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Beautiful eyes that I do miss,
They yet to know my true heart,
Still waiting for our maiden kiss,
Let love’s magic kick start~
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They said feel free to repost, and that's exactly what I'll do 😁🤗🙏🏽
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I've been away from social media for a few days.
The Universe did for me, what I was not doing for myself.
I started to slow down even more with the holiday's and really enjoyed it.
Then I started to amp up from ideas that I have for the next six months and year for my business and personally.
I have the May Cause Miracles Workshop I'm hosting, a new VIP One On One Coaching Program to start in February, in March I'm going to New York for another course with Gabby Bernstein and ideas for other programs in the near future that you will definitely be hearing about!
At the same time I'm prioritizing time with my kiddo, taking time to enjoy my studies, and I've been looking for 55+ active communities for my mom to move. .
I could feel my body shutting down. My neck, shoulder, arm in pain and hand not functioning. So, rather than pushing myself like I would have in the past I stopped. .
I'm grateful. I see this as an opportunity to share with you that if I was not living in alignment with my higher self I would not be conscious of taking time to provide self-care for myself. .
Pushing myself will not make me a better person. Quite the opposite. I don't strive for perfectionism any longer. I do however, give my best that I can give to myself and others. .
I share this with you, because we live in a society of go, go, go! I hear from people daily that they can't stop and slow down and eventually they have burnout. .
The best way to feel you are out of alignment is by being in alignment. Connecting with your higher self and living your authentic truth you can actually feel a shift in your body and know when you are not at ease. .
Listen to your intuition and everything will flow and bring you to where you need to be.
My lesson was to slow down and provide myself with some extra self-care I need. Which comes down to self-love!
Ladies I would love to hear from you any lessons or opportunities you received in your life this week in the comments below.
Have a beautiful Sunday!

you and I
both know that love
isn’t simple, for if it was
there wouldn’t be the countless
poems written of its inflicted pain

you and I
both know that love
is worth it, for it it wasn’t
there wouldn’t be the countless
testimonies of what’s to gain

you come
to me with a fragile heart
my trust
is shattered from too many a false start

so much is
different between
you and me
let’s take a chance
to see what will be

instead of suppressing
our instincts to run
what do you think
we may become?

will you take
within your own, my hand
shall we, here and now,
take a stand?

precarious beginnings
stepping on toes
a dance out of step
how it will first go ©mlancaster #love #lovebegins #lovestory

Coz my runaway is anywhere 😂😂

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