like getting shot by Police, I don't like feeling I did something wrong when they get behind me in my car, I don't like being followed in the stores, I don't like to be asked for my ID when I'm in public, I don't like the police....but I also don't like Color People time, I don't like when folks ask for hook ups, I don't like when the bill come and nobody got no money, I don't like n!&&@$ #blackpeoplebelike #blackpeople #blackpeopleproblems

Sometimes you gotta take a break. Make it fun. 🌞🌞
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#actorsneedvacationtoo #melanin #lovebeingblack

I really Do❤ #lovebeingblack

#LoveBeingBlack Repost @angelarye #BlackPeopleAreDope ✊🏾thank you @the.root

"Culturfied" Thank you @nuramagazine for featuring @shopglamourina in your Summer 2017 Issue! #boss #2018CollectionComingSoon #lovebeingblack #sociallyconscious

Four days to go and I still need to work on my NYE outfit but Apaché wants to sit on my lap while I sew and Pepsi runs around trying to eat everything soooo I'll just stick to wearing something from my wardrobe and trying to make it work. #melanin #mixedwithblackandgold #lovebeingblack


Here are some styles for curly hair
#lovebeingblack #blackhair #biracial #lovequotes 😗😘😚😍😛

Smh this is sad man, Brainwashed saying she has "light skin" smh talkin about her mother like that denial of being Black #brainwashed #wakeup #stoplovingtheoppressor #lovebeingblack #blackandproud #blackQueens #hellablackhellaproud

I am honored to have amazing supporters. This time and moment in my life I will never forget. Thank you for the the real friends and people that believe in me. As you see I take care of the people who support a cause, a dream, and a reality. Thank you for supporting me.

I really love what my stylist has done to me 💕 I walked in, said I want a colour, do whatever you want without any discussion and this is what she did. All I asked it that it be a full head. @mel_williams85 @thegallery_52 best stylist in Luton. #naturalhair #naturalafro #beststylist #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #iminlove #lovebeingblack 😍❤️😍❤️

What change are you making in you life and the people around you? Because I know mine's and what I'm doing for the Black communities. So enjoy this journey of me as a Entrepreneur.

Working on a beatiful project for my client. Can't wait to share the journey with you.

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